Chief Adam the Great #TheArtist4thePeople


What up music listeners, and knowledge seekers! Hey, Just want to say thanks for visiting my official knowledge and music website. As a recording rap artist who represents for Kalamazoo, Michigan, I am also known to be that up and coming underground Music Producer as well. I have taken on the responsibilities and duties of being #TheArtist4thePeople with the abilities to be just as lyrical and skilled as your favorite mainstream rappers, local, state, international and even global. My mission? To serve my listeners, and offer thoughts that shall elevate the minds of those whom I may reach with my workings.

I am naught online to profess that, I am the best at anything, but only to show that; With the Knowledge that I possess that I have been blessed with in order to obtain my just due wisdom from the word of the creator, I chose to equalize the minds of those who pay attention to the spiritual, lyrical words that I deliver on and off the mic, which allows me to be and do what others choose naught to.

I have the ability to Bring logic’s as well as reason to the fore front by educating my visitors who come to my website, and listeners who take the time to seek and see that all things are possible through the creator, and universe, I am able to give my audience something to think about no matter the race, color, creed and or religion on and off the mic.

As a creative rap artist, and music producer, as well as voice, I am not your average nor am I to be looked at as just another basic rapper trying to be seen and or trying to get a record deal. I strive to cater to my audience as I use my skills and creativity wisely by being able to paint the picture naught only in my songs that I produce; that shows the essence of both Rap, Hip Hop and Gospel Rap as well as my own foreseen genre Street Gospel, which is that spiritual side of me, but one who studies the Holy scriptures, and other helpful resources, that I use as reference to help bring balance within self, and hopefully shed light on what I have been threw throughout life.

I am able to relate to others struggles. I am what you would consider as a “Universal Artist” and by using my thoughts as the paint that hits the canvas (Paper), and my pen is the brush. My style and lyrics that I write and send threw the mic is inspired by the great artists who I looked up to before me. This task that I’m taking on is naught by far an easy one. This whole online social networking is helpful, but at the same time is very time consuming, and alone is hard work. it allows me, to reach other people, and even other artist and music producers all over the world My aim is to build a platform for my audience to reach back, and engage with you is why I have put this together.

My work alone speaks for itself, and sends a blunt message that, there are still real artist’s who carry the torch for rap who are still around and coming out, but it is also y’all responsibility as the people to make sure that you seek these type of artists out, and support their work, because it’s not all about just money, material things, cars murder everything, and drugs that is being heavily promoted throughout the music industry, but it’s deeper than you can ever imagine? And I want to place that misrepresented power back in the minds and hands of the people to let be known that, to each it’s own, but as I always say: “With Great Power Also Comes With It A Greater Responsibility.”

So you might ask: “why should I support this artist?” Well, all that needs to said is that, just the information and creative workings that you see here on this site alone is just the tip of the iceberg to what is in store for my visitors and supporters. There is nothing easy about putting all this together, it takes A LOT of time, trial and error in order to bring things to manifest in such a way where it doesn’t appear that one is just slapping stuff together, I take great pride in all my workings, and it takes up a lot of my time, but it’s my art that is inspired and I’m putting it on here for the people all over to be able to have access to, and that alone should be a reason to support this artist, because he is striving to elevate the minds of man, woman and child.

So, are you ready for the return of real rap? Is it knowledge that you seek? What are you prepared to do to bring the same change that is truly needed in these days of time? Would you be interested in supporting #TheArtist4thePeople who has been through either what you might be going through, or what you are about to go through? Get your read on, listen to my work, and then you decide what you want to do, because regardless, I’m gone keep bringing it regardless with or without you. Becoming a part of my vision and work means more than you’ll ever know. If you choose to do so, then I would really appreciate it. If not, then it is okay, because no matter what, I’m a keep it popping. You are still welcome here, and I hope and pray that you find what I offer here on my site of some use. Thank you for taking the time to read and check out my workings.

~Chief Adam the Great X