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Please Say It Ain’t So-80 Year Old Woman Caught With 100 Kilos Of Cocaine?

I’m a try and be as quick and swift with what I have to say about this as fast as I can.

First off, I accidentally came across the information after realizing that something else that I was trying to post didn’t post. Instead it was a post consisting of this.

Now, I’m a be very honest, my first thought was that she was a black woman/meleanated, and after doing some research well I be damn yep, it was.

And even though this story may or may naught be true, it just goes to show how our people of cultural race are continuing to fall to the wayside, and allow ones life and image be damaged, and possibly lost forever, which to me, clearly shows the new form of slavery, and self-destruction.

Am I wrong for feeling this way? And get this; naught only that, but I came across other similar stories that, were also black women/meleanated who done got popped off. Coincidence?

I really think naught, but vibe with me on this, try and keep up, PAY ATTENTION and then make a reasonable decision. This is nuts, and horrible when it comes to our people.

So allow me to touch on these women who they saying done got caught up in these acts of dealing major drugs, and strapped up with heavy artillery.

0I just can’t set my mind on accepting how many of you are acting like this shit is really normal. Why? So let’s take a look at this first demo. alleged black woman elder who is said to go by “TRAP QUEEN” done got trapped up, and other women are looking at this to be the way of life, following suit, and think that it’s alright to have these titles projecting this lifestyle unto the minds of other women until one is placed in a situation that you can’t ignore when dealing with them other people (Authorities) (Law Enforcement).

This is what our people are now, and have been subjected to when it comes to much of the labeling when it comes to trying to find our way, and have something and or even feel like we are getting somewhere when in reality we are going in reverse, and guess whose to blame?

“Is it Abel or Kane? Adam or Eve? the streets? or the curse from birth passed on to the seed?” “Trap Queen,” is facing charges of 18 felony counts each of possession with the intent to manufacture, sell & supply a controlled substance (Cocaine), Pills as well as maintaining a vehicle or dwelling for its production. If found guilty, she faces a prison sentence of up to 24 years.

Why? From what they’re saying her reply is is that; “she had wanted to send her grandchildren to college.”

Now, here’s another woman who I found and read about who they saying that, they done popped off whose title is????

You might of guessed it, “TRAP QUEEN” but this one says’ that she’s the REAL ONE. Now, she’s said to be 24 years old, popped off with 1.5 million worth of work, assault rifles and they took almost $100,000 from her, and this was in Chicago in 2015.

So…… all that working, and trapping to gain have it taken, and loose everything? Where’s the living, life liberty, prosperity while in pursuit to happiness in this? Y’all mean to tell me, that y’all can’t see the madness in this? Smh

And here’s one more for ya. Here’s a story of a 60- year- old , who was busted with 100 Kilos of Cocaine and 50,000 oxi-codone pain pills.  they’re saying that, she was arrested and charged with 14 felony counts of being popped off with the intent to manufacture, sell & deliver, and maintaining a vehicle or dwelling for a controlled substance. Then when asked why she never stopped selling crack and she said “Every Ghetto has a candy lady and that was me for years but I just graduated to that other candy, but I didn’t do it for me I have 17 grand kids and I wanted to send them all to college, so they won’t have to sell drugs.”

Did you catch it? If you really paid attention you notice something. See, this is why it is important for US to be up and on our mental game for-real when it comes to what we’re taking in, seeing and dealing with In These Dayz Of Tyme and allow self to run with, and realize that there is truth mixed with lies, and while mafas are at it, we are allowing our own images to continually be tarnished, because we want to do what we want to do in order to feel accepted, and seen so our people who choosing to do this are being put in a very awkward position of sacrifice, which allows these people to place a labeling on you and me, and if you’re naught trying to get beyond this foolery that’s just what it will end up being. 

So to you black meleanated women who settling for this nonsense, I hope that those of you who find this post,and read it will see where I’m coming from and going with this. Many of you don’t and can’t even see what the hell is going on, because your too busy either being doped up, being a drunk, loud, uppity and all into yourself and reckless minded without a care in the world until tragedy strikes Why is this?

And then you have those who think they’re too damn smart, and acting a ass too, and so disrespectful.

Y’all want to be in charge, bosses, queens, bad b****es, savage and feel as you do naught have to answer to a man’s thought’s for better order when it comes to a relationship husband and or significant other/ better 1/2, y’all threatened by the authority of your man,  but are turning right around and having to eventually bend another man’s will (Law Enforcement Authority Figure) who see your titles to mean nothing to them.

What good is all the loud talking, belittling of a man, disrespect and that you don’t need a man, but turn around and ask why are black men naught protecting they’re women, which then leads to calling him everything, but a child of God? Smh

Y’all harbor, ride for, stick up for, protect, defend and support these so-called rydah dudes out here who misguide you, astray you, betray you, abandon you and or pay yo ass off just to have they’re way with you. Y’all have all the feelings, love and compassion in the world for them, but run a katt off who shows how to lay the law down, why?

And I’ll be touching on this in another post, but naught only that but you show even more disrespect and dishonor, in the corner and quicker to listen and follow the words of your pastors, but naught the man in your household.

And I’m talking about the ones who clearly show by his walk and talk in thoughts of his mind state and struggle to do the creator (God’s) work? Anyone of you mind telling me, why is that?

Anyway, I’m done for now. Feel free to engage, and leave your thoughts on how, and whether this is a relevant issue that one should really gives some thought to, because in the end can it naught be seen as the blind leading the blind? Continuing to cling on to weak excuses will help nothing.

So how serious do you take this? Hopefully sooner than later. Here are three source links to the stories for you to check out. Peace and many blessings, and stay elevating.

When a Chief Speaks.


Source Story From Thugify About 80 Year Old Woman

Source Story From Celebtricity About 60 Year Old Woman

Source Story From DnsInfo About Woman Caught With Assault Rifles And Drugs




Federal Indictment By Grand Jury For Man In Kalamazoo For Heroine Sales That May Have Caused Death

See, this is the stuff that, I be talking about. I’ll leave the link in the description. there is no need for me, to be considered as judging anyone when it comes to their choices. Look at how men, and women are allowing themselves to be programmed to think that DRUG DEALING IS SOMETHING TO GLORIFY AND PROMOTE. What the blind don’t realize is that, we are living in a new era, a new time and new age, and if you’re naught trying to figure out your true purpose, and or trying to work towards figuring this all out; these people (Law Enforcement) who are in control gone help you out.

Take this situation right here. They’re saying this katt’s Man Faces Federal Charges In Kalamazoo For Drugs promotion and pushing of the drug Heroine as a product is linked to the causing of the death of someone in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and now he’s facing life in prison for it. And naught only that, but they also gone tax him 2 million for doing it? I don’t ask why, I just shake my head, and thank the creator (God) for the mind state that, I have today.

The promoting of death that’s what I see, and that’s the thing to do in the eye’s of this generation. yep, there’s going to be those who might read this, and look at the news link and try to justify and make excuses, but I’m naught sorry to say, but there is no way of getting around the truth and it’s naught about knocking some bodies hustle either if that’s where some would love to take it, because to me that’s just a cop-out for justifying purposes:

“If what y’all call hustling and getting money for gain and profit, and in the end results to someone or many people suffering and dying is the way you see to go to gain, then that is a gain and profit naught worth the chase, gain, profit or hustle.”

People talk about they love they’re city and state, but yet turn around and aid and abed the fact that they actually show just the opposite. People wanna be seen as the king of somewhere, but depend on everything these folks have put together like the drugs, which are another mans mad scientist made creation, and what our so-called people have been taught to praise and rely on to feel like they have the power. Money and the power right? didn’t the Lox come out with that ft DMX? I thought a king’s title came by the people seeing one fit, and that the duties were to make sure his people were taking care of.

So is the glorifying of pushing the product (DRUGS) in rap and hip hop music to blame? One could say yes, but at the same time say no. Here’s the thing people, In These Dayz Of Tyme this all about choice in the matter, and you either focused or you flat-line, and you can feel like you can do whatever you want to do, but in the end the results are the same.

Someone with a drug addiction suffers by choice, people end up dying and people ending up locked up for possibly the rest of their life. Being an addict isn’t just an addiction to drugs as a user, you can become addicted to anything right? addicted to selling drugs maybe? I would say so. And it’s always been like that as far as I’ve known throughout history in Kalamazoo when it comes to the street life.

I have a close friend whose like family to me, who fell victim, and is going through this same situation. Know what they gave him? 20 years of his life in time lost in the federal prison system for profit. No one wants to feel like they have to do without, but to sacrifice the life that was given to you all for the sake of an illusional image for so-called riches and a temporary fell good high of fame to me, is just naught a fair exchange, and I can witness to that.

Anyhow, I just wanted to touch on this, because it is truly a serious situation, I mean come on now enough is enough of turning a blind eye to the real problems and realities that we all face if you live in Kalamazoo, Michigan and you feel as if this is nothing? Or you feel like that “This is normal, and that’s just how it goes in the hood?”A good excuse to dismiss the fact that, this doesn’t have an impact on you whether it’s directly or indirectly? I think you best naught continue on fooling oneself, because it does, it affects lives period, and families too.

On that note, what are your thoughts on this? Feel free to comment on this if you choose, because it is something that should be talked about whether you want to or and naught.

When A Chief Speaks

Source: WWMT Kalamazoo Man Facing Life In Prison




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