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What Better Means To You

So it just may cross one’s mind to “Why It’s Important To Know Better.” Maybe naught. Well, look at it this way; in order for one to see, and do better one must truly know a little more than you knew in order to reach that vision of better. you must first ask self: “well what is better?”

Good question if you chose to see this to have some relevance to it, and challenge ones mind to even ask. Better, and I’m free-styling (off the dome) is when one is able to reach a level beyond the state prior to. You are taking an initiative to push towards acting in order to see results correct? Are you with me so far?

Good! It gets deeper. Point being; if one wants the need to see, then one should find a way to take action in order to see better results. This is the real reality in this roller-coaster ride that we all tend to get on, and have to in a sense called: “Life.”Life’s challenges are everywhere.

It is also necessary for one to have those within’ ones life who also wants those who they truly see are showing that they possess the ability to make something pop by their idea itself. whether people want to admit it,or naught but we all have that “something” to offer. And we have that something naught just by the grace of us, but to possibly esteem, prosper, succeed and elevate.

We have it for other reasons being, and that is where one would possibly see how better plays a part. but at the flip of a coin like Harvey two-face there is always two-sides to everything. You have to realize that, no matter what you do, and how you choose to do it always remember that, this involves power. Power in itself has it is something that can always be obtained.

The power in business alone is naught to be misunderstood, nor mistaken and or naught played with nor abused. It’s a helluva responsibility, and it is very important for one to be paying attention to the importance of the bettering of Thyself in order for your works that come from you to also be better and do better, but it first starts with you, and ones mind state that has to face life’s challenges.

It’s naught just about the business, it’s about how one chooses to conduct, and the purpose, which some only look at the money part of it.

But I think you the reader of this blog knows how the mis-gov of ones power has led one to a very un comfortable fall in life. #Fact So, you the reader if you have naught come to a better standing to why I did this blog today due to a possible temp of confusion to where I am going with what I am typing.

Fear naught, and it’s a rule to naught panic, it will all make a bit more sense in time, and when it does you’ll think back to this blog post, and probably have a “I be d***” moment, which would be a quite energizing experience would it naught? It just may well allow one to experience a sense of motivation and inspiration? maybe.

Which would also mean that, you shall then have an even more reason to why it’s important (Better) to want the need to see, be and work towards doing better no matter what it is that you are doing. Do you naught realize that, that is a part of what ones purpose divine is? as a recording rap artist, and music producer, I strive to exercise this. Why? Who knows, just may well be part of the purpose of the purpose?

The question is naught whether you will succeed in reaching the set goal, but what you will do with the goal itself that is reached. Deprive naught oneself, because doing so would prevent those who may need to see it in you that just may inspire them to do better? Ask self what helps you to think better.

I leave it to you to ponder, and comment your thoughts on if you found this to be something helpful to you by finding something relevant in it on this day.

When A Chief Speaks


Be For And Love Those Who Show To Be For And Love You

It is a very hard 💊 to swallow, and digest when you have to come to realize that, no matter your drive to see, be and do better in life the reality remains that, there will always be people who would rather see, and pray for your downfall. #Fact

This is a reality at it’s finest whether you can phantom accepting those truths or naught. And as hard as it already is to strive towards being, seeing and doing better than, because you know way better than anyone else to all that you have been through throughout life.

Having to find a way to deal, and work through all of the obstacles placed before you by those in this life whether it be; so-called friends, family and or just the externals in general is a helluva task to take on in itself.

What am I talking about some of you, the readers may say to self?🤔 I am talking about the dealings that we all have to face that appear different, but are naught. I am touching on the fact that, the experiences that we all have in some way, shape and form. tyhese exeperiences that we have with people in life tends to affect oneself directly or indirectly, and there is no getting around this fact.

The fact that, you can have people who will be for you, stand up for you, and help you to elevate by the energy that they use to either uplift you, inspire and motivate you by wanting to be a part of your life and growing process in your time, or do just the opposite.

Just knowing this by pondering on much of what I’ve been through in life, and then to have someone, and or people to try and undermine, take for granted, belittle, underestimate and make it seem as if what I’ve been through in life, which was my own struggles, and strive towards seeing, knowing and making a decision to wise up in order to grow for personal development, and what i have to say doesn’t matter.

It places oneself in a mind state that, those who show to be against than for you by the projection of energy cast upon you showing that they could care less if you rise from your fall to me, is no different than a attack on ones will, mind, heart and spirit to exercise the goodness given.

why do people who you look to to be there for you end up hurting you? Why do they choose to find reasons to conflict, fallout, pretend and play games with the ones who clearly show to be working on self?

Maybe it’s because you have to learn in order to experience in order to have a better standing with who and what you’re dealing with when it comes to your dealings with people whomever those people may be.

Just the experience in itself allows you see things for what they are, and know how to better deal, or choose to naught deal at all. This is what I’ve learned and come to realize. I’ve come to realize that, no matter what happens, it happens and for me, it happens for a reason. The reason? Maybe to be able to know in order to better discern what and who is for you, and who and what is naught.

Better to know than naught know, and that is where I now am at in this roller coaster world that, we call life. The reality is, is that we are living among-st the over sensitive, over emotional UN-balanced lost out of mind of people who too are just working their way, but choosing to work in the wrong way, even though they may feel it’s in the right way when it might be naught.

That is the Battle of the Mind and what and how people decide they are going to see things, and feel; that is their own freewill and choice and you just have to let people have that.

What I mean by that, is that no matter what you do, and how you do it, people who show to naught be working towards reaching beyond base consciousness you will be seen and looked at as foreign and what you say shall be taken as alien to them especially when it comes to your dealings in spiritual growth, and development.

Some people just want to keep you boxed in, because they have set limits on themselves, and is no different than the saying: “Crabs in a barrel.” some people will only be for you so long as it benefits them, or against you to try and stop you from elevating, and reaching beyond base consciousness, and obtain the things (Tools) that will help you.

Instead, they’ll try to hinder you to stop your energy flow to be and do the most for the good by purpose, naught yours, but the one that may well have been set for you before your conceiving.

When I look at my good side, bad side of growing up, and much of what I’ve been through, and where I am today, I tend to work towards now utilizing all of what I know and channel it because in the end, it’s all energy.

To see how people jump on the what we call: “The bandwagon” of some of those who clearly show to be imposters, pretenders and wearing mask especially in these industries be it music and or entertainment.

That, would clearly irritate, and make you feel very angry, because you’re saying to self: “How can those who I look to to see what I am doing now, which clearly shows the intent to make an effort to project change, and build something in order to be in a better position to give back by the work that I produce (Musical Art Works through Unique Production) show to be and go against me, my vision, mission and will to do so?”

See, this is one of the problems that I have with people nowadays. This is what hurts the most, to know that those who are close, and that you love, care and show by your actions that you are for them, and that you want them to grow and develop with you only for them to show just the opposite. These type of people, I feel has set limits with you from jump. #Fact

You were deemed a temporary, and that’s how they’ve looked at you meaning; you are only as good to and for them due to whatever the negative thinking to seeing you as a security for them until you are no longer usable.

Am I lying? Women do this a lot don’t they? Pretty sure that you know some too. you’ll hear and see these type of brainwashed women brag about it just as well as men do it too. But, I see it, and have even experienced this hands on, and those are truths that no one can challenge.

These type of experiences are the ones that are what I know are mentally wearing and tearing on the mind, body and spirits of man. All of it, and if you don’t know how to bring self into better alignment then you place self right in the middle of other peoples tug of war in life.

This is part of why you have all of these Identity crisis’s going on. Failing relationships, and people naught being comfortable with who they are, because they’ve yet to even spend time in working on building on that in order to know so that they won’t allow self to get caught up in the web of making you give up on who and what the Creator sent, and needs you to ascend into being, a better you.

And what people have shown me, is that they just don’t care, nor want nor have a need for that, because they enjoy taking on the ID and feel good of imagining that they are who they work so hard to mimic, duplicate, and clone only to be in denial of reality. You see it all around you, and just touching on this bothers people.

It bothers that woman who you love, care and see more in to show due diligence in giving a damn enough to challenge her mind in hopes that she will see in order to know in order to even want the need to make necessary changes, and will show to gratitude, thankfulness and appreciation for even taking the time to breath on her, and will do whatever in her power to be close to you and stay connected what’s wrong with that?

To them, it’s wrong because they feel as if you are trying to tell them what to do, and make them feel like they are a child. They’ll accept nonsense just for a satisfaction from people who show to mean them no good over the one who clearly shows otherwise. That again is a real experience that, I know very well.

I am now working on just naught bothering with how others choose to be, because it pulls on your life force, it brings your vibration and energy down, it just brings you down. And this is why I choose to place my all in a different direction, and use my art in music to keep working towards what I want, and need and naught worry about people who show to naught be in my best of interest,

A carnal minded woman will bring you down just as well as a man. People want you to accept them as they come with no questioning and that they don’t need to work towards balance in standards when it comes to what you may need to see come from them, which one could look at as working their way up to your standards, naught down what’s wrong with that?

Everything that is being projected by people in this world that is fake are praised as good, and those who are showing to project the opposite is naught real, and naught good. Flipping people on they’re heads. just tired and fed up with it all, and I’m just glad that, no matter how people will show to give up and turn on you, it doesn’t mean that you should do it to yourself.
Those whom have dishonored me, the ones who, I thought, took and considered like family or are family by blood who in the end only showed me, by their ways, acts and will to naught see the change in me that is for better naught worse. The ones who have shown that they would rather watch me, struggle and suffer, and could care less if I even woke up tomorrow.
The ones who chose to have no interest in me, than in me and invest in me, stand by me, and be a part of my mission, my goals, and my dreams and visions.  If you are one or some of those people, and can clearly see this, I just want say; I was hurt, and still hurt daily, but as I hurt I am working on a way to also heal, and am able to see, and being able to see, I am able to learn, and by learning I am able to know and knowing brings awareness to the facts.
That fact that, I show to be better than you see me to be, and those facts are truth and with truth, I am able to find balance, forgive but naught forget. And I now have found the strength to forgive you, and I hope people can find it in their mind, and heart to forgive me. as well. One thing people can never say is that, I never reached out, and that I showed to be selfish with my time when they were in need and a jam and or situation.
I made myself avail when they were let down by those whom they confided in, and depended on only to be disappointed by those same people. But, I know know that feeling very well, and chose to be there, and have tried to be there for people who placed conditions, and limits on what is supposed to have been undivided, which is a binding love.
When A Chief Speaks

Have People Traded In Real Friends And Connection With Real People For The Fake?

So, I have to really question what one is faced with #InTheseDayzOfTyme. Have people traded in real communication, and connection with real people for a replacement (The Artificial)?
Why do I say this? Because there are those who supposed to be the real (so-called friends) show to be so over sensitive and over emotional that, when it comes to how one addresses situations; they tend to take in the thoughts that one projects on issues as a threat, and or make them feel as if you’re against them, and trying to belittle them. but in all actuality, they are so low in their ability to be able to better analyses that they just can’t see this. Why?
Probably because they haven’t spent enough time on the personal developing of ones mind state spiritually, and when the one who shows to give a damn about them points out these possible errors and speaks on it they are wrong?
Here’s the thing when it comes to #TheArtist4thePeople, and man who shows to be able to think with reason. If I say something, and or post thoughts on how I see, and feel about the rotten mindedness that people project especially those who I know.
And this gives you a perfect (In Your Mind) reason to naught like me, and distant yourself from me, but you claim to be a real friend of me, and or love and respect me, it is clear that, YOU maybe the one with the problem, naught I, and you need to find the courage to address that with self, because if I say something, you best know that, I’m seeing something and correcting those errors with yourself is what one should spend more energy and time on than being butt and mind hurt because of the possible truth that I may see? only you can answer that, and be honest with self while you’re at it.

This is called: “Growth” and with no growth in mind how could you possibly advance and elevate? Have you noticed this from those who are close to you or is it just me?

From what I know; real true friends, and those who say that, they love and care as well as support you don’t do real people like that, and I’m quick to call: “FOUL” on that fake shhh…. oon Rilla and ya outta law. Now, if I’m wrong I’m wrong, and I invite anyone who challenges and to feel free to prove otherwise because I clearly know how to accept, and apologize to ANYONE and have because, I don’t go out my way to mess over and or hurt people unless they got it coming due to the hurt they caused me.
I handle my own, and I show continual spiritual growth, and development by ones actions. I know, and show how to communicate with people reasonably so long as your naught talking that nonsense ya feel me?
I also found this video, which is below very interesting since you have millions on minds CONNECTED like a dope-fiend to crack when it comes to Facebook. Check out, and ask yourself could this be true? “What Facebook Is Possibly Doing To Ones Brain.”

I’m finding that, some people just have allowed self to be trapped, and continue to lack in communication skills, but use that as a way to complain and make excuses for naught doing what they should want to learn how to do, and only tend to be able to when they are going through a thing in life, and have to find some way, and somewhere to release what they don’t really know how to deal with.

They have planted this thought in their mind that, they have it all figured out until tragedy strikes then they want to talk right? Have you ever had this experience with people? Pretty sure you have, but I’m just voicing it in my own way as a artist.check out ZOORILLAZ song called: “Friend Or Foe”
I’m just starting to see that, some people especially those who are close are just users trying to rent space in one’s mind for free, and play on people, and have naught grown up in thought nor are they trying too.
To me, these are the signs of controlled and too busy being programmed mind of people who just haven’t figured it out yet, and it is naught for you or me, to force what they should want to already do especially when they have someone who is clearly seasoned in their life that is trying to help than hinder. Is this true?
Maybe, maybe naught, but here’s a Rilla thought for ya. when it comes to Facebook, I have to question who the f*** some of the mafas were before #Fakebook, and any other social platform, because this whole new online (I can be and do what I want identity mentality) is naught wussup.

There is nothing wrong with using your Facebook account for whatever you choose to use it for. However, it is also on you how you utilize this tool, because in the end, you are the one who will in the end have to be responsible for it, or you think you won’t either way, If you only know how to communicate with people behind the screen, but you barely can come up with anything decent to chop it up about in real-time with people outside of FACEBOOK, you clearly have some Un dealt with issues with self that, needs tending to especially when it comes to differences and personal problems that you air out in the public some, which clearly should be in the private, but that’s what some people have become accustom to doing.

The problem? You mean to tell me, you feel like you’re so real because of the number of (so-called friends) you have that, you don’t even have real people to connect with outside of Facebook etc, because you have no ability to balance out.
Who would even listen to 1/4 of the riff that some of these people put in their post’s letting the WHOLE WORLD in on some of the things that should be personal and private, and it’s all for a thumb, comment and share?

Some will try to say to themselves that, I may do the same thing right? Wrong! I have my reasons, and it clearly shows by my post. One is for my music, and another is to reach out and hopefully connect with others who might find my thoughts interesting and may even help as well as have it for those who I may meet who also have these social connections, and it makes it easy for them to engage with me, even when naught in one’s presence.

Anyone in their right from of mind would be able to see this if they have good analyzing, and comprehension skills. I’m pretty sure people know why I do what I do, I mean they should and if they don’t then that is what this site full of content is for so there’s no excuse.
But, there’s way more to it, and those who are naught at least trying to see then that is what one will have to deal with on their own. To me, when I see people who tend to show the actions that, I’m speaking on, it is an example of an attention seeking, lonely and bored a** individual who lacks any type of ability to really have good function in thought to build on, and that, I don’t hate to tell whomever decides to read this.
And in the end, it really just goes to show how the real connection with people is being replaced, because look at what it has come to. people who have traded in the truth (The Real Connection Divine) for a pacifier and playpen (Facebook) and other social platforms. Real friendships have been replaced, real connection has been replaced, real relationships have been replaced and it’s all by ones own freewill and choice.
I mean you have people now openly inviting strangers and or some people who clearly couldn’t give a damn less, but love the action and entertainment so they’ll pretend just to keep the bullshhh… fire burning. Is that real? I mean seriously, you can’t tell me otherwise, because all of this is being played out #Rightbe4UrEyez #CanUImagine?
But no ones putting a gun to a mafas head and forcing them to do it are they? Since when did any of the nonsense seen, and the things people do and the games that people play have ever been tolerated by a real mafa? When?
Now that things have become so free and open and acceptable one must now even question the whole freedom thing, because look at how people are acting In These Day’z Of Tyme, and abusing those freedoms!
Naught only that, but this is a spiritual thing too, but people aren’t paying attention, and can’t when they’re mind is under siege so they gone have to learn the harder way.
But anyway, I just wanted to do a post on this serious topic that, clearly effects us all in some way. I speak based off my own experiences, and what i may see in real-time.
This is how I feel when it comes to how people are showing to easily give up on other people, and betray those, and show dishonor, disloyalty and no respect to those who they claim are their real friends and that goes for these illusions that people call man and woman relationships.
People are pretending, and will fallout with you for the simplest stuff, but where there is true love, standing, communication and friendship, there is a real bond that is strong and everlasting by the connection made throughout time invested.
And if this bond is real, and true, which you find rare like friendship nowadays; then it would be hard for that bond and connection to be easily severed or separated, because of ones lack in ability to see how important it is to work on one’s mind state, and want to work towards meeting someone halfway who shows to give a damn about you.
You know, the ones who show great potentials that they see within you, and try to help uplift you in hopes to bring balance? So that’s wrong for a man to want that huh.
But what I’m seeing is that, some people are so blind minded and caught up in the world that building and bonding with those who show real quality, value and worth is naught what’s in and popping and hip. What happened to the real love in connection and support of true bond in friendship? I’m out.
When a Chief Speaks

Are Men Continuing To Allow Women To Help Them Fall Short Of Glory Because of Acceptance?


The struggle on the mind of (Black American) (African American) (Native American) and men in general is a heavy one. When I see some of the things that I see, and hear some of the thoughts that I hear that come from women nowadays is at times beyond reasoning and troubling. And if you’re a man who’s also able to see, and or kinda get the feel to where I’m coming from then you like self have to really start asking self some questions to what the hell is really going on when it comes to some of these women out here in society and or on line who are showing to clearly be outta control.

Let them tell it “Women,” nothing is wrong with talking to a man recklessly, acting tough and trying to go up against a man getting all in his face, trying to spit on him, putting their hands all in his face moving around all wild and talking loud, but saying nothing. Naught only that, but also have shown to be so mentally outta control to the point where they’ve even shown to have overthrown the dude’s position that their dealing with clearly making him look like a straight sap, simp, wimp and soft in the middle man.

Now, is this true? Well you tell me! Are there naught women (Black American) (African American) women, and women of other creeds too, but right now, I on you the one’s running around on the loose acting WILD throwing they’re weave around super loud talking about pop a bottle and or blow one, fighting and teaching younger girls by they’re actions that this is the way? Have you naught witnessed some of these women especially on videos on these social network sites like (Facebook) and (YouTube) who what they would use as an excuse “Doing Them” straight cutting up?

Yes, you clearly have, but some of you guys look at this type of behavior (Carnal Minded Mental Slave Mentality) to be all good, acceptable “Gangsta” “Boss” “Hood” “Down @#% chick” and so very attracting to the point where you excuse it, and allow it to go on. But here’s the real reality to this acceptable madness. Any and everybody are entitled to their freewill to feel like they can do whatever the hell they want, make an @%# of themselves in public just so long as you are naught causing lose, harm and or infringing on someone Else’s space and property, but with this entitlement does that mean that you just loose yo damn mind while your at?

Well, I don’t hate to break it to ya, but some of them are doing all of the above, and even worse, it’s causing men to get either hurt, they hurt someone, and or even kill or get killed all because of a women’s freewill and choice to feel like she can say and do anything she pleases, and she has a man who she can send off and gone and take it for the team. And you wanna know whats worse? She’ll be off to the next dummy who will bend to her horrible ways and will in thought.


Now, there is hope and light at the end of this post tunnel. There are (Black Women) (African American) women who can and do show that there is a need to work on their self, mind state and are able to think better, be and try to do better just by what is projected from they’re mind, and desires the same for man. There are some women who are truly for and in support of some of us men who are showing through our actions mentally and physically that we too are making efforts and improvements in naught allowing self to continue to be followers, clones wimps, simps, and soft in the middle. However, enough men such as self are naught supported by women especially the ones who are close as one should. Why is this? Kalamazoo Rap artist is touching the hearts of people with his music 4 the mind

Well maybe it’s because they’d rather support men who are naught showing to elevate in mind, and appear to be that knight Thug in dressy armor. And to be honest, I think that it’s the whole attraction to the bad boy image thing that’s clearly being projected by one favorite actors, stars, movies, music and the entertainment field that plays a part in it especially right here in the united States of Northern America, because who wants to feel like they’re living a stale life and naught the American Free dream right?

So, to you the reader of this post whether you be man, woman and or both how do you feel about this, is all the above true? Feel like you can prove otherwise without getting out of character, over sensitive and willing to at least being truthful, and honest with self for a change and quit making excuses to overlook what is clearly right before our eye’s? Feel free to comment your thoughts about this ongoing reality that we all face In These Dayz Of Tyme.

When A Chief Speaks







Do Some People Want Power Just To Become Controllers And Abusers Of It?

Some people are very well-known abusers of power. First, think about the that is abused and then think of some people who just may be abusers of power.

Many of these type of people are known to be on a straight power trip simply because maybe whatever allows one to be granted those certain powers have been known to go overboard due to their lack in taking heed to what power tripping has done to others who chose to do the same before them.

I can’t stand people who do this, because in the end those who are somehow affected by the acts of those who are excising those powers are the ones to suffer in the end all because of a those who allow themselves to get lost in the thrill in itself of having certain powers that feel so good to them that it’s like a super high. One that eventually you will have to come down from sooner or later.

There are many levels of power, andWith great power comes an even greater responsibility ever heard of that saying?

If you haven’t then you have now, and when you think about responsibility in itself, one should see how important it is for whomever possesses and or is given and granted a certain position of power, you should also keep in mind how important it is to naught become an abuser.

I can go on, and on but my point is that, when people do this you gotta be willing to call them out on their abusiveness, and make sure that you show them exactly where the abuse is coming into play.

When I look at myself and my position as a recording artist and music producer, I have certain responsibilities ya dig… to how I choose to use these powers given.

I can use to abuse or, I can use in hopes that I will do some good with them. An office you might say, there are responsibilities that come with the holding of an office isn’t it?

Gotta make sure that things as well as the businesses of the office are tended to and are better in order and that in itself is very important, well it should be anyway. Click Here—-> Music 4 the Mind

So, ask yourself ARE YOU A ABUSER OF POWER?” Who are some people who you can think of who fits this description, and what does it take in order to get them to see their illnesses for correction.

If something is wrong, it must be corrected, and in order for that to manifest one must be able to see their own illnesses in error, and work towards making the necessary corrections wouldn’t you say?

But this is naught easy, because in this world that we live in many want power, but naught the responsibility that comes along with it.

So many finger pointers, but yet no one with the courage to admit their own faults, and that for them is used as a means of a way out of man ING and woman ING up, and guess where a lot of that is seen that we see projected on the daily?

In the Political, and government realm.




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