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Young Artist Who Are Making Their Way In Kalamazoo


So, have you heard of Fire Kzoo? Fire is a spot/platform created, and put in place for a great purpose. This is where many young artist’s, and even myself have been blessed, and given the opportunity to come and put it on the floor. Young Artist coming together, and putting in work to be a voice to be heard, and at the same time show to be the hope by the projecting of energy through their acts showing what they got, and have to offer. And among-st some of these potentials, and talented underground voices/artists is an artist who goes by the name: “Santino Jones.”

From what he has shared with me, he has really been putting in some work as far as opening up for bands here in Kzoo, and will be doing a set at Fire Kzoo for something called: “Breaking the I.C.E. Benefit Concert,” so I thought I’d show my support as a recording artist Divine by just blogging this young artist, and Fire if you’re in Kalamazoo, Michigan and have the time to show up to this event; this is just to let you know about.

As a native man on the land/recording rap artist who is for community change for better, I might naught show to be active in the eyes of some, but I tend to show otherwise and stay proven em wrong by my acts alone. I just have a lot more going on personally than I allow some to see. And though many youngsters are making it very hard to have hope, and trust in them, and support them. Who are making it seem almost hopeless, you then run across, and are able to see that there are also those who are working hard in hopes to give the people a reason to have a change in thought, and heart.

And that in itself is a way of seeing the fire to continue to kindle, and stay lit by the burning of ones elevating fire through ones workings. This event starts at 9:30 Pm. if you have any questions contact ➡  Santino Jones by simply clicking onto his name, and you will be redirected to his Facebook profile in order to send a message. yep! I’ve made it just that easy. 😉 Peace and many blessings to the eyes that are able to see.

The One Man Entourage,

When A Chief Speaks

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Kaitlin LaMoine

and Adam the Great X for

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What Makes Jay-Z’s New Album 4:44 Special?

So, what makes Jay-Z new 4:44 album so special? I’m seeing a lot of thoughts on social media about it, and how there are some who are saying that: “JAY-Z is trying so hard to uplift the people by spitting knowledge? And that he’s doing something that people have been needing for a long time? Especially someone like him with his platform, and for you to PAY ATTENTION TO ALL THOSE WHO ARE BACK LASHING.”

What you see above is a quote from something that, I seen posted and thought I’d share my thoughts on it. First off, Jay-Z is naught doing something that is naught already being did by some recording artist when it comes to spitting knowledge in the music right now. There are many who been doing it, and still doing it so that I find to be either ones own blindness, and being somewhere other than in reality, or their just speaking on it just for attention purposes, which is fine, but that to me, is naught coming real with it.

For this particular opinionated assumption that, Jay-Z is now doing something that the people have been needing for a long time is just that, an opinion. But, naught only is it an opinion, but also can be seen as an illusion filled one at that. Have I listened to the album yet? Nope. Will I? I might, but here’s the thing. I find it really disrespectful and undermining to try and pretend like dude is back to save the day when it comes to Hip Hop when it comes to his new album 4:44.

Now, I know why this was said, it was in relation to something that is brewing right now when it comes to another mainstream recording being in disagreement to what Jay-Z said in his bars. Who? Lil Boosie “Bad A**.” Why? Well, from what I’ve heard, it’s all due to another artist’s thoughts on what Jay-Z had to say in reference to rapper, and those who choose to emulate what they are seeing their favorite projecting nowadays who like to put money up to they’re ear, which basically is saying if you don’t know the lingo that: “Money Talk,” but in these days it could mean anything.

But yea, from what I know thus far that is why we are seeing so many thoughts and talk right now when it comes to why you have some who are now deciding to come to the aid of Jay-Z in defense to why he is now being looked at as such the hero and savior for the people in the hood, and the state of Hip Hop.

Boosie “Bad A**” is saying that, what Jay-Z talking about when it comes to the money holding to ones ear he feels is cool, and it’s southern culture and that statement in Jay-Z’s bars don’t apply to him or the south saying that: “Jay not gone stop our culture in Louisiana, and his word ain’t bond.” Now, after I watched the video of Boosie “Bad A**,” I found a reason to be able to agree to disagree with his reason to why he ain’t buying what Jay-Z said in one of his bars, but I also stand to disagree as well.


There’s some picture’s that, I saw that also come to the aid of Jay-Z on why he said what he said in his bars. And there’s a reason for me, to also agree to disagree with him as well. The point is….. is that, no matter what I may think and or have to say as well as what others have to say in the end, it all draws back to you the listener, and how one allows what Rap and Hip Hop recording artist’s say to affect their decisions on whose right, and whose wrong. And to be honest from my point of view in this case both are right just as well as there are some things that, I disagree with and have my reasons to why I choose to do so.

Does my opinion count or matter? To me, and some who choose to support my thoughts in music yes, it does and I give a perfect reason to why, but to others who enjoy their egos stroked, and told what they want to hear; they may beg to differ. But here’s what I totally am against. I’m against people “Listeners” of both Rap and Hip Hop nowadays who pop off at their thoughts of trying to sugarcoat the situation as if other rap recording artist, whether they be on a mainstream status and platform or underground, it’s really deceptive and shows a sign of one being brainwashed as well as one being seen as someone who is easily fooled to believe that, Jay-Z is now doing something that the people have been in dire need of when it comes to Rap and Hip Hop. Rap Artist Speaks On Saving the The Culture of Rap

Please, that’s what you call someone who can easily be swayed, and tricked. Here’s another part of the problem. Some of you just are too busy supporting those who are putting out crap Rap and horrible Hip Hop, but would try and say that both are dead, and that all the music now sounds the same. Wrong!!!!!!

There are Rap and Hip Hop artist who are, and have been putting out music filled with KNOWLEDGE in hopes that you, the music listeners would take the time to pay a bit more attention and know that, we are hard at work, and doing it without a major record label who would be in support of our creative workings.

Y’all wanna blame somebody blame yourselves, because y’all are the listeners and consumers that these artist’s depend on to help give them free promotion and expo that helps them reach others, and that is part of business and marketing. Nothing wrong with that, except the fact that, y’all tend to support some of the wrong ones, and that is your choice, but don’t try and act like there are naught other artist’s who are kicking real knowledge in their lyrics and music In These Days Of Tyme that’s just as raw if naught rawer.

Some of you show favoritism, and involving money as a way of downplaying other artist’s work who are struggling. But you know what? Artist like me just allow my work to speak, and y’all can pretend all you want like there isn’t Rap and Hip hop artist who are breathing life back into both. We are the ones who are in everyday life struggling just like you, the one who puts more energy into supporting those who basically are already set, got money and could really care less about you or me.

Now don’t get it twisted, I still listen to some of Jay-Z’s music, and just had a song playing of Lil Boosie “Bad a**” playing called: “I need You” Is this my way of showing to take sides? ask yourself.

I’m naught only a recording artist, but I’m also a listener too, and what I’m feeling, I will play, and what I’m naught, I won’t be listening to nor supporting. I’m just a real conscious artist who knows the difference. Do I agree with the one whose words I’m quoting? sure I do, but my problem with them is naught about all of what they said, but how they chose to deliver truth mixed with lies, I agree to disagree with some of what both spoke on.

My problem isn’t with Jay-Z or Lil Boosie “Bad A**,” it’s with those who try to pretend and make it as if there isn’t other artist’s who are spitting knowledge on and off the mic, so how can you twist ya thoughts in saying that the people have been in dire need of what Jay-z has put in his new album 4:44? Trying to make it like somebody hating on him, and all that mess; na….what it is is that, some of y’all just programmed.

Anyway, I’ll leave y’all with this last quote and then y’all decide, I’m out. And I’ll leave y’all with the last of what was said, and then you decide.

When A Chief Speaks

“Why don’t you want people to stop supporting the things that keep them in an ignorant place….is it because you are the person doing it and you make money off of people’s ignorance and misfortune ? …. I’m looking at all these celebrities now who want to put money up to they ear in protest of his album….mind you he’s the billionaire not them….so I think I’ll take my financial advice from the billionaire ….sounds a whole lot better than a million.”

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Did Kanye West Really Delete His Tweets That Were In Support Of Donald Trump?

If he did why the sudden change of heart? I guess the only way to know would be to get it from the artist’s mouth himself, because anything else is really just assumptions. I can’t say he did or he didn’t, I’m just raising the question to whether he did or didn’t and why? Being that things are so shaky when it comes to the truth nowadays that is also clearly mixed with lies due to #FakeNewsMedia one would have to take upon self to clearly naught just take what is being said and just settle for it.
As a recording artist, and voice it is my responsibility to do my part by naught allowing self to be brainwashed and then spread someone Else’s homemade doctored up propaganda with the intent to mislead. Well, from what I’ve read so far, one of the reasons to his deleting acts was because he’s unhappy with President Trumps first two weeks in office, and because of the Muslim Immigration temporary Travel Ban, which was later suspended by a judge. 
One of the said tweets were: “I wanted to meet with Trump today to discuss multicultural issues,” and some others touched on were about bullying, the supporting of teachers, modernizing curriculum’s, and violence in Chicago. It is also said that one of his tweets were that; he felt it was important to have a direct line of communication with the future President if we truly want change.
Now again it’s said that those are the tweets he tweeted last year, and now he got rid of them. The only reason I am speaking on this is because, I’m showing how important it is to pay attention, and I refuse to just take what is being said from these so-called real news publishers. And what we do know is that;  President Trump been on these #FakeNewsMedia people behinds, and calling them out.
And you know what? I’ve even caught them in some visual lies myself, and that’s why I’m raising the question to whether any of this whole Kanye West missing tweets is even real or if that was really even him with president Trump at Trump Towers, but that’s just me.

And let me naught forget to mention of the possibility that there something that I also ran across about how Kanye was in hopes to perform at the inauguration, but only to find out that, he did naught qualify due to naught being American enough? Now whether that is true or naught, I leave it open for the truth to manifest. Now, could that also be one of the reasons that Kanye reneged on his support? I don’t know only he does. Will Kanye West Perform at Inauguration?  
I feel like a lot of this is a bunch of more of what they already been doing, which is just telling us a vision, and entertaining ones mind. I feel like, it’s all for boosting at the expense of our time and currency that’s clearly helping them, and naught us who are really going through more than any of them.
I also want to stress how these journalist who are in these positions are slacking and have failed in upholding the trust that we have placed in them to stand in integrity and honesty. But what do I know, I’m just considered as The Crazy Native Man on the land, and recording rap artist who calls it for what it is seen as. I could be wrong, but I leave it open for those who want to challenge what I say, and if I’m wrong on anything then I leave the burden on you to call me on it.
They want you to believe this, and believe that, but you also have a duty too, and that is to think, use your mind and see what adds up and what doesn’t. Does it matter? It may well  to me, but may well naught to you, but I’m naught responsible for that, you are just like I’m responsible for my post that I’m doing expressing in question to what is, what isn’t and what is possible. Anyhow, any thoughts on this whole tweet thing? Feel free to leave a comment below on whether you think it’s real or naught, and how it helps or hinders. I bring to you #RillaNewz

Kalamazoo Rap Artist Drops A Short Clip Of His Rap Video Called: “Certified”

Chief Adam the Great’s rap Video titled “Certified” is getting the attention of music listeners in Kalamazoo

As a underground rap recording artist, and music producer and even a bit of a video producer as well, I am able to do things that your average is not doing. not that, I’m taking anything from them and what they are bringing, but I see myself with a major advantage over the rest who are making music right now.

Whether it’s about competition or not, those who take the time out to view and listen to my work shall experience; why I hold the title as CHIEF, as well as why I have GREAT on the end, and if you don’t know, my name ADAM has a meaning that is powerful in itself.

See, here’s the thing with me, I already know what I am up against when dealing with this world that we live in, and this music game. the deck is clearly stacked against me, but will that stop me is the question. Coming from the streets, I went through a lot, I experienced life in the streets of Kalamazoo that should actually be written about. No one can say that, I wasn’t out there when it was ugly especially in the mid-late 80’s going into the 90’s. 

I’m not gone get into my whole life story, but this new song/rap video “Certified” is basically addressing that fact that, the street life that some of these rappers out here talking about in there songs is the life I once led as a street katt from way back, and was proud and I held my own, it wasn’t no joke and it’s not a joke when you put your own life on the line. I was a part of ALL of it, been there done that, and that’s why I’m certified.

Many have lost their lives in these wicked streets of Kalamazoo that many glorify. Some sacrificed their life and are now in M.D.O.C (Michigan Department of Corrections) doing football numbers because of the life that we lead in these streets. There are some out here who act like they were out there in that jungle where them animals lerk in the Zoo.

You have these rappers who gone tell they’re stories, just like I’m a paint the picture, just call me Zoopicasso. It’s a lot of talented rappers in Kalamazoo so being that that is the case there is also a lot of ego’s, pride, clicks, teams, gangs and also favoritism, and when you have all that going on listeners of Hip Hop and Rap music don’t know what to pay attention to. 

So, with me, I feel like the underdog in this. Many have the opportunities, and plugs, and resources that I wish I had. I’ve been involved in different movements when it comes to this music game, and was able to gain that experience that I’m talking about, but on a another level, because now the involvement consist of younger rappers who I must say have the creativity, and talented but at the same time some of these rappers are either teenagers and or college students, and really have not experienced the life that me and my guys come from, and that’s where the whole certified thing comes into play, because who gone say I’m not certified? And what makes you certified? When them streets talk, and it’s time for them street resumes to come out who’s resume do you think gone have the most impact?

What I do, and how I do it is like no other, and I don’t do it just for me, I do it for those who blazed the trail, and paved the way for artist’s like me, who were before me in this rap game. Somebody has to pick up that torch for those listeners of rap and hip hop and let them know that, rap artist and hip hop artist has not given in to following the commercial watered down way of making music for the people. I consider self as a server, and it’s all about delivery.

Those who have the money and fame are showing what they are doing with it, and that’s they’re business, just like what I do with my business is my business. I used to be a little upset at the fact that, a lot of these rappers appear to be winning, but there is way more to it than that. Whether you know it or not, music is and has always had an impact on our lives, and from what it appears is that, it is being used for other purposes as well that I care not to discuss at this time.

My aim is to let the people in Kalamazoo, state, nation and even worldwide that, this spiritual lyrical rap artist is on the rise, and my workings alone speak a thousand words. Just this small clip alone has gained more feedback and attention without any major promotion push except from the listeners, than a full video and that says a lot. So I thank all my supporters, and listeners who take the time out of they’re busy lives to experience the work of #theArtist4thePeople. Check out the the video above and feel free to leave a comment, and share it. Let me know your incite, your opinion and your likes and dislikes about my art work. Alright, I’m out peace and many blessings. 


Kalamazoo Rappers Music Elevates Minds

Why This Kalamazoo Rapper’s Music Is The Next Closest Thing To Listing To 2pac’s Music

So What’s the Big Deal About This Rap Artist From Kalamazoo?


One might ask, what is so special about this artist’s music, and why should the people take time out to listen to what he has to say? And what gives him the advantage over other rappers/artist who are coming out?

These are some very basic, but good questions that should be answered. Not just for the artist to know what and how people feel about the music he makes, but to also give people a better understanding to why this artist not only shows the ability to be competitive when it comes to the music industry, but to also place the power of fair decision making back into the listeners, and music fans hands. Let’s be honest, music is for as long as the Creator (God) and the Universe allows this planet to continue to exist. Whether you are religious or not, and see things different when it comes to the stories told about how this planet (Earth) was created, and how it was possibly destroyed by water, and then went under construction by the creator in order to bring order back is something that you would have to do your own thinking about and research on.

My point is, is that music plays a very important part in many things that we engage and or implement into our everyday lives. Music, and sound is far more than what you see it to be. It’s way bigger than being used for entertainment purposes. Just as it can be used to heal, it is also being used to hurt. How? Ask yourself what is sound and music and where does the information go? You guessed it, the brain, and the mind. Sound-waves travel to our brains, and rhythms and the art travels to our mind as information do you agree?

So, in that case if this is true, then it can also be agreed that both have a direct affect and significant impact on us by what is being delivered to our brain and mind and how we take it in and use it for our best interest all boils down to two main things that effect us all and that is our emotions and feelings. Everything is a mood, you can be in a good one or bad one, which draws back to dealing in ones emotions and feelings towards whatever the situation may be. Do you kinda see where I’m going with this?

Music alone plays a big part in the molding, and shaping of our thoughts, whether it be good ones or bad ones music effects us like a drug, and affects us by the feelings that we have towards something, and that’s where mental health comes into play. Yep, Mental Health is a big problem, a definite Battle of the Mind, and it’s something that I know very well. Some people may not even be aware of the fact that they have a mental illness, and then all it takes is the effect of something like music, and drugs that are the tools that work on your mind, and all it takes is the two to be combined because of a certain situation that one may be going through in their life, and next thing you know, you have an even bigger situation, possible suicide, and or violent behaviors that lead one to their final resting place or an D.O.C (Department of Corrections Institution).

And for those of you who aren’t familiar with the acronym, and if you don’t know, the prison system is a big business that makes  plenty of money off of those who are getting caught up within it, because of lack of knowledge and or just feeling like there is no other way to make it in life, and that’s what they want you to think by your own freewill, all they need to do is like the Joker said: “All that was needed was a little push!”

There is so much to cover when it comes to the whole mental illness situation, but I’ll save that for another time. I’m trying to get you to see how music is being used as a tool to corrupt, disrupt, program, and play a part in your actions towards leading you to your own self-destruction. Let me ask you the question that I ask many: “Who is the biggest musician in the world?” Some have said Michael Jackson and other artist, but there is an even bigger musician than your favorite. He was given this position as Chief Musician. No, not me, the one and only SATAN. He or it is the Chief Musician of the world are things getting a little more clearer for you now?

Hard pill to swallow I know, but now you can take what I am typing and you are reading and you can think about it, because that’s all I really need to do and trust me, it takes time out of my life just to be typing these thoughts. Prove it you say? I know you just didn’t say that did you, I don’t have to prove what is actually being projected and played out right before your eyes. Some of the music that is being pushed throughout the music industry, Television and especially the Mainstream Media. Click the Picture of Eminem and be redirected to a source that I found that gives some very important information that reveals some shocking mental health figures in the entertainment industry.


It’s business, but it’s also a little more than that. Could it be that some of these rappers are being paid to get you to enslave yourself by falling for the stories they tell threw the music they’re putting out? Just look think about it, and then start paying more attention and then see if things start adding up. I could easily start going off naming plenty of names, but I’m not about to get into all of that.

It’s easy to point the finger at someone when they doing some things that they shouldn’t, but don’t we all? But to be honest, that’s a cop-out and I’m not gone let that slide. If your wrong then your wrong, and it would be right and just to work towards making things right, but that alone is a very hard task and easy to say when you live in a world that is flooded with everything opposite of what is good.

If it’s of good, (Divine) then they need you to see, and think it to be bad, and if it’s bad (Evil) then you should praise it and look at it to be of good. Now, do you see the power of Deception and trickery in that? Do you not see what has been done and why our children are acting out the way they are?

So now that I’ve given you some thoughts (Knowledge) to think about, now let me switch lanes and tell you why this rapper Chief Adam the Great is not only an artist who is definitely showing though his music that he fits the description and title as a Chief, but also is going far and beyond to be that artist for the people who delivers to not just those who are still trapped in the street life, but most importantly those who suffer from Mental Illness/ Mental Health issues that so many suffer from In These Dayz of Tyme. This artist is doing it like no other rapper coming out, and the thing about it, he’s doing it with no help and or assistance from the Music Industry, Press, Mainstream Media, Blogs, Radio Air play, Family Support, so called friends none except for the Creator, (God) the Universe, and those who are worked threw like the few who do help by either sharing his thoughts and music threw social media, the purchasing of his music and or donation.

He is able to fund his own projects without going back to doing what he once depended on by merely just doing what is asked of him by the Creator and the universe. I know that you probably are arching one eyebrow right now from what I’m saying, but that is your freewill to do so, I am not here to try and convince, but to elevate and educate.When listening to Chief Adam the Great X’s Music 4 the Mind he takes his listener on on a personal journey within the mind of one who has hands on experience with songs like: Mentally Ill, and really takes you on a mental ride giving you something to think about and look forward to with songs like: It Get’s Deeper. What he brings is basically awareness, narration the good, the bad and the ugly all at the same time, but from different angles somewhere similar to the way 2pac voiced his message on the mic, but in a more drill SGT. type of way.

So with all that being said, my only intent is to shed some light on an artist who is well worth taking a listen to, and commenting on his work good or bad. It’s something how people are being deceived, manipulated into getting them to support promote rappers music that, if you pay more attention is not the art of Rap and Hip Hop that we once knew, and loved because the messages sent held more meaning, and more uplifting than damaging to the mind. But who’s fault is that, the rapper who needs you?

Or is it you, the one who they don’t even really have to convince all they have to do is say something in their music that you think is slick, and it is, because they slicked you right into their Rap Trap, and for them it’s all just business. So, I say to you reader of this post, will you continue to aid and abed those who are corrupting the minds of our children that haven’t even began to develop yet with subliminal messages that tell them that it’s okay to Rape, Kill, Pop Molly/ Ecstasy Pills? “Click the Picture” below, and it will redirect you to a source I found that is very interesting and this is what your children are being introduced to. All…. look aren’t they cute? Nice way to promote something that alters the mind.ecstasyfeature

So, is Chief Adam the Great X’s music the next closest thing to listening to 2pacs music in these days of time? Is his work able to win the hearts of some of the listeners of your favorite mainstream rappers? is his music even worth taking the time to listen to? Well, the artist/ rapper has made it possible for you to find and take a listen to his creations, and has proven how serious he is with his business by not only having a very appealing website to visit, but also a blog to go a long with it giving his platform a DUAL FLOW. Fell free to leave a comment and even build a discussion below, and support this artist who shows to definitely be #TheArtist4thePeople.


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