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Some Of The Things Women Do That Shows Breach Of Trust

So let it be known that, when you have women out here (Black Women) who tend to act like their real wife/true down for you girlfriend/better 1/2 significant other or think they are on the close authentic relationship status.
But in the same breath are breaking the bond, being sneaky and doing shhh…. What do Black women do that shows a breach of trust? Well let’s see. For starts, going through katts pockets stealing, and info stalking on a katt phone truly believing in their mind that, that is real and some cool shhh…. to do.
These are some of the acts to how black women, and other races of women too, but right now, I’m talking about my race of people who are women who clearly show to be distrustful.
This is why there are so many screwed up relationships. Black women, you are continuing to hurt, use and let me of your own race down without even raising the question in your own mind to why?
Well, maybe it’s because you want to feel as if you are reclaiming a lost power, to naught feel as if you’re being controlled? You don’t want to listen unless it’s on your terms and feel as if you can say, and do whatever you want to say and do with no consequence, but then turn around and wonder why?
How? And since when has this type of insecure, it’s okay to try to play mind games with a man, turncoat betrayal type of shhhh…. ever been accepted and or tolerated from men who don’t play? WHEN?
I won’t wait just taking a break and wanted to put this right here for those who feel otherwise. 💪🔥💧💊 💯 😎
When A Chief Speaks

Black Women Only Feel The Need To Listen When They See Fit

Yea, yea, I already can hear some of you now about how the above picture is naught a Black women. and yes, you are correct, but if I’m naught mistaken these man made drugs doesn’t use favoritism when it is used, and claims it’s victims, and if you the reader can prove to me, that young black women, and even older are naught participating in the type of leisure activities (Drug use) for that matter. Then by all means, I stand to be corrected, and that’s only if you have proof to otherwise.

Now that I got that out the way, let’s get to it. Though this post is about women in general, at this moment I’m talking about Hue Black American Women who are clearly running around with these messed up mind states and ways of thinking that, they are so perfect with their illness in thoughts, that they can’t be wrong nor can be checked when their actions and thinking is out of law, and order, and no man can tell them nothing.

Got news for you. Did you know that, the above picture could be you, and possibly even your daughter and or even a friend or family member? You don’t think so? by all means take a real good look, and pay close attention to the video below, and then allow me to ask you the question again.

So let me ask. Do Hue Black American Women only feel the need to listen to man when they see fit, and only when they find themselves in an uncomfortable position in mind, and situation in life when their programmed life is interrupted? The young Hispanic woman in the video above clearly shows to be at a party, rave type music, and is feeling so good that, she decides to take her high to a whole new level, and do an experiment on self by placing what is said to be possible LSD in her eyes, which eventually led to her overdosing at the end of the video #RightBe4UrEyez. 😥
So now, let me change it up a bit. I have something on my mind that, I been seeing for the longest, and knowing it, but I try naught to be right about it, but am proven right by the acts and ways of some of these horrible minded women #InTheseDayzofTyme. When I speak on things when addressing the ill minded acts of women, I’m considered as  bashing black women. 😅😂😂
How? Because I see what I see, and call you out on this whole back and forth one-sided talk horrible to men when they show to try to be humble? Because I give a damn enough to take the time out to touch on, and address these issues, write about them in hopes that it will reach and grab you in thought so that you can at least take the time out to think about what i am addressing so that you can ponder on and think about it.
I can’t help but see how some tend to expose their fake self by wearing them (mask) when they think they have it all figured out when they accept the seed planted that, they can try to play mind games and mock men who strive to be divine, and do better by showing in ones ACTS, and naught just talk in thought.

They think that, it don’t and won’t catch up with them when they show no compassion and consideration for man. You know, the one who tries to reason? They betray, turncoat and try to slick their way with whatever the intent was in their agenda from the jump. They’ll go against the grain of man who takes the time to BREATHE on em spiritually with REAL knowledge by their due diligence in working to educate self by continuing to learn by studying.

Men who show compassion and the ability to clearly administer good communication skills in hopes to gain a better standing for better balance, and strength that nowadays men are showing to abandon. Is this and can this be true? By all means to prove otherwise. Anyway, They feel that they will naught be held accountable for the messy mindedness that is projected. Truth

They’ll try to use a mans humbleness against him and as a weakness for control purposes, and to feel as if they are naught giving any power up, because it’s a comfort zone thing, but yet give it everyday anyway, and I’m a get to it in a minute in this post. But can anyone explain to me, why this is? some of these Black Women will talk about how no man can control them, run them and tell them what to do, and it’s their life, and they running it, but clearly turn right around and show otherwise.

Am I lying? Say it ain’t so.🤨 Example? About to get to it. Let’s look at it this way for a minute. “When them people (Police) (Authority) (Man) (CPS) and the (Judge) get up with them, they tend to have to dance and sing to a different tune, and note, and that alone tells you that, what they saying when saying what they be saying, it is merely a weak a** tactic way of dodging the truth by getting all defensive when it comes to what a man who shows strength in mind, and heart say’s something that they don’t like getting all bent outta shape and shhhh….


Now, who gone say otherwise? THAT other man THEY FEAR DO THEY NAUGHT? Tells them what to do, and what they can’t do, and how they gone do it and it’s honored right? It’s yes sir, and or no sir and why are you doing this crying and carrying on, but let it be a man divine whose closer to them, and says anything, and it’s an argument, and what you tell them and or say holds no weight what’s soever when it comes to your admin, and or showing of authority as a man, and I’m speaking in reference to when one is showing to truly give a damn. Any idea why this is? 🤔

I know, but do you? So, when these women run around  with the got it all figured out mentality, but yet they show to naught even have control over their children’s behaviors be it in school etc, in the public and or just their behavior period. What message is clearly being sent? I’m just saying, if I’m wrong then, I stand to be corrected.
Black American Women are showing that they don’t need to listen and or pay attention, and can do whatever, feel whatever, act out and undermine a man until their in a pickle, a jam, can’t figure shhh… out, don’t know what to do and now they want to listen, pay attention and need your support and help, which clearly there is nothing wrong with that, and clearly that is what and when man is for in woman’s time of need.Why are y’all being depicted, and projected by images like the one above? Angry, and bitter care to tell me why?
You’ll get mad at me for touching on it, and challenging your mind on it, but it’s okay for others to pamper your ego only to be showing how they really see, and feel about you, and y’all willfully accept it for the sake of attention, and pay? Don’t get mad at #TheArtist4thePeople who #GiveIt2EmRaw look at what is placed before you, take the time out to listen and pay attention for a change and naught when your behind is jammed up, and guess what? That rule even goes for man too doesn’t it?😏
So what’s the problem? Why do you (Hue) Black American Women continue to pretend, and show that they are even turning on themselves by wearing them mask? And then turning on men who show to have your back. Why would you rather have conflict, fall outs and make non-excusable excuses to do what you wanna do, and say what you wanna say when it comes to the one who shows to be in your corner and of your best interest?
I can’t help but think back on all of the things, and thoughts that I see, and what has been said and then I just look what my looking 🙄 a** and can’t help but to laugh now, and the thing about it, that’s how I shall operate from this day forth. Am I wrong for feeling this way? Am I the only one who sees this? Am I exaggerating?  If I’m wrong, I humbly stand to be corrected, but with real reasonable proof only.😎
I am here, and I welcome those women to woman up, and start showing to care about more than just what you are clearly showing to only love and care about care to discuss it? Leave a comment below, and even share this with other women to get they’re thoughts and opinions on this, because as the saying goes: “He, and or she who says nothing shows some admittance of guilt.” I’m for ya if ya show to be working on ya mind state, because in the end, it’s about correcting the possible errors right? 😎
Peace, and many blessings,
When A Chief Speaks
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How I Was Played On Father’s Day

So, this is a post touching on how I was treated on father’s Day. Boy oh boy let me tell you how mafas played me, on the day that, was supposed to be in the honoring of fathers/dads.

I was treated as if I didn’t even f****** exist! And this is in regards to these fake a** black women who want to be acknowledged on their day set for them, but can’t appreciate a man on his day who clearly shows to try his hardest, and projects real worth and value, and I ain’t talking about Us-currency either.

The only women who took the time to say anything was my mother, and my little girl and her mother, but even her shhh…. was shaky as far as I’m concerned and don’t think it was sincere.

But my mother, and youngest child; those are the ones who show to be in my corner anyway.

I’m talking about these fake, snake hooka’z (Black women) who actually know me, and they know who they are.

They see me, and who, I do communicate with here and there from time to time. These dry minded tired h**s; especially one in particular who I won’t say her name yet, but it’s coming, and I’m a make the b**** famous real soon when I drop the song about her, and some of these other pretenders that, I know and how horrible minded these mangy thot bots really are.

I mean damn, that’s for us? I couldn’t get a simple Happy Father’s Day from none of these black women who I actually know, and have been there for, and acknowledged them and even try to esteem them to let them know that, there are men who show to try to keep the faith in them? “Your horrible ways are naught impressive.”

1 Timothy 2:11-15 

“Let a woman learn quietly with all submissiveness. I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet. For Adam was formed first, then Eve; and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor. Yet she will be saved through childbearing—if they continue in faith and love and holiness, with self-control.”

Maybe these women who I look to, to be for me than against me, are mad because of some of my post that expose some of they’re pretending, and wicked ways. Or maybe they just feel that, I don’t deserve to be acknowledged.

Or maybe my trying to communicate with them, and how I deliver the truth just hurts so bad that, they can’t find it in self to admit their own flaws and when they might be at fault?

Whatever the case, and no matter how they punk a** feel, I do have children, and I show to try to be there, and though, I may be seen in they’re eye’s naught worth the time, I clearly show to be here in living color, and show what some men don’t, and what their own children’s daddies don’t show. I have made myself available in one’s time of need, and this the thanks I get? “These hooka’z got me f***ed up!”

Oon Rilla, I’ve shown to be there even when some of these hooka’z own children’s pappies wasn’t and didn’t even make time for their own seeds.

Maybe I’m the sucka huh? Yea, well that’s what real katt’s like me do when you give a damn and over care for an ungrateful a** woman, which means that, I also care about her children. Why?

Because, I know how it is, but this is one of the main reasons why, I am single, and naught married, because these black women ain’t right in mind, heart nor spirit “What happened to real women?”

When asked could I go up to the school for a certain woman’s children did I say: “Naught my child nor my responsibility?”

Well ask that b****. And show you how even them little mafas are cut too; they didn’t even take the time out to call and say shhh… neither.

Smfh Relationships between men and women are fictitious #InTheseDayzOfTyme.


And it don’t stop there. It gets deeper. Even my so-called children ain’t have shhh…. to say either on my day.

Really? So basically, I don’t even exist for whatever they’re UN excusable excuses may be, but here’s the thing; no matter how they may feel about me, them little mafas wouldn’t even exist in this life time, nor their children either without me, gong half on them, so I’m oon they a** too oon Rilla.

None of this is cool as far as I’m concerned nor does it make any sense to me. And to be honest, I’m really just venting right now, because as a man/father/dad, and artist my expression is way of trying to get some type of balance in situations like this, because I’m hurt, I’m disappointed, I feel dishonored, disrespected, turned on and betrayed by the very ones who supposed to love and appreciate me no matter my faults, and this tends to weigh heavily on ones mental.

One thing we do know if you know me, or of me is that, I know how to admit my faults when and or if I’m wrong in any way. These are the ones who should try to work towards better bonding and connecting with me, to support me, rather than bump heads and make dumb a** excuses to distant themselves from me, due to having these f***ed up attitudes with no ability to settle differences with a man who tries to reason when it comes to situations, and if anybody should have an attitude, it should clearly be me.

It just shows how horrible minded some of these black women have become, and how they are teaching their children to be just as worse #InTheseDayzOfTyme.

They low-minded, and disrespectful, and would rather show honor, love and respect for some of these scumbag punk a** so-called real dudes who clearly just use they ass up for what they show to be, and that’s just a “Carrier.”

They go to bat for all the wrong ones, and try to make mockery of men who struggle to make them look like fools, because they are choosing to take better paths in life, but that’s too much like right.

The shhh… I see, but yet, I still try to give these buzzards the benefit of the doubt meanwhile all they do is trying to come with that snake mind state, and pamper these suckas while paying them to be slaves so that they bend to their voodoo will, and obey their every command, and if I have to subject myself to that, then I’m straight, and you can stay your musty made up Mannequin face a**es as far away as you can from me, because I’ll do you dirty, real dirty for playing with me.

I mean how could these mafas do this to me? Oh, I think I know what it is…. Their on that “Take the man of God’s kindness for a weakness” tip.

And while I’m on that, even the scriptures speak on some thing that say’s honor thy mother, and thy father right?

It also says how a disobedient child will naught make it far right? But yet, some of these same “HALLELUJAH, AND THANK YOU JESUS HOOKA’Z” who talk that “I put my pastor and church first before you” type of b****** but in the same breath are the same ones who basically using God and Jesus’s name as a front.

They have really struck a nerve, and I feel violated in every way without naught even an apology.

These are the same BITTER a** black women who are some of the same ones who actually see men like me, struggling to be and do right who shows to make time to be around, and active in my child’s life who act like what a katt do ain’t shhh….

Is it jealousy? Jealous of the fact that, I show some of what they wish their BABY DADDIES could project?

Nope nothing special, I just try to make corrections to my own errors, and continue to work harder, and I thank the creator (God) for that, and that in itself is the difference.

And as far as my so-called children are concerned they don’t f*** with me, because I’m too zero tolerant for them, I guess.

But, is that a justifiable excuse? Never have I denied them and or made myself naught available in case they just may want to take about some real life shhh…, but I just don’t have the mind time for the fake world shhhh……

I leave that for them to deal with if they so choose, but I show some of what others choose naught to show, and this the thanks I get?

Never should they have crossed the line with me, and show such disrespect, and dishonor, but as the saying goes: “The creator (God) don’t like ugly” so, I just gotta “Pray 4 Those”

Exodus 20:12

“Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you.”

I mean how could any women, and or her children naught appreciate a man like me, who struggles and tries to be and do right.

I’ve lived the life that, some of these bust down b****** look at to be real in these dudes acts, and they’re so quick to cling to, and have their backs while katts like me, continue to be played as if ones change doesn’t matter.

I know that, I’m naught perfect by far, and naught trying to be. And I may naught have that IDEA man with the fantasy look that some of these dames be trying to have a katt switch to.

Try to dress a n**** up to be a show piece like he one of them funky a** mutts that they be having, and that’s probably why you see many of them with those little mafas, to replace a man who don’t play games.

I know that, I am naught the only one who has experienced this, and that’s why I’m doing this post.

To express myself, the heartache and pain of man instead of going into a rage and choke the life out of one of these disrespectful a** black women, because if you wrong, you wrong, and if you wrong then be woman enough to express it.

Why play me like that? I guess that’s just the world that we are living in now. So anyway, thanks for reading and feel free to hit the like, and drop a comment below with your thoughts on this topic.

Am I wrong for feeling this way? I mean seriously who does this to men of God who struggle to be and do right? Make sure to press play, and listen to the song above, and leave some feedback, I’m out.

Peace and many blessings to the eye’s, and minds that seek.

When A Chief Speaks


Do Women Show To Be Against Men Of God Who Struggle But Defend Those Who Appear To Have It All?

I wanted to touch on something real quick just to see if I’m tripping or naught.
I can recall being told by a woman: “My relationship with God is between me, and him.”
And though, I found that to be a kind of an insult, and even a slap in the face, because if one knows the chain of command, you know that there is order, and man is the second in command of that order.
But what I had to sit back and ponder on is that, any woman who say’s that she is a follower of the creator (God’s) word should clearly know this, meaning that, if a man clearly projects, and exercises what God left, and she sees, but tries to justify her bogish acts by making excuses to why she shouldn’t listen to a man especially the one who tries to share what was sent, and who strives to do what was asked, which is build with woman by the esteeming of and the guidance of her mind that also leads to a better bonding and connection.
You would think that a man who stands on law would be honored, and respected by a woman for his will and efforts to try to build with her mentally, and spiritually, because this is what the creator (God) said to do right?
“But I want you to understand that the head of every man is Christ, the head of a wife is her husband, and the head of Christ is God”
But here’s what the excuse would be: “we’re naught married.” True! But if I was I would naught tolerate what is tolerated and that’s real.
Anyway, so if the above is true then why are these women who are all up in these churches acting as is they are really trying to learn the word of the creator (God) and are really working towards building a better connection and relationship with God, but then at the same time don’t even know how to exercise the words of the creator God with the ones who you should be building with on a personal level? So what does this mean?
“Nevertheless, in the Lord woman is not independent of man nor man of woman.”
And to throw salt on the wound made, you would even turn around and naught listen to a man of God who is close, and for you, but would invest and show more effort put energy into the praising, and speaking highly on another man just because they see him fit only because of what?
 Is it me? Or is these type of acts being seen naught just by me. I can remember a song that Willie D made called: “Guess My Religion” “why is everybody keep playing with God?”
I just call it like it is, and I feel that, the shhh… ain’t cool for women to be trying to play mind games with men who already struggling with trying to be and do better like what he doing, and his walk with the creator (God) is less. If this is true, then I ask why are you women doing this crap as if you don’t know what you are doing?
How you gone try to act like you trying to really do the work of God, but ain’t even showing by your acts to even being doing what was asked, but it’s “Thank you Jesus, and Thank you lord” and all that but yet what can you say you’ve done for either?
You don’t even show the willingness to listen, learn and build and even see how important it is for you to be there mentally and spiritually for a man who tries to show what y’all be complaining about that there are no men showing, but turn right around try to downplay a man who comes from the street life.
Y’all tearing down men’s mental, then try to call him weak, making all types of excuses to be horrible minded, twist ya mouth up at those men who show to have vision, dreams and goals, you criticize him instead trying to help uplift him, but then ya a** be getting caught up doing strange acts with those same men who you say, and show to support the most why is that?
Mind telling me what is going on in the video below. Oh, and the pastor and the man are best friends?
Hey, don’t be mad at looking at me sideways and shhh… I’m just touching on what I see nowadays, and instead of learning to admit where you might be wrong, you’d rather continue to carry on as if you ain’t got to listen to nothing nobody especially what a man who shows to really try hard to be upright and just has to say when he sees you out-of-order, and cares enough to even try to communicate with you?
But you wonder why there is so much going on with women In These Day’z Of Tyme. So, are you a woman who feels otherwise? Explain what’s going on in the video above.
Got me wondering if this is the case with the woman who told me, that she puts her church and pastor before me, and that what her relationship with God is between her and God? LoL, I could get deeper with this topic, but I’m straight on that for now.
But I wanted to do this quick post because I’m tired of these women out here pretending like they really getting it in for God, but can’t say nor show what you have done for God that God would appreciate you for.
And then you have stuff like this going on in churches? Men, beware, because if it happened live in the video above what makes you think that you’re so special where it couldn’t happen to you?
I was hurting after what I experienced, but knowing what I know, I just gotta take the good with the bad and just let it go. 
Got something to say about this? Feel free to drop a comment on this, and tell me what you think, because until y’all start coming clean nothing is gonna change, and gone only get worse, because the creator sees, and knows all, and when trying to play games with men who show to give a damn, you think that is an example of being a woman of the creator (God)? I think naught. That’s it for now later on people.
And I’ll end with this: “Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up! Again, if two lie together, they keep warm, but how can one keep warm alone? And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him—a threefold cord is not quickly broken.”
When A Chief Speaks

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