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Are People Really Using God And Jesus Name As A Front?

Morning thoughts of Adam. Its something how some people can talk, and try to tarnish and blemish as well as dismiss the words that were sent. JESUS AIN’T REAL, HE AIN’T (WHITE) GOD AIN’T REAL, THE HOLY BIBLE IS FICTION, ITS A SL……..AVE MASTER BOOK TO KEEP BLACK PEOPLE TAMED.

And then…. there are the other ones who call themselves really loving Jesus, really loving God, call themselves standing up, and ride or dying with their pastor and church against those who are close, and have been there when they couldn’t count on nobody


And the thing about it, it’s ya own people, family, friends etc that commit these act against you, but aren’t these the same people who brag and jump up and down talking bout they love Jesus, and they love God.

But turn right around and treat one of God’s (man) less than the man who they really praise their pastor (man with title)?

Are women really doing this to their men who are in the households? Are man doing it to women? And last, the so-called city love.

I think people just ride with whoever they think is HOT and so-called WINNING? It will be those outside that will be more for you than your own so-called love and who say they care for you Why?

Why do ya own family, friends, children and probably even your significant other treat you so bad?

I think I found why, though, I’ve known this scripture for years, but I thought I’d share it today with those who do see value in my work, time and thoughts.

Check it out. “But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.

Need I say more? And this was written way before you and I. You mad? Be mad at the creator (God) for allowing me, to see.

Anyway, gotta go. Leave a comment, like share do whatever you feel with it, I’m just raising the question to whether all this is true or naught.

I’m out have a great Monday.

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When A Chief Speaks.



What was the chances? When God speaks

I’m pretty sure that you know by now; that my life doesn’t just evolve just around me, making music.
I also have a very spiritual side of me, that experiences moments in life where for some is not explainable. But for me, could very well be a test while navigating throughout this world of noise.
Check out the video above, leave a comment on whether my breakdown of how the power and spirit of God moves. I would love to see someones take on this, thanks. Peace and many blessings.

The importance of Pondering

Do You Know What It Means 2 Ponder?

What Does It Mean To You?

Woke up this morning, and very thankful for that. So much stay on my mind in this world of so much confusion.

It’s like a game of tug of war with ones mind. left, right, good and bad, heaven and hell, saint and sin, Divine and evil.

Can you see it? These are just some of the things that we all as living beings go through in this game of life.

But I’m thankful, grateful and very appreciative so that’s why I work as hard as I do, as a once upon a time hell-razor, sharp and didn’t have a problem with leaving you leaking, I bare those memoirs of what and who I use to be.

I think a lot, and I’m into a lot. For me, it’s bigger than Rap, so I make it very clear to those who know not of who I be.

I am a artist, but I’m also a man of the Creator (God). What I found out is that, life seemed so much easier when I was living on the edge, but I always knew that there was definitely more to it than the eye met.

As you read my title  Pondering one may ask what is that? “But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart.” Luke 2:19

I too am a keeper; A bearer of light. Something that I have fought with all my life. 

I knew this all my life too, I felt it all my life that it was bigger than just my mother and dad going half on a creation as co-creators of something that even then had no knowledge of the greatness that would manifest in the Great Lakes; it has always crossed my mind throughout time.

So, here I am today, and so many years later sitting here at one of my favorite coffee spots. it is such a peaceful get away spot, and though there are many who come here that are of the Gothic realm, I don;t question my self to why I place my self in a spot when the demonic surrounds me. Does it bother me? hell no, not one bit.

I see them tagged with the signs and symbols of what i use to be, but I just never was able to see until I was finally able to see.

So I ponder, and don’t ask why me? I just take the good with the bad and try to bring balance within me, my self and I.

What’s on my mind? So many thoughts, but how don’t keep them organized in order to be able to paint the picture better.

It’s gloomy outside, probably because of all those who have taken their last breaths, and have past on.

Kalamazoo has had quit a few in the month that just passed, and now we enter into this new month of December. whatever the case, I just continue to elevate, and work towards bringing my creative artwork to the forefront for ones viewing, listening and educational purposes.

Just some of what goes on within the mind of #Theartist4thePeople. Thanks for lending your time, eyes and mind. Peace! and God Bless.

When A Chief Speaks


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