Happy Bornday Moma Marthi! Flashback Moments With the Fam Memories

by Adam the Great X Divine

This video is priceless, and something that no money can match. When ya history shows to be stronger with those who are like family.

Memories, the ones that are still there when the money gone. Memories that one can share that will spark something that one may have temporarily forgotten in time.

Well, that’s an Aquarius for ya. I’m able to show real memories that can never be replaced. This is what families are really supposed to be doing, and how important it is to know that nothing should come between the bonding of real family.

It ain’t the same no more, but I am grateful, because it’s a very important woman’s day for me.

So Moma Marthi, hopefully you’ll be able to see this, and may it spark even more joy, and happiness for ya on your day. A gift, for you.

Happy Bornday, love you always, and know that, they can’t top what’s already been in place. Ya son forever. Adam the Great X