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Federal Indictment By Grand Jury For Man In Kalamazoo For Heroine Sales That May Have Caused Death

See, this is the stuff that, I be talking about. I’ll leave the link in the description. there is no need for me, to be considered as judging anyone when it comes to their choices. Look at how men, and women are allowing themselves to be programmed to think that DRUG DEALING IS SOMETHING TO GLORIFY AND PROMOTE. What the blind don’t realize is that, we are living in a new era, a new time and new age, and if you’re naught trying to figure out your true purpose, and or trying to work towards figuring this all out; these people (Law Enforcement) who are in control gone help you out.

Take this situation right here. They’re saying this katt’s Man Faces Federal Charges In Kalamazoo For Drugs promotion and pushing of the drug Heroine as a product is linked to the causing of the death of someone in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and now he’s facing life in prison for it. And naught only that, but they also gone tax him 2 million for doing it? I don’t ask why, I just shake my head, and thank the creator (God) for the mind state that, I have today.

The promoting of death that’s what I see, and that’s the thing to do in the eye’s of this generation. yep, there’s going to be those who might read this, and look at the news link and try to justify and make excuses, but I’m naught sorry to say, but there is noway of getting around the truth and it’s naught about knocking somebodies hustle either if that’s where some would love to take it, because to me that’s just a cop-out for justifying purposes:

“If what y’all call hustling and getting money for gain and profit, and in the end results to someone or many people suffering and dying is the way you see to go to gain, then that is a gain and profit naught worth the chase, gain, profit or hustle.”

People talk about they love they’re city and state, but yet turn around and aid and abed the fact that they actually show just the opposite. People wanna be seen as the king of somewhere, but depend on everything these folks have put together like the drugs, which are another mans mad scientist made creation, and what our so called people have been taught to praise and rely on to feel like they have the power. Money and the power right? didn’t the Lox come out with that ft DMX? I thought a kings title came by the people seeing one fit, and that the duties were to make sure his people were taking care of.

So is the glorifying of pushing the product (DRUGS) in rap and hip hop music to blame? One could say yes, but at the same time say no. Here’s the thing people, In These Dayz Of Tyme this all about choice in the matter, and you either focused or you flat-line, and you can feel like you can do whatever you want do, but in the end the results are the same.

Someone with an drug addiction suffers by choice, people end up dying and people ending up locked up for possibly the rest of their life. Being an addict isn’t just an addiction to drugs as a user, you can become addicted to anything right? addicted to selling drugs maybe? I would say so. And it’s always been like that as far as I’ve known throughout history in Kalamazoo when it comes to the street life.

I have a close friend whose like family to me, who fell victim, and is going through this same situation. Know what they gave him? 20 years of his life in time lost in the federal prison system for profit. No one wants to feel like they have to do without, but to sacrifice the life that was given to you all for the sake of an illusional image for so called riches and a temporary fell good high of fame to me, is just naught a fair exchange, and I can witness to that.

Anyhow, I just wanted to touch on this, because it is truly a serious situation, I mean come on now enough is enough of turning a blind eye to the real problems and realities that we all face if you live in Kalamazoo, Michigan and you feel as if this is nothing? Or you feel like that “This is normal, and that’s just how it goes in the hood?”A good excuse to dismiss the fact that, this doesn’t have an impact on you whether it’s directly or indirectly? I think you best naught continue on fooling oneself, because it does, it affects lives period, and families too.

On that note, what are your thoughts on this? Feel free to comment on this if you choose, because it is something that should be talked about whether you want to or and naught.WWMT Kalamazoo Man Facing Life In Prison



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Do Some People Want Power Just To Become Controllers And Abusers Of It?

Some people are very well known abusers of power. First, think about the power that is abused and then think of some people who just may be abusers of power. Many of these type of people are known to be on a straight power trip simply because maybe whatever allows one to be granted those certain powers have been known to go overboard due to their lack in taking heed to what power tripping has done to others who chose to do the same before them.

I can’t stand people who do this, because in the end those who are somehow affected by the acts of those who are excising those powers are the ones to suffer in the end all because of a those who allow themselves to get lost in the thrill in itself of having certain powers that feel so good to them that it’s like a super high. One that eventually you will have to come down from sooner or later.

There are many levels of power, and “With great power comes an even greater responsibility” ever heard of that saying? If you haven’t then you have now, and when you think about responsibility in itself, one should see how important it is for whomever possesses and or is given and granted a certain position of power, you should also keep in mind how important it is to naught become an abuser. I can go on, and on but my point is that, when people do this you gotta be willing to call them out on their abusiveness, and make sure that you show them exactly where the abuse is coming into play.

When I look at myself and my position as a recording artist and music producer, I have certain responsibilities ya dig… to how I choose to use these powers given. I can use to abuse or, I can use in hopes that I will do some good with them. A office you might say, there are responsibilities that come with the holding of an office isn’t it? Gotta make sure that things as well as the businesses of the office are tended to and are better in order and that in itself is very important, well it should be anyway. Click Here—->Music 4 the Mind

So, ask yourself “ARE YOU A ABUSER OF POWER?” Who are some people who you can think of who fits this description, and what does it take in order to get them to see their illnesses for correction. If something is wrong, it must be corrected, and in order for that to manifest one must be able to see their own illnesses in error, and work towards making the necessary corrections wouldn’t you say?

But this is naught easy, because in this world that we live in many want power, but naught the responsibility that comes along with it. So many finger pointers, but yet no one with the courage to admit their own faults, and that for them is used as a means of a way out of man ING and woman ING up, and guess where a lot of that is seen that we see projected on the daily? In the Political, and government realm.




Teen Steals And Crashes Car In Kalamazoo Oh The Crazy Things In This World Does It Affects You?

You really don’t have to take my word for it, but I encourage oneself to just be brave enough to be able to see where I’m coming from for yourself, and then you decide. Yea, I know, I know, you might be saying after reading the title that, I’m naught touching on nothing new right? True, but I think the important question that, you the reader of this post might want to ask yourself is whether you are honestly paying attention, and being brave enough to have a better standing to what you are actually seeing that is going on in this crazy world that you, and I are living in?

I will say that, many are, but there are many who are naught, and really don’t want to see, and have a better standing to what is really going on unless it’s entertaining to their thoughts, because who likes a party in the mind spoiler right? Some folks just want to get the hell away from the thoughts of even having to carry the burden in thought in itself to what the possibilities are to something being true when it comes to a lot  of the crazy things that are taking place in this world we live in.

Example? Last night, I saw someone’s post on Facebook about how a whole lot of police, sheriffs, etc. were on the south-side in Kalamazoo, Michigan. And you know how people just love to get the scoop right? I mean that’s how it is when it comes to living in the hood some would say. Anyway, come to find out the reason was because somebodies 14 year old child decides to take the keys to the car and cellphone of the owner without permission while she (grown up) was sleep.

The child decided to take it upon self and went joy riding, and ended up crashing on Washington, and Race Street. Naught only that, but ran the stop sign causing major damage to other folks automobiles, jumped out the load and got little, but was eventually nabbed, and now is facing charges according to the story.

Typical hood shit right? What’s my point you might ask. My point is really no point at all except to point out how this may naught have affect me or you directly, but it did indirectly, and it most certainly affected the woman whose automobile it was, and those whose automobiles were damaged in the process.

Now ask yourself, who really wants to actually have to even think about something like that? Did those who were affected by this 14 year old’s acts deserve the outcome? I think naught, but it happened, and it’s far from over, and in the end nobody wins in this situation except the courts, and attorneys, and prosecutors.

I thought I’d use that story, which is on wwmt news site for your source purposes CLICK LINK—> Child Facing Several Charges. And this story alone is just one of many that, I’m naught gone spend the time to address, but there there, and all this crazy shit is happening right in your neck of the woods, and all folks can do is just look at it as just another episode in the hood. What if it was your child who did this? How would you feel and what would you do? What if these automobiles were just bought with one’s tax return? Is it sinking in yet? Are you one of those parents/guardians who are allowing your children to run things, act grown, be involved in the street life trying to act out the illusion lifestyles of their favorite rappers, be thugs and while at the same time overlooking these acts with excuses?

Starting to see the picture now huh? It gets deeper, and guess what, folks are just on the sideline allowing Satan and his agents to have they’re way with what you claim to say that, you love so much? And no, I’m naught telling ya that you don’t love ya children, but it’s something that you alone will have to face off with in time. There’s so much going on how can anyone focus on just one situation you might ask. Who wants to be bothered with all this mess one might ask when you having a hard enough time trying to juggle your own heavy balls in this life. So, I think what it is is that, one would get so overwhelmed that they will try and find any and every way possible to find an escape hatch from reality to naught have to deal with the possible truths that are placed right before ones eyes, and that is the truth whether you want to see, and or accept that truth pill to swallow or naught.

And here’s the thing, I’m really just doing my due diligence by just touching on this, because these type of situations really need to be addressed, and dealt with, because it is happening within your communities where you have to live naught the KPD, naught the government, naught the president of the United States, but YOU! And here’s something to mentally grow on too, some of y’all are so acceptable to many of the unacceptable acts that are being carried out, but yet you have the nerve to complain and talk shit when it affects you directly or you just gossip with no action except in thought why is that? You might say that, I have no room to talk, and what am I doing? Well, for one, I’m touching on it by investment of time just by doing this post alone to bring awareness to you, the reader is constructive acts on my part are they naught? No fake News you feel me? My reason? Because I done walked the walk to talk that’s why.

I was once one of these youngsters, single parent home setting on some wild shit doing too damn much, and naught being as considerate as I should have when it comes to what type of problems I may cause naught only for self, but for my mother as well, and trust and believe, it took me, a looooooooong….. time to see things the way I am seeing now, and the creator (God) played a big part in where I stand in life today.

So, is it acceptable to overlook the acts of this child just because it’s naught our child? Is the woman to blame for being sleep? Hey, ya guy just a artist asking the questions that y’all naught. Why? Because I show to give a damn by using of my gifts and time as wisely as possible whether it be through my music or my blog in hopes to reach, teach and hopefully elevate the minds of those who can see where I’m coming from.

Anyhow, feel free to share your thoughts below, and whether some of what I’m saying helps you to see the bigger picture, because if you can’t be brave enough to want the need to see, and know in order to identify with the real problems that we all face in some way in this crazy world then how do you expect to see anything change if you do nothing? CLICK THE LINK to listen—> In These Dayz Of Tyme

“There is One Thing that has been clearly shown throughout time that, makes it Necessary for the Triumph of Evil, and that fulfillment comes when nothing Good is done through the acts of Men.”

Peace, and many blessings to those who are able to see.




Are People Ignoring The Possible Truths Placed Right Before They’re Eyes?

Here’s the thing, I could be wrong but I really don’t think that I am. People clearly show to naught give a damn, and if they do, it’s a catch to it. They’re probably doing it based off of some agenda. Things that should be addressed, and talk about people don’t, and the things that tend to be less relevant, in they’re eyes are relevant why is that? Probably too busy either being entertained or entertaining?
Do you recall what 2pac said about not needing no more “RAPPERS, BASKETBALL PLAYERS, NO MORE FOOTBALL PLAYERS, but more THINKERS, MORE SCIENTIST, MORE MANAGERS, MATH-MONITIONS, MORE TEACHERS, MORE PEOPLE WHO CARE. MORE WOMEN, MOTHERS, FATHERS. We need more of that; we don’t need anymore entertainers?”
Check out the video, and feel free to voice your thoughts below.

Did Kanye West Really Delete His Tweets That Were In Support Of Donald Trump?

If he did why the sudden change of heart? I guess the only way to know would be to get it from the artist’s mouth himself, because anything else is really just assumptions. I can’t say he did or he didn’t, I’m just raising the question to whether he did or didn’t and why? Being that things are so shaky when it comes to the truth nowadays that is also clearly mixed with lies due to #FakeNewsMedia one would have to take upon self to clearly naught just take what is being said and just settle for it.
As a recording artist, and voice it is my responsibility to do my part by naught allowing self to be brainwashed and then spread someone Else’s homemade doctored up propaganda with the intent to mislead. Well, from what I’ve read so far, one of the reasons to his deleting acts was because he’s unhappy with President Trumps first two weeks in office, and because of the Muslim Immigration temporary Travel Ban, which was later suspended by a judge. 
One of the said tweets were: “I wanted to meet with Trump today to discuss multicultural issues,” and some others touched on were about bullying, the supporting of teachers, modernizing curriculum’s, and violence in Chicago. It is also said that one of his tweets were that; he felt it was important to have a direct line of communication with the future President if we truly want change.
Now again it’s said that those are the tweets he tweeted last year, and now he got rid of them. The only reason I am speaking on this is because, I’m showing how important it is to pay attention, and I refuse to just take what is being said from these so-called real news publishers. And what we do know is that;  President Trump been on these #FakeNewsMedia people behinds, and calling them out.
And you know what? I’ve even caught them in some visual lies myself, and that’s why I’m raising the question to whether any of this whole Kanye West missing tweets is even real or if that was really even him with president Trump at Trump Towers, but that’s just me.

And let me naught forget to mention of the possibility that there something that I also ran across about how Kanye was in hopes to perform at the inauguration, but only to find out that, he did naught qualify due to naught being American enough? Now whether that is true or naught, I leave it open for the truth to manifest. Now, could that also be one of the reasons that Kanye reneged on his support? I don’t know only he does. Will Kanye West Perform at Inauguration?  
I feel like a lot of this is a bunch of more of what they already been doing, which is just telling us a vision, and entertaining ones mind. I feel like, it’s all for boosting at the expense of our time and currency that’s clearly helping them, and naught us who are really going through more than any of them.
I also want to stress how these journalist who are in these positions are slacking and have failed in upholding the trust that we have placed in them to stand in integrity and honesty. But what do I know, I’m just considered as The Crazy Native Man on the land, and recording rap artist who calls it for what it is seen as. I could be wrong, but I leave it open for those who want to challenge what I say, and if I’m wrong on anything then I leave the burden on you to call me on it.
They want you to believe this, and believe that, but you also have a duty too, and that is to think, use your mind and see what adds up and what doesn’t. Does it matter? It may well  to me, but may well naught to you, but I’m naught responsible for that, you are just like I’m responsible for my post that I’m doing expressing in question to what is, what isn’t and what is possible. Anyhow, any thoughts on this whole tweet thing? Feel free to leave a comment below on whether you think it’s real or naught, and how it helps or hinders. I bring to you #RillaNewz

New Video From The Artist 4 The People For Kalamazoo Michigan

The wait is over. I just finished putting together this Rap Music Video promoting a song that will be on my second CD project release titled: “Certified,” which give a thorough breakdown to what it means to be certified in the streets by ones real life acts. It’s easy for me, to say one thing, and naught be able to have authentic proof to what I say, good bad and or ugly, I don’t have to say nothing, those who were out there in the struggle in the street life can tell the story better than me. Proverb 23:2 touches on what I mean by letting others tell the story.
“Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a stranger, and not thine own lips.”
Very deep, and very important as well. Hey, it’s naught my wordings, I just honor what is being said when it makes sense you feel me? So, I think that I make self clear to why, I stand to be the difference and why I choose naught to be, and do as no other man does nor act and immolate those who are your favorite rappers, and hip hop artist. This is why, I self goes as hard as I do with my workings, because I want to be able to build value, and worth that, I will be able to offer to you the reader and possible listener and follower of my creative artwork.
My aim is to keep building a loyal audience and platform for them that helps me to be able to better serve the real people with real substance when it comes to this music. I’m naught interested in trying to out do your favorite rappers, I’m just being the artist that makes and brings the difference. As a recording rap artist, and music producer and even a bit of a video producer as well can you imagine what I go through just to put things together?
Time right? Each position I spoke on takes a lot of investment of time, and then there still ones personal life that has to be maintained while trying to do what one has a passion for, and loves to do as an artist.
So, with that being said, check out the video above produced by yours truly, and credit goes out to my partner in rhyme MC MyD who took the shots. Alright y’all holler back make sure to leave some feedback on your likes and dislikes, and how I can improve in order to better serve and deliver the message to you. Chief ATG X out.

Water In Kalamazoo Shows A Clear Resemblance To The Water Crisis In Flint Michigan

Woke up yesterday getting to my process of starting my day by tightening up. As usual, I tend to put toothpaste on my toothbrush first, then hit it with a little water, which I did, but this day was different.I noticed how the water appeared to be struggling a little while coming out the faucet all while I’m starting to brush my teeth, so you already know my spidy senses kicked in right? So I flushed the toilet, then went and turned the knob for the bathtub, and that’s when things got real.

WTH!!!!! All I could think of was the water crisis in Flint Michigan. Water coming out and as it filled the tub, it was as dark as the color of lager beer. All I could say was HELL NAW!!!!!! So I got self together, and made a move, because I had some runs to make, and then while in the midst I would also do my due diligence by asking some questions.

Come to find out when I asked some workers for the city, it was said that a water pipe had broke, and when I told him what the water looked like even he was kinda in a bit of a shock to what I had told him, and then the other worker was rushing him away. So a broken pipe was the case. Later on within the day, I did feel a little off as far as my throat and stomach, but I think I’ll be alright, but when I tell you all I was thinking about was the Flint, Michigan situation, you can only imagine.

But I guess this was naught the case being that, the water pipe broke instead of being intentionally switched. I just hope and pray that, they flush the system thoroughly, because from the color and the grit that was left in the tub alone speaks for itself. I also have to stress how important it is for oneself to be, and stay on top of things as well when it comes to things that go on in your city and state (Kalamazoo) (Michigan).

People run around complaining about certain things, but yet don’t do their due diligence by at least taking the time to get off their behind, and (SMART PHONE) and ask questions. Expecting these elected people who are representatives, and employees of the government to just cater to your lack in care unless it benefits you to me, is like a baby whining to the nanny about their wants, but yet we talk big and loud about how we winning, and all this frivolous fat man talk, but don’t even know how to conduct self when dealing with these people who are public officials.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with those who have subscribed to my Knowledge And Music Email List, and those in Kalamazoo who may find what i have to say of some interest, and may naught have known about this. I also would like to extend my most sincerest appreciations to the City Of Kalamazoo, and it’s workers who were on top of this immediately, Chief Adam the Great X would like to say thank you, and this S/O is for you.

On a end note. One would have to ask how much do people really appreciate where they live, and those who are put in position to make it livable and safe? We as the real people must step up even when those who are willing naught to don’t, but naught in a hostile way, but in a way that the creator (God) needs you to, because at the end of the day this is about knowing what is, what isn’t and what is possible.

Know your power, and govern it accordingly, because with great power, it also comes with a greater responsibility. There is so much going on in this world today, that it tends to make you a bit paranoid, and that is because of some of the corrupted acts that have been demonstrated by those whom we’ve placed our trust in to be upright and just.

It ain’t the same no more, and some peoples acts are horrible, and makes you feel as if EVERYTHING IS CORRUPT, but the only thing one can do is do what one can do within ones abilities, and know what you are dealing with In These Dayz Of Tyme. Just my thoughts though for your awareness may this reach those who it reaches in high spirits. When A Chief Speaks.



Is Something As Serious As Mental Health And Depression Being Ignored With Intent?

“What Is Normal, and why are people with real life struggles laughed at or not taken seriously?” Click the picture above. “It Gets Deeper”

So is it true that the struggles with Mental Health issues are being most slept on by those who act like they love and care about you? Those who are closer to you?

Here’s what I’ve noticed; no one appears to care about how serious Mental Health, Depression and Suicide really is until they’re either directly affected by it in some way or it hits home by someone being affected by it that are family who either takes their life or almost does it, and now people want to pay attention and take it serious when all actuality the signs were clearly shown to you Right Be 4 Your Eyez before hand.

Why do people naught care when the love one is here, but as soon as something tragic happens you have their undivided attention now that your either almost dead or laying in a casket? Didn’t have much to say to you in the physical, made excuses to how they lack in communication skills or they don’t know how to love someone who suffers from mental illness so, they basically abandon them, and or blame them for having such a struggle,  but now that you are gone they want to pretend that they loved you so………….. much, and try to have all the communication and conversation (crocodile tears pouring)  in the world with you, does that really count now that you are gone?

I’m just so serious with knowing what others have to truly say about this, because to me, that seems a little fake for them to commit such acts on people who they say they truly care about, but that’s just me, but I am raising topic of these thoughts for discussion for anyone who sees, and can prove different. Anyhow, I also ran across, and while reading an authors story about her own hands on experiences with family suffering from Depression and Mental Illnesses, I found her story so true, and truly powerful, and on point; that I wanted to share it with y’all.

I will leave a link for those of you who decide to take the time to read it, and feel free to leave your thoughts on this topic. Also, be sure to CLICK HERE to listen to a song clip from a song that will be on a LP project that, I’m working on that relates to this topic, and her story The Battle Of the Mind. Here is the link to the story called: “My Story” by little Blog of letting Go. Check it out and leave your thoughts below, thanks and may you be motivated, elevated and inspired by the work of #TheArtist4thePeople, blessings to all.

When A Chief Speaks,

Chief ATG X


Are People Really Using God And Jesus Name As A Front?

Morning thoughts of Rilla
Its something how some people can talk, and try to tarnish and blemish as well as dismiss the words that were sent.

“Seek me, and ye’ shall find.”


And then…. there are the other ones who call themselves really loving Jesus, really loving God, call themselves standing up, and ride or dying with their pastor and church against those who are close, and have been there when they couldn’t count on nobody


And the thing about it, it’s ya own people, family, friends etc that commit these act against you, but aren’t these the same people who brag and jump up and down talking bout they love Jesus, and they love God.

But turn right around and treat one of God’s (man) less than the man who they really praise their pastor (man with title)?

Are women really doing this to their men who are in the households? Are man doing it to women? And last, the so called city love.

I think people just ride with whoever they think is HOT and so called WINNING? It will be those outside that will be more for you than your own so called love and who say they care for you Why?

Why do ya own family, friends, children and probably even your significant other treat you so bad?

I think I found why, though, I’ve known this scripture for years, but I thought I’d share it today with those who do see value in my work, time and thoughts.

Check it out. “But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.

Need I say more? And this was written way before you and I. You mad? Be mad at the creator (God) for allowing me, to see.

Anyway, gotta go. Leave a comment, like share do whatever you feel with it, I’m just raising the question to whether all this is true or naught.

I’m out have a great Monday.

Be sure to get added to my Knowledge and Music list too.

When A Chief Speaks.

Chief ATG X


Is Makeup Sorcery Real?

I found a post that, I clearly want 2 touch on. Is Makeup Sorcery Real? What I saw on rilla, it hurt to see, and for any woman to try to hide or be ashamed of the problems they may have so they look to quick fixes. Example? Click the link here—> Wear Makeup. Women (especially Black) try to make a guilty excuse for hiding they’re true self, and beauty I’ve noticed. But if you understand for a better standing; this is all part of a process to corrupt your mind woman, to BELIEVE that you need this bull shit in order to look and or feel pretty and or be accepted.

And the one behind it all is a deeper, darker source to the problem. The demonic spirits that are surfing the earth, who needs agents in order to get the dirty work done. Yea, I’m pretty sure that I may catch heat for this, and I ain’t gone say that I don’t care because I do or, I wouldn’t even waist my time in even addressing it, but the truth is the truth and especially for you (black women).

Some of y’all are completely at LOST of your identity, and it’s getting worse. I challenge any woman to debate this, PROVE ME WRONG, and I’ll gladly apologize if I’m in total error, because I go super DEEP. Not to degrade, not to tear you down, though in order for something to be rebuilt, one must start a demolition process, but to break you down, and in high hopes of helping you rebuild, to help you better identify with who you really are, and not the regurgitated, cloned copy and shameful image of what some, and my self would see as an image we all know well, and that is the image of a sad ass clown.

Truth hurt huh? Stings don’t it, probably naught if your one who is hardhearted, and want to run around and act out the ways that are projected by some of your favorite actors, rappers and entertainers am I lying? Is that naught what we see projected daily by women today? I know that goblin is mad as hell right about now, but you know what? Everything is possible, and I have faith that, you can make the transition, but you can’t do it alone. I am here, and the creator (God) is working through me, and others speaking to you.

So, if your a woman, you’re reading this right now? Don’t be mad at the messenger for your choice in the matter, and you may call me all types of names,but I really don’t care, I am naught subject to accepting the unacceptable easily. And look at the example your setting for other young ladies coming up. Because when you truly look at by choice and freewill you loose as hell, and you know it, or do you?

You are allowing self to be fooled what is that? Please stop doing this to your self. Seek the creator (God), and ask for guidance, ask questions to self, and don’t deny self help, and the creator will send it like he just did for I am just a messenger. feel free to leave your thoughts, and even correct me, if I’m in error in anyway for needing woman to return from exile. Here’s a link to this madness of photos that I found of WOMEN WHO USE THESE CORPORATIONS MAD SCIENTIST PRODUCTS <—-click here. We really need to talk about this.

When a Chief Speaks.


~Adam the Great X~


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