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Please Say It Ain’t So-80 Year Old Woman Caught With 100 Kilos Of Cocaine?

I’m a try and be as quick and swift with what I have to say about this as fast as I can. First off, I accidentally came across the information after realizing that something else that I was trying to post didn’t post. Instead it was a post consisting of this. Now, I’m a be very honest, my first thought was that she was a black woman/meleanated, and after doing some research well I be damn yep, it was. And even though this story may or may naught be true, it just goes to show how our people of cultural race are continuing to fall to the wayside, and allow ones life and image be damaged, and possibly lost forever, which to me, clearly shows the new form of slavery, and self-destruction.

Am I wrong for feeling this way? And get this; naught only that, but I came across other similar stories that, were also black women/meleanated who done got popped off. Coincidence? I really think naught, but vibe with me on this, try and keep up, PAY ATTENTION and then make a reasonable decision. This is nuts, and horrible when it comes to our people. So allow me to touch on these women who they saying done got caught up in these acts of dealing major drugs, and strapped up with heavy artillery.

0I just can’t set my mind on accepting how many of you are acting like this shit is really normal. Why? So let’s take a look at this first demo. alleged black woman elder who is said to go by “TRAP QUEEN” done got trapped up, and other women are looking at this to be the way of life, following suit, and think that it’s alright to have these titles projecting this lifestyle unto the minds of other women until one is placed in a situation that you can’t ignore when dealing with them other people (Authorities) (Law Enforcement).


This is what our people are now, and have been subjected to when it comes to much of the labeling when it comes to trying to find our way, and have something and or even feel like we are getting somewhere when in reality we are going in reverse, and guess whose to blame? “Is it Abel or Kane? Adam or Eve? the streets? or the curse from birth passed on to the seed?” “Trap Queen,” is facing charges of 18 felony counts each of possession with the intent to manufacture, sell & supply a controlled substance (Cocaine), Pills as well as maintaining a vehicle or dwelling for its production. If found guilty, she faces a prison sentence of up to 24 years. Why? From what they’re saying her reply is is that; “she had wanted to send her grandchildren to college.”

Now, here’s another woman who I found and read about who they saying that, they done popped off whose title is???? You might of guessed it, “TRAP QUEEN” but this one says’ that she’s the REAL ONE. Now, she’s said to be 24 years old, popped off with 1.5 million worth of work, assault rifles and they took almost $100,000 from her, and this was in Chicago in 2015. So…… all that working, and trapping to gain have it taken, and loose everything? Where’s the living, life liberty, prosperity while in pursuit to happiness in this? y’all mean to tell me, that y’all can’t see the madness in this? Smh


And here’s one more for ya. Here’s a story of a 60- year- old , who was busted with 100 Kilos of Cocaine and 50,000 oxi-codone pain pills.  they’re saying that, she was arrested and charged with 14 felony counts of being popped off with the intent to manufacture, sell & deliver, and maintaining a vehicle or dwelling for a controlled substance. Then when asked why she never stopped selling crack and she said “Every Ghetto has a candy lady and that was me for years but I just graduated to that other candy, but I didn’t do it for me I have 17 grand kids and I wanted to send them all to college, so they won’t have to sell drugs.”


Did you catch it? If you really paid attention you notice something. See, this is why it is important for US to be up and on our mental game for-real when it comes to what we’re taking in, seeing and dealing with In These Dayz Of Tyme and allow self to run with, and realize that there is truth mixed with lies, and while mafas are at it, we are allowing our own images to continually be tarnished, because we want to do what we want to do in order to feel accepted, and seen so our people who choosing to do this are being put in a very awkward position of sacrifice, which allows these people to place a labeling on you and me, and if you’re naught trying to get beyond this foolery that’s just what it will end up being. 

So to you black meleanated women who settling for this nonsense, I hope that those of you who find this post,and read it will see where I’m coming from and going with this. Many of you don’t and can’t even see what the hell is going on, because your too busy either being doped up, being a drunk, loud, uppity and all into yourself and reckless minded without a care in the world until tragedy strikes Why is this? And then you have those who think they’re too damn smart, and acting a ass too, and so disrespectful.

Y’all want to be in charge, bosses, queens, bad b****es, savage and feel as you do naught have to answer to a man’s thought’s for better order when it comes to a relationship husband and or significant other/ better 1/2, y’all threatened by the authority of your man,  but are turning right around and having to eventually bend another man’s will (Law Enforcement Authority Figure) who see your titles to mean nothing to them. What good is all the loud talking, belittling of a man, disrespect and that you don’t need a man, but turn around and ask why are black men naught protecting they’re women, which then leads to calling him everything, but a child of God? Smh


Y’all harbor, ride for, stick up for, protect, defend and support these so-called rydah dudes out here who misguide you, astray you, betray you, abandon you and or pay yo ass off just to have they’re way with you. Y’all have all the feelings, love and compassion in the world for them, but run a katt off who shows how to lay the law down, why?

And I’ll be touching on this in another post, but naught only that but you show even more disrespect and dishonor, in the corner and quicker to listen and follow the words of your pastors, but naught the man in your household. And I’m talking about the ones who clearly show by his walk and talk in thoughts of his mind state and struggle to do the creator (God’s) work? Anyone of you mind telling me, why is that? Anyway, I’m done for now. Feel free to engage, and leave your thoughts on how, and whether this is a relevant issue that one should really gives some thought to, because in the end can it naught be seen as the blind leading the blind? Continuing to cling on to weak excuses will help nothing. so how serious do you take this? Hopefully sooner than later. Here are three source links to the stories for you to check out. Peace and many blessings, and stay elevating.

When a Chief Speaks.



Source Story From Thugify About 80 Year Old Woman

Source Story From Celebtricity About 60 Year Old Woman

Source Story From DnsInfo About Woman Caught With Assault Rifles And Drugs




Does Black Lives Really Matter? How Valuable Do You Really Think You Are?

It should really cross your mind to how valuable you really are. #InTheseDayzOfTyme, I question peoples seriousness when it comes to life, morals, and their values. Why am I saying this? I’m saying this, because of the acts that are being carried out that clearly show that, this may well be the case. When I have to watch on the news or read articles about senseless, and tragic situations like 15 year old little girls can’t even attend family functions, and even be hurt, harmed and loose their life due to the ignorant and stupid stuff that nigga’z do, I have to ask the question.

First off, my mom told me about it, and then I went and read about it, and for a young child to loose her life all because these Negroes were asked if they could just slow down to prevent from hitting a child and or children, I truly have to ask the question does Black lives even matter to other black people. I mean damn, REALLY? And you wonder why these people in powerful positions are trying to do what they are doing: DESTROY OUR RIGHT TO BE ABLE TO ABLE TO BARE ARMS TO PROTECT OURSELVES FROM FROM THE PREDATORY ACTS OF THOSE WHO INFRINGE. That is what the #2A (2nd Amendment is all about, not being reckless with the liberties that one has. It’s something how my people are destroying one another, glorifying and praising tools that weren’t even made by us.

We use what they created to kill off one another, and then when you’re caught with they’re product you have to pay the price for using it? Didn’t think about that huh, but it’s true, but you wanna know what the saddest part of it is? The fact that, black people are allowing self to be played on the board like a pawn messing over one another, so wheres the value in that? We killing off one another, killing the innocent children who are supposed to be the ones who will make moves for the future, and they’re lives are being taken early due to nonsense, stupidity.

So, I have to ask the question: “How Does A Black Life Matter” when it’s your own that’s doing you in? It’s a very hard pill to swallow I know, but that’s the picture that is being painted by black people daily. It’s okay for us to kill one another, but when it comes to the police, kkk, Caucasian or any other race for that matter, that’s when it’s not okay. How do we as a people expect these folks to take us seriously when there are issues within communities no matter where you are; when the acts of the people (Black People) who are in their communities are projected as careless by those who show to care less about themselves until they get caught up in these folks profit system, and now your in a position where they’re telling you what to do. Now who’s the master? The boss? In control, and running things?

I just call it how I see it, and it’s just wrong. Can it change? of course it can, but it starts with you and I, it starts with not accepting and tolerating the nonsense that goes on within your community. It starts with rebuilding the trust with the people who are close to you, and who are your neighbors, it starts with having the will and the courage to correct those who are in error. Well, isn’t that what happened in this case in Detroit? But hey, I could be wrong, and maybe everything is fine, and it’s all just a figment of my imagination just running away from me. Maybe, I don’t know what I’m talking about, but I do know this, I know what I read and right in Detroit, Michigan that little girl losses her life for nothing, and now a family has to live with the pain, sorrow, and grief for the rest of they’re lives with no relief.

Anyway, I just wanted to touch on this, and express myself and also see what others think about this situation, I’m a leave the link to the story below, and I would encourage y’all to really think about what I’m saying. I would like to hear what others have to say when it comes to situations like this especially if your from Detroit, Kalamazoo and any other city throughout Michigan. leave your thoughts in the comment box below. peace and many blessings to all.  


Another Senseless Shooting And Killing Over A Dispute In Kalamazoo And For What?


You have to be very honest, and truthful with yourself when it comes to senseless situations like this, and raise the question to how serious and concerned some of our people really are about the these type of tragic acts that clearly show to be an ongoing problem when it comes to Kalamazoo community violence. After reading the story on this Shooting and death of a 22 year old man and 40 year old woman all I could do is just shake my head, because though it is a tragic and very sad situation in the end it shows to be nothing new when it comes to a growing problem with youth violence in the hood/community. It just seems like it’s a damn black cloud over that area right there on Church and Norway.

So why do I say this you might ask? Well, because when I think about the last shooting and death of a young man that also lost his life right there on that corner a few years ago how could I naught? And naught to mention all the other conflicts that have arisen in just that area alone, but we also know that, it’s also going on in other neighborhoods on other sides of town as well. Can you see it yet? No? Well, apparently you must naught be being truthful with oneself to the real reality and truth to the matter, and see things for what they really are that our people don’t know how to find a better way to resolve issues that they have due to lack in social and communication skills? Maybe.

So, I would ask you, the ones who actually have to live and experience these situations hands on : “Are our people really concerned at all and truly want the need for things to change in their environment/community?” Or do you just scream and call for help when tragedies occur like this after the fact.

The next question is, what are you doing that helps the community where you reside? Are you for and involved with certain activities by engaging in them that you clearly know that are naught good for you and your community and external environment, or are you against? It is a must that one take a very good look at what you are surrounded around and then ask your self: “What the hell is really going on?

People especially ours In These Dayz Of Tyme have been, and are very well known for “BEING WITH THE SHITS” by the engaging in any and everything that promotes and projects negative images, living the good ole illusion “HOOD LIFE” style, and everything is fine until horrible acts like this happens and now you’re fed up, and don’t like the feeling of having to be scared and look over your shoulders. So tell me, why is that? Are y’all really paying attention? Do you really give a damn?

Some of our people are naught in their right minds did you know that? You have these dudes running around with guns and drugs throughout the neighborhoods RECKLESS MINDED without a care in the world with a chip on they’re shoulders, PROGRAMMED, full of attitude and music in they’re ears that put’s people in a certain mood, and all this alone is what I see to play much of the biggest part in all of this mess care to beg to differ?

You really have to start asking self if you care so damn much that; why is it taking our people to have to experience so much pain, suffering, heartache, sorrow, hurt, fear and feeling of hopelessness for one to finally want the need to wake the hell up, and realize that, there’s a great chance that, it’s some of our very own people that are so conditioned mentally, and brainwashed to the point where they can see clearly what is right and wrong, but choose to navigate towards engaging in the wrong by involvement, but expecting different results and outcomes to be good why is that?

You accept, and adopt other peoples ways of living and lifestyles and or welcome all of these things with open arms knowing damn well that there’s a clear chance that there will be bullshit that will be tagging right along with it, but you still allow and accept it all for the sake of so called living your life, “Y.O.L.O,” because hey, who wants to live a boring life right? Let’s be very honest here, is it naught showing that our people are doing it to themselves? All our people do is dog one another out, scheme on one another, plot to hurt one another, rob and take from one another, misguide one another, deceive one another, poison one another, and let’s naught forget kill one another, and even use Facebook to carry on with the madness, but Black Lives Matter right?

Our people are some of the biggest excuse makers in order to do whatever they want to without consequence, I know this well because once upon a time, I too was a part of the problems within’ the community rather than being one who is a seeker of solutions, but experience is good teacher.

Now, to get back to why I am doing this post. It is said that; this all happen because of a dispute among-st one those who live in the same neighborhood? And the picking on of someones little brother. First off, LEAVE OTHER PEOPLE’S CHILDREN ALONE. Second, STOP TRYING TO BULLY PEOPLE, and there’s a lot of that going on right now. And third, if you have differences with one another and they’re family and you just don’t know how to get along with one another YOU DON’T HAVE TO DEAL WITH ONE ANOTHER PERIOD so quit violating other peoples space, and right to life.

It’s time to stop making excuses to be irresponsible, negligent and careless minded when it comes to awareness and safety within your own communities in Kalamazoo. Start giving a damn about where YOU have to live, and YOU have to stay, and where YOUR FAMILY ESPECIALLY YOUR MOTHERS AND CHILDREN HAVE TO LIVE AND PLAY, and be accountable, responsible and take ownership, and stop allowing people access to come and tear down, and destroy what is already struggling for life as it is (Your Neighborhood). As a man, artist and voice. Am I wrong for feeling the way that I feel and expressing what I am taking the time out to type and post today in concern of what’s really going on in the communities in Kalamazoo? Do you Really Want Things To Change Within’ Your Communities? 

I’ve been touching on and addressing these on going issues, I try to do my part, because I know how this goes, and how it will end if you continue making all these excuses, and y’all continue to ignore, naught pay attention and clearly show by your lack of interest and non-involvement by choosing naught to engage with me on the things that I post, and that is your choice, you can expect it to continue to go on. In the end, I’m a continue to do what I’m doing regardless, whether you engage or naught. Why? Because apparently, I’m just a artist whose showing you that; there is hope and I do give a damn, but y’all gotta give a damn about yourselves and conditions, where you have to live, and your own self and mind state too. and how about wanting to learn to be and do better for self and your community. WE ARE KALAMAZOO. 

How important is your love for self and your community?

In These Dayz Of Tyme





Are Men Continuing To Allow Women To Help Them Fall Short Of Glory Because of Acceptance?


The struggle on the mind of (Black American) (African American) (Native American) and men in general is a heavy one. When I see some of the things that I see, and hear some of the thoughts that I hear that come from women nowadays is at times beyond reasoning and troubling. And if you’re a man who’s also able to see, and or kinda get the feel to where I’m coming from then you like self have to really start asking self some questions to what the hell is really going on when it comes to some of these women out here in society and or on line who are showing to clearly be outta control.

Let them tell it “Women,” nothing is wrong with talking to a man recklessly, acting tough and trying to go up against a man getting all in his face, trying to spit on him, putting their hands all in his face moving around all wild and talking loud, but saying nothing. Naught only that, but also have shown to be so mentally outta control to the point where they’ve even shown to have overthrown the dude’s position that their dealing with clearly making him look like a straight sap, simp, wimp and soft in the middle man.

Now, is this true? Well you tell me! Are there naught women (Black American) (African American) women, and women of other creeds too, but right now, I on you the one’s running around on the loose acting WILD throwing they’re weave around super loud talking about pop a bottle and or blow one, fighting and teaching younger girls by they’re actions that this is the way? Have you naught witnessed some of these women especially on videos on these social network sites like (Facebook) and (YouTube) who what they would use as an excuse “Doing Them” straight cutting up?

Yes, you clearly have, but some of you guys look at this type of behavior (Carnal Minded Mental Slave Mentality) to be all good, acceptable “Gangsta” “Boss” “Hood” “Down @#% chick” and so very attracting to the point where you excuse it, and allow it to go on. But here’s the real reality to this acceptable madness. Any and everybody are entitled to their freewill to feel like they can do whatever the hell they want, make an @%# of themselves in public just so long as you are naught causing lose, harm and or infringing on someone Else’s space and property, but with this entitlement does that mean that you just loose yo damn mind while your at?

Well, I don’t hate to break it to ya, but some of them are doing all of the above, and even worse, it’s causing men to get either hurt, they hurt someone, and or even kill or get killed all because of a women’s freewill and choice to feel like she can say and do anything she pleases, and she has a man who she can send off and gone and take it for the team. And you wanna know whats worse? She’ll be off to the next dummy who will bend to her horrible ways and will in thought.


Now, there is hope and light at the end of this post tunnel. There are (Black Women) (African American) women who can and do show that there is a need to work on their self, mind state and are able to think better, be and try to do better just by what is projected from they’re mind, and desires the same for man. There are some women who are truly for and in support of some of us men who are showing through our actions mentally and physically that we too are making efforts and improvements in naught allowing self to continue to be followers, clones wimps, simps, and soft in the middle. However, enough men such as self are naught supported by women especially the ones who are close as one should. Why is this? Kalamazoo Rap artist is touching the hearts of people with his music 4 the mind

Well maybe it’s because they’d rather support men who are naught showing to elevate in mind, and appear to be that knight Thug in dressy armor. And to be honest, I think that it’s the whole attraction to the bad boy image thing that’s clearly being projected by one favorite actors, stars, movies, music and the entertainment field that plays a part in it especially right here in the united States of Northern America, because who wants to feel like they’re living a stale life and naught the American Free dream right?

So, to you the reader of this post whether you be man, woman and or both how do you feel about this, is all the above true? Feel like you can prove otherwise without getting out of character, over sensitive and willing to at least being truthful, and honest with self for a change and quit making excuses to overlook what is clearly right before our eye’s? Feel free to comment your thoughts about this ongoing reality that we all face In These Dayz Of Tyme.






Why Are Some Successful Black Business People Naught Supportive Towards Other Black Business People

I find it to be very overwhelming how some people feel like they need to straight step on other people in order to be successful. What do I mean by this? I mean how I see some people do, and say one thing, and turn around and act another way. Why is it so hard for a black man to finally see and be successful? To me, it seems like it is being projected that the only way a black man can see any type of leverage in feeling, and actually having a real essence of success is to get it negatively? What I see is that, the only way for a black man to have anything is to literally take from another in order to have.

The only way a black man can have something is to sell a man made substance (DRUGS) in order to feel like they’re having, and living the American Dream. Is this true? If so, why is that? Why is it that one has to feel like they’re being a slave to someone else in order to provide for self and your family? let me give you a blunt example. You have all these PRO BLACK, AFRICAN AMERICAN men who are successful people, and are clearly seen to be in a better position than other black people right?

I see these people on and offline talking real good, but I question they’re intent and purpose because here it is when you have black men out here who are trying to get it together are placed in somewhat of an awkward position, because these same men are left out here hanging to fend for self UNLESS you paying them for they’re fish (Product)?

Can you kinda see where I’m coming from? It’s like the only way some of these people will actually show to be of your best interest is for you to first be placed into a position to where they’re above,and you’re below. These same successful black people that I hear on they’re videos etc. for one, these same want you to be successful, and giving these lectures, but at the same time through they’re actions “You’re On Your Own.”

I have even tried myself to reach out to some of these same people, but through they’re actions there was no interest in connecting with this man who has, and still is working towards all that they preach, and I’m solo, and naught by choice. I don’t just talk, I show to be the change, and would like to unify, and connect with others to build, but these mafas man…. I’m telling you,i feel like they’re full of s***.

It’s hard as hell to try and build from nothing, and I feel like my own so called people don’t make it no better. When I think about the music industry and the successful mainstream rap artist’s who got deals, and opportunities and are in a great positions of power to reach back aren’t, and if they are it’s always a f***ed up catch to it why is that?

So when I think about all of this of what I be actually seeing, I have questions. All thought that, when you show to be self approved you would think that those who say they want to see you do better would reach out and support your work so long as it’s showing constructive energy. All of these Dr.s, and psychologist with no real time connectives to show black men how to build, and rise up, but without all of the bull****.

I welcome any so called political leaders to help answer these questions, because I feel like a black man should naught have to feel any less, because from what I know is that our people have adopted some of the same horrible ways that they speak on so diligently.

Check out the song “Tryin’ 2 Maintain” from my Ep. In These Dayz of Tyme.



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