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One Dead Another Injured In Fatal Head On Car Crash

A little bit after 3 Am this morning there was yet another life claimed by a fatal car crash between Wood and Kalamazoo Ave, and one injured who climbed out of the car.

I found out by a credible close source who I spoke with who personally knew the man killed in this crash, so I thought I’d do a post, and touch on this.
Look at the picture close. Appears to be head on, and had to be some heavy speed involved for both cars to look like that, but why?
And as I recall, I had just took that route the other night, and was saying to self how the way it looks and feels just going threw there made me feel like a crash was bound to happen.
It is really sad to how so many people are allowing their life to just simply end so fast due to whatever may have been part of the reason, and case to leading up to ones death in such a tragic and horrible situation like this.
Why are people so in a damn rush? I cannot be the only one who feels this way. Just the other night rolling late night somebody blew straight threw a stop sign, and had I naught been paying attention or on my phone (Like People Be Doing) they would’ve tore up my whole driver side, and pint me, you feel me?
But you wanna know what’s worse about this whole situation? The fact that, naught only did this young man loose his life, but think about the fact that, his children who are left behind have took a lose as well.
His family took a lose, friends took a lose, and that in the end is what one leaves behind while navigating In These Day’s of Tyme, and the next time they will see him is when it’s funeral time.
Did he even get the chance to see his children before this? Did he talk and or hug his mother? Father? Why am I even asking these questions?
Well, because to me, they’re important, VERY and one might want to consider doing the same.
See, this is why, I strive to utilize ones time more wisely. This is why I try so damn hard to be more constructive, and productive with my time now, because I have way more respect for life, and how I choose to utilize this time is all on me, so I try to make it count.
Are you asking yourself why there has been so many fatal automobile crashes in Kalamazoo, Michigan lately? Have you even took the time to at least think about it?
And naught only that, but people are dying horrible ones, and just to be blunt about it, I really don’t think that, that is part of one’s purpose set to go out in such a way what about you? I can name 7 of these crashes, and they still fresh.

So, I say that to say this. I would encourage you, the possible reader of my post to truly take heed to what I place before you.

Nobody knows when it’s their time to go, but putting self in a position to rush your time is naught fair to you, your children, significant other, mother, father and friends.

Try naught to be off in the midst of messy mindedness, and find things to be and show to be more grateful for.

If you going through some shhh… by arguing with people and then jumping in ya ride, putting whatever in ya neck (Getting Drunk , and or High) while in motion behind the wheel STOP!

Is it naught hard enough just trying to live and survive? And I’m naught saying what I said was the case, I just stand in reality, and know the street life very well.

At fault or naught, we’re talking about self trying to be as on point as possible while rotating amongst those who will show to be careless, reckless, and irresponsible behind the wheel and are naught thinking, and being more considerate until they either cause or get caught up in either way nobody wins.

And whether you can see it or naught, but others lives are in your hands too, and one should think about it in that order, because that is exactly the case, so it is important to think about that, and also be naught just a defensive driver, but offensive as well.

It also helps to have the extra shielding/protection of the Creator (God) as your copilot. Being in good hands with Allstate is one thing, but in the better hands of the Creator to me, just works out better.

I’m a end it there, and I just hope and pray that this reaches you, the one who is able to see. And to the people in Kalamazoo, Michigan, it’s the #BattleoftheMind and it’s way more than meets the eyes.

Remember, just because you are using the privelge doesn’t mean you have a license to hurt and or kill someone due to being irresponsible, and negligent. More on this story from MLive is below.

My condolences go out to this young man’s family and friends

Gotta try to be and do better people. Money, fresh cars and other material things are showing to naught save you. Got thoughts? Leave them below, I’m out. Peace and many blessings to all.

When A Chief Speaks

Source Article: MLiveOne Killed Another Injured In Another Car Crash In Kalamazoo


Whose To Blame When It Comes To What Happened In Charlottesville Virginia


Yep, kinda makes ya wonder doesn’t it? Or do you? About? Well let’s see. Why we have to keep getting fed the drama filled, racism charged NONSENSE in hopes that it will cause a major chain reaction throughout the states United (the United states of America) causing the people who live here to destroy it, and one another from the inside.

Here’s the thing; racism, and hate has always been in our lives in some way if you live in a more realistic world than others choose. Some would even try and move throughout life thinking that, there is no such thing as racial hate due to one’s skin tone, beliefs and we can’t leave out religion right?๐Ÿ˜•

But, let’s get back on track to my point in doing this post in regards to the whole Charlottesville, Virginia protest, clash and tragic events that took place. In my opinion, this is nothing new and tends to just more of what they’ve been mentally feeding us. First off, some of those who were involved don’t even look right to me, #CanUImagine? So, how they look to you?๐Ÿ˜’

Why would anyone who exercises in their right mind state by using their common sense, and ability to show skills in thought by knowledge even entertain the thought itself, and invest precious time in giving ones time, energy, and attention that was clearly given to someย  in order to have any type of classing of words and physical contact, and then eventually lead up to the death of one woman who was involved in the protest?๐Ÿ˜ฏ

Then you had nineteen others injured, and get this; now from what I read on USA today’s site, it was two officers who died in a helicopter that crashed near the scene too? And all this nonsense has manifest because of what? Oh, because of a protest for the removal of the a statue of confederate General Robert E. Lee?๐Ÿ˜•

But, I feel that, that is naught the just root to this evil-minded propaganda messy mindedness that we are bare witnessing to. Why do I feel that, the pawns pushed in this mind game were paid ones, and in the end, people who don’t know no better end up getting hurt and even loose their lives, and for what where does ones life matter in this situation?๐Ÿ˜ 

Is it me, or are we actually seeing reverse results when it comes to what we should be seeing when it comes to these so-called groups who are in the best interest of us, but showing that, being and getting involvedย  carries a lot of hardship and liability?

I’m just a man/artist whose naught feeling all this shhh….. Whoever these people are on both sides are showing to clearly make it more unsafe than safe for those who show support for either am I lying? Also, do y’all naught realize that, from what I can see clearly is that, these are somebody’s children being misguided, and mislead?

Am I lying?๐Ÿค” Take a better look at what you see while these demonstrators are all out there looking like they’re on a movie set or acting out at a play with bike helmets and sticks really? And where do they find the time to invest in all of this?๐Ÿ˜ฒ Whose children are these?๐Ÿคจ
Now, why do I feel this way, shouldn’t I be feeling bad for the victims, and they’re families in this tragic situation, and showing some type of sympathy? Sure, I do and am, but just in my own way, because, I’m naught easily swayed when it comes to trying, and or in hopes that I may just roll with everything projected based off ones unbalanced feelings and emotions when it comes to these type of events. and that’s when critical thinking, analyzing and comprehension abilities come in handy.



Then, you have the alleged driver of the the Dodge Charger that sped down the street where he ran over people who were in the street protesting. And get this; come to know they’re saying he’s from Ohio, and clearly had some major issues going on to be doing what he was doing to his mother.

Yep, the dude was abusing, and violent towards his own mother from the information, I listened to. Wasn’t there just a tragic situation there with the dude called Stevie Steve, and his naught being able to be caught up with in the white Ford on Easter?๐Ÿ˜

I could go on and on, but my thing is this. I would highly encourage y’all to just be a little more focused, on point and aware when it comes to all these events going on In These Day’z of Tyme. I also ran across another article in reference to this situation that makes me say ๐Ÿค” hmmmm…. It is said that, on the day that all this happened, it was also someones Birthday? Coincidence? Maybe, maybe naught, but something to definitely think about.

Someone who is said to be funding these formed, and erected groups like Antifa and possibly even Black Lives Matter that are clearly new, and coming out of nowhere getting the attention of the masses, and y’all don’t see anything wrong with that? Is this true? These type of groups of people (Young and older) are coming into your domicile, city, state and communities where you have to live, and are being allowed to easily stir up all this mess and calamity why?

I also saw where Governor Rick Snyder for Michigan made a statement that, that terrorism, hate and ignorant shhhh…. is NAUGHT welcome among-st Michiganders, and I’m free styling off of him now, can you blame him?

Anyway, so what are your thoughts on all of this? All this Alt-left and Alt-Right whose wrong and whose right hate crime stuff needs to cease. Leave a comment, and get engaged with one another in hopes to be able to possibly discuss these serious issue. Everybody trying their hardest to put it all on President Donald Trump. Nope! Naught gone get it. I agree to disagree and I have my reasons, and blaming him ain’t gone get it, solve it nor help anything get any closer to be resolved and better.

So whose to really blame for this? Gotta stop accepting the un acceptable, learn and allow the creator to work threw us, and those who are in these positions of power, and quit placing man before the most high straight like that.

Learn something from one another so we all can be a little more aware, work towards being and doing better and figure out how one can better deal with the un acceptable behaviors of those who are showing to be more of the problem than the change for solutions. TELL WHOEVER YOU ARE. GETCHA CHILDREN WHILE THEY OUT THERE PUSHING THIS NONSENSE. I’m out peace and many blessings.

When A Chief Speaks



What Does Faith Mean To You?

Wanted to touch on the powerful word: “Faith,” and what it means to you, and how it could possible help others coming from you. So, what I’ve come to see is that; faith is what is shown naught only for self, but even for others as well. A faithfulness to some type of trust in or a promise to or from someone else; a loyalty to a person; honesty, and truthfulness.

Now, if this is the case; how does the above examples set with you, and do you think it is being shown how it should In These Day’z of Tyme? Are you allowing it to be projected from self to others more fluently?

The Bible even has scriptures in it about having faith. “And He said to them, “Because of the littleness of your faith; for truly I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there, and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you.”

Now, for the mind that chooses to be one tracked, and limit ones analyzing and comprehension skills to think about what being said, and asked, they would only be able to see that quote for what it is, and that is their choice. but what about you? What do you get from it?


Black Women Only Feel The Need To Listen When They See Fit

Yea, yea, I already can hear some of you now about how the above picture is naught a Black women. and yes, you are correct, but if I’m naught mistaken these man made drugs doesn’t use favoritism when it is used, and claims it’s victims, and if you the reader can prove to me, that young black women, and even older are naught participating in the type of leisure activities (Drug use) for that matter. Then by all means, I stand to be corrected, and that’s only if you have proof to otherwise.

Now that I got that out the way, let’s get to it. Though this post is about women in general, at this moment I’m talking about Hue Black American Women who are clearly running around with these messed up mind states and ways of thinking that, they are so perfect with their illness in thoughts, that they can’t be wrong nor can be checked when their actions and thinking is out of law, and order, and no man can tell them nothing.

Got news for you. Did you know that, the above picture could be you, and possibly even your daughter and or even a friend or family member? You don’t think so? by all means take a real good look, and pay close attention to the video below, and then allow me to ask you the question again.

So let me ask. Do Hue Black American Women only feel the need to listen to man when they see fit, and only when they find themselves in a uncomfortable position in mind, and situation in life when their programmed life is interrupted? The young Hispanic woman in the video above clearly shows to be at a party, rave type music, and is feeling so good that, she decides to take her high to a whole new level, and do a experiment on self by placing what is said to be possible LSD in her eyes, which eventually led to her overdosing at the end of the video #Rightbe4UrEyez. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
So now, let me change it up a bit. I have something on my mind that, I been seeing for the longest, and knowing it, but I try naught to be right about it, but am proven right by the acts and ways of some of these horrible minded women #InTheseDayzofTyme. When I speak on things when addressing the ill minded acts of women, I’m considered asย  bashing black women. ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
How? Because I see what I see, and call you out on this whole back and forth one-sided talk horrible to men when they show to try to be humble? Because I give a damn enough to take the time out to touch on, and address these issues, write about them in hopes that it will reach and grab you in thought so that you can at least take the time out to think about what i am addressing so that you can ponder on and think about it.
I can’t help but see how some tend to expose their fake self by wearing them (mask) when they think they have it all figured out when they accept the seed planted that, they can try and play mind games and mock men who strive to be divine, and do better by showing in ones ACTS, and naught just talk in thought.

They think that, it don’t and won’t catch up with them when they show no compassion and consideration for man. You know, the one who tries to reason? They betray, turncoat and try to slick their way with whatever the intent was in their agenda from the jump. They’ll go against the grain of man who takes the time to BREATHE on em spiritually with REAL knowledge by their due diligence in working to educate self by continuing to learn by studying.

Men who show compassion and the ability to clearly administer good communication skills in hopes to gain a better standing for better balance, and strength that nowadays men are showing to abandon. Is this and can this be true? By all means to prove otherwise. Anyway, They feel that they will naught be held accountable for the messy mindedness that is projected. Truth

They’ll try and use a mans humbleness against him and as a weakness for control purposes, and to feel as if they are naught giving any power up, because it’s a comfort zone thing, but yet give it everyday anyway, and I’m a get to it in a minute in this post. But can anyone explain to me, why this is? some of these Black Women will talk about how no man can control them, run them and tell them what to do, and it’s their life, and they running it, but clearly turn right around and show otherwise.

Am I lying? Say it ain’t so.๐Ÿคจ Example? About to get to it. Let’s look at it this way for a minute. “When them people (Police) (Authority) (Man) (CPS) and the (Judge) get up with them, they tend to have to dance and sing to a different tune, and note, and that alone tells you that, what they saying when saying what they be saying, it is merely a weak a** tactic way of dodging the truth by getting all defensive when it comes to what a man who shows strength in mind, and heart say’s something that they don’t like getting all bent outta shape and shhhh….


Now, who gone say otherwise? THAT other man THEY FEAR DO THEY NAUGHT? Tells them what to do, and what they can’t do, and how they gone do it and it’s honored right? It’s yes sir, and or no sir and why are you doing this crying and carrying on, but let it be a man divine whose closer to them, and and says anything, and it’s an argument, and what you tell them and or say holds no weight what’s soever when it comes to your admin, and or showing of authority as a man, and I’m speaking in reference to when one is showing to truly give a damn. Any idea why this is? ๐Ÿค”

I know, but do you? So, when these women run aroundย  with the got it all figured out mentality, but yet they show to naught even have control over their children’s behaviors be it in school etc, in the public and or just their behavior period. What message is clearly being sent? I’m just saying, if I’m wrong then, I stand to be corrected.
Black American Women are showing that they don’t need to listen and or pay attention, and can do whatever, feel whatever, act out and undermine a man until their in a pickle, a jam, can’t figure shhh… out, don’t know what to do and now they want to listen, pay attention and need your support and help, which clearly there is nothing wrong with that, and clearly that is what and when man is for in woman’s time of need.Why are y’all being depicted, and projected by images like the one above? Angry, and bitter care to tell me why?
You’ll get mad at me for touching on it, and challenging your mind on it, but it’s okay for others to pamper your ego only to be showing how they really see, and feel about you, and y’all willfully accept it for the sake of attention, and pay? Don’t get mad at #TheArtist4thePeople who #GiveIt2EmRaw look at what is placed before you, take the time out to listen and pay attention for a change and naught when your behind is jammed up, and guess what? That rule even goes for man too doesn’t it?๐Ÿ˜
So what’s the problem? Why do you (Hue) Black American Women continue to pretend, and show that they are even turning on themselves by wearing them mask? And then turning on men who show to have your back. Why would you rather have conflict, fall outs and make non-excusable excuses to do what you wanna do, and say what you wanna say when it comes to the one who shows to be in your corner and of your best interest?
I can’t help but think back on all of the things, and thoughts that I see, and what has been said and then I just look what my looking ๐Ÿ™„ a** and can’t help but to laugh now, and the thing about it, that’s how I shall operate from this day forth. Am I wrong for feeling this way? Am I the only one who sees this? Am I exaggerating?ย  If I’m wrong, I humbly stand to be corrected, but with real reasonable proof only.๐Ÿ˜Ž
I am here, and I welcome those women to woman up, and start showing to care about more than just what you are clearly showing to only love and care about care to discuss it? Leave a comment below, and even share this with other women to get they’re thoughts and opinions on this, because as the saying goes: “He, and or she who says nothing shows some admittance of guilt.” I’m for for ya if ya show to be working on ya mind state, because in the end, it’s about correcting the possible errors right? ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Peace, and many blessings,
When A Chief Speaks
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Young Artist Who Are Making Their Way In Kalamazoo


So, have you heard of Fire Kzoo? Fire is a spot/platform created, and put in place for a great purpose. This is where many young artist’s, and even myself have been blessed, and given the opportunity to come and put it on the floor. Young Artist coming together, and putting in work to be a voice to be heard, and at the same time show to be the hope by the projecting of energy through their acts showing what they got, and have to offer. And among-st some of these potentials, and talented underground voices/artists is an artist who goes by the name: “Santino Jones.”

From what he has shared with me, he has really been putting in some work as far as opening up for bands here in Kzoo, and will be doing a set at Fire Kzoo for something called: “Breaking the I.C.E. Benefit Concert,” so I thought I’d show my support as a recording artist Divine by just blogging this young artist, and Fire if you’re in Kalamazoo, Michigan and have the time to show up to this event; this is just to let you know about.

As a native man on the land/recording rap artist who is for community change for better, I might naught show to be active in the eyes of some, but I tend to show otherwise and stay proven em wrong by my acts alone. I just have a lot more going on personally than I allow some to see. And though many youngsters are making it very hard to have hope, and trust in them, and support them. Who are making it seem almost hopeless, you then run across, and are able to see that there are also those who are working hard in hopes to give the people a reason to have a change in thought, and heart.

And that in itself is a way of seeing the fire to continue to kindle, and stay lit by the burning of ones elevating fire through ones workings. This event starts at 9:30 Pm. if you have any questions contact โžกย  Santino Jones by simply clicking onto his name, and you will be redirected to his Facebook profile in order to send a message. yep! I’ve made it just that easy. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Peace and many blessings to the eyes that are able to see.

The One Man Entourage,

When A Chief Speaks

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