Below, you are able to listen to a sample of the Ep. And then you have options.


1.You are able to purchase a hard copy of this Ep. that can be shipped directly through PayPal straight to you, for $5.99. What you will receive is a custom Cd, cover and jewel case put together by this artist.


2.You can simply pick any one or all of these songs for $0.99 each and instantly receive your download straight to your phone, pc and or e-mail, it’s just that easy, and that’s how I needed my setup to be, safe, secure and user friendly for those who want to support this artist to be able to get my work online no matter where you are HASSLE FREE. Now you tell me, what underground rapper you know doing it like me?

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The Battle of the Mind Album

The Battle Of The Mind Album_Coming-Soon

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