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Here’s Some More Facts That You Should Think About When It Comes To Charlottesville

So, did you see what really went down in Charlottesville? No? I mean really mafa; did you see what happened? I know you saw what you think you saw on the news, but there has been a lot eyebrow raising issues that are being questioned when it comes to what really went down in Charlottesville, Virginia. Many are calling it a false flag event, staged, a hoax etc.
When it happened, I had done a post about it way before all of the speculations, and questioning started to pop up, which you can find here. “Whose to Blame When It Comes to What Happened In Charlottesville”And from what you will read is my thoughts on the whole situation without allowing self to get caught up in the web weaving of programming.
And then after more information started coming in, I decided to do a video on my take to what I seen, what was being said about it, President Donald Trump’s public statement and what I got from it, which now has reached over 1,000 views. But then, I found something else that to me, is very disturbing as well as disappointing when it comes to this new damaging evidence when it comes to this whole Charlottesville nonsense.
What you have below is part 2 to the first video which is called:Here’s Some Facts To What Really Happened In Charlottesville” (Part 1) In reference to how it just seems that, Black people are allowing themselves to be used  by partaking in much of this mess that we see that is going on.
Why are Black people so quick to subject themselves to showing to be exactly like, and what some of these Caucasian people already stereotype people of our pigment of skin color to be, have those who are running around talking about how racist the opposite color of people are, but in the same breath are our people showing to naught do show to be, and do the same?
The possible truth is just that, and the illusion minded living messy mindedness of our people who choose to do so are the ones who clearly show that, they could care less about the possible truth, and how their selling out affects naught just them, but others in-directly, but yet are the same ones who you see committing these acts, and doing all the complaining at the same time.
These are the ones (Like the one who you will see in this video) are the ones who are and will make it more possible for what these people are trying to accomplish, which is possibly to gain control by suppression due to order out of chaos possible.
So, is this really the case you might ask? I’ll leave that to you to discern, and come to a better standing to the questions that, you may have when it comes to all of this mental noise that’s going on when it comes to these protest, and rallies that are going on throughout the cities and states #InTheseDayzofTyme.
It is very important, and should be that, you be very aware to how your children are the ones that are being moved like pawns, and it would very wise for you to pay more attention to what is really going on, and stop allowing your children to get mixed up in all this foolishness. It is your choice, your responsibility, and up to you to do your due diligence to work towards seeing better, in order to know better.
When A Chief Speaks

What Is The Whole Ecstasy Line (X Train) All About (Free Song Download)

I know that, there are those of you who think that, the whole Ecstasy Line (Ex-Train) thing that goes on in Kalamazoo is something fresh and new, but is it? Well, if you know as I know, and come from my days in time you would know that, it’s naught. But, there are those who don’t know, so I thought I’d touch on it a bit.

So, what is the Ecstasy Line (X Train)? It’s basically a modern version to what many of those street katts from back in day use to do. They would form lines in they’re hot rides after the club, and mob thru the zoo, and Spring Valley. One of the famous slogans for this line was called: (Doing the Loc). And those who are from this era know that, that stands as truth.

So now decades later, you have these children of some of those from back in the day who are now growing up, and now you have what I call repeat of events of history. You have people children out in these streets doing what was once done, but on a whole new level, and an effective one, but in a more negative way.

How? You don’t have to take my word for it, you just look at the facts to the matter, and that the results, and impact that has been laid, and see it for what it is, and naught fool yourself. It’s naught what you do, but how you do it, and when it has no good intent behind it, it ends up eventually being viewed, and looked at as more nonsense, people involved especially your (children) eventually are made examples of and then falling off like bad dope.

So, I’ll say it again; this Ecstasy Line (X Train) is something that was adopted from something already done back in the day and just renamed and nothing more than just something looked at by your children to be cool to do while hanging out with their friends, and family enjoying themselves while coming threw the hood in the zoo.

But naught only that, and what many of you are trying to dodge is the fact that, this is the promoting of and named after a man-made substance “Ecstasy” is it naught? This new way of coming threw the zoo has a negative affect, and impact, and the reality is that, it has done more damage than good. People have been hurt, done went to jail, killed and people’s property has been damaged. Why? Go figure, ask yourself, but I’m pretty sure that ya know.


And let’s naught forget the lives lost, affected, those who done went to prison and lives disturbed due to the noise, busting of liquor bottles in the streets, and I can go on. By who? I think you know the answer. Now if I’m fabricating then by all means correct me, but this is the clear truth on naught what I can see, but you too can see if your being real with self.

You just can naught expect to see, know and receive what one say’s that one needs, and wants if we allow ourselves to accept the Un acceptable, condoning, and or participating in the acts, and things that we know are a part of the cause in naught being able to see better, and rise beyond the madness that we see going on within the communities that one occupies, which are problems created due to what?

You have those people who keep raging on about we need, but naught realize that, that need first starts naught without first starting at the root of the problem. “Fact” I can’t help but recall when I was one who was so fed up with the fact that, I had to come outside, and clean up broken glass in the street to prevent self or anyone else from getting a flat tire to the point where, I heard I think Buddy Hanna talking about it on the radio station, and I decided to call in and address it, and had my say on it. And naught only that, but then decided to get with my partner in rhyme MC My D and came up with a song on this topic called: “Why.” (Y)


See, the thing about it, I been addressing these issues, and we been touching on these things in our musical work for some time now. For us as Musicians/recording artist and music producers who #GiveIt2EmRaw for Kalamazoo, and for any other city and state; this is what and how we choose to reach back by bringing awareness in hopes to better enlighten our peers and those listeners of our creative musical work as ZooRillaz.

Guys who been through it, and know the real life style of the street, and hood life. See here’s the thing; we been Livin’ Oon the Edge, we been threw much of the obstacles that are now faced and praised by y’all children, and at one time we too praised it, but we made changes, and sacrifices to be who and where we are today, so we have no interest in knocking anyone for the choices they make, but don’t expect total agreement with things that show to naught be in alignment with ones cause.

Our only mission is to keep working towards giving back, by showing hope and exercising being the good recording artist’s that we need to be. To be good delivers of the word. And though you have those who would rather make attempts to mock, and secretly bite the style and parade on with this whole big I, little U messy mindedness as if what we strive to do is naught good enough and relevant with intent.

I don’t hate to inform you, but we continue to stay relevant, and as long as the creator (God) continues to help us on the mission in our real struggles to put music for the mind out we won’t be denied. What we do, and how we do it shall be done like no other, and we bow to none. The ones who call themselves doing any better is no more than a boaster.

“For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, and unholy.”

Now what does that tell you. I think you see many of those type don’t ya? also mentioning the fact to how those who say that they are for the good and change for Kalamazoo, and for unity, but at the same time show otherwise by trying to underplay, undermine and try to say slick shhh…. in reference to the light bringers for the Zoo?

Anyway, I just let that work do the talking, and after, and or if you decide to take a listen to the song above “Why” (Y)  I leave it to you, the readers, visitors and listeners to decide especially those of you who are living in Kalamazoo, and can relate to this post. And please keep this in mind. If y’all don’t handle your children by taking the time these people will or the streets will claim their life, I’m out.

Leave a comment below, pros or cons and if there’s truth found in the song.



It’s naught just about us, we just want to know what you got if you got anything, and I’ll leave it at that. Good day to those who are able to see.

When A Chief Speaks


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What Does Faith Mean To You?

Wanted to touch on the powerful word: “Faith,” and what it means to you, and how it could possible help others coming from you. So, what I’ve come to see is that; faith is what is shown naught only for self, but even for others as well. A faithfulness to some type of trust in or a promise to or from someone else; a loyalty to a person; honesty, and truthfulness.

Now, if this is the case; how does the above examples set with you, and do you think it is being shown how it should In These Day’z of Tyme? Are you allowing it to be projected from self to others more fluently?

The Bible even has scriptures in it about having faith. “And He said to them, “Because of the littleness of your faith; for truly I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there, and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you.”

Now, for the mind that chooses to be one tracked, and limit ones analyzing and comprehension skills to think about what being said, and asked, they would only be able to see that quote for what it is, and that is their choice. but what about you? What do you get from it?


What Makes Jay-Z’s New Album 4:44 Special?

So, what makes Jay-Z new 4:44 album so special? I’m seeing a lot of thoughts on social media about it, and how there are some who are saying that: “JAY-Z is trying so hard to uplift the people by spitting knowledge? And that he’s doing something that people have been needing for a long time? Especially someone like him with his platform, and for you to PAY ATTENTION TO ALL THOSE WHO ARE BACK LASHING.”

What you see above is a quote from something that, I seen posted and thought I’d share my thoughts on it. First off, Jay-Z is naught doing something that is naught already being did by some recording artist when it comes to spitting knowledge in the music right now. There are many who been doing it, and still doing it so that I find to be either ones own blindness, and being somewhere other than in reality, or their just speaking on it just for attention purposes, which is fine, but that to me, is naught coming real with it.

For this particular opinionated assumption that, Jay-Z is now doing something that the people have been needing for a long time is just that, an opinion. But, naught only is it an opinion, but also can be seen as an illusion filled one at that. Have I listened to the album yet? Nope. Will I? I might, but here’s the thing. I find it really disrespectful and undermining to try and pretend like dude is back to save the day when it comes to Hip Hop when it comes to his new album 4:44.

Now, I know why this was said, it was in relation to something that is brewing right now when it comes to another mainstream recording being in disagreement to what Jay-Z said in his bars. Who? Lil Boosie “Bad A**.” Why? Well, from what I’ve heard, it’s all due to another artist’s thoughts on what Jay-Z had to say in reference to rapper, and those who choose to emulate what they are seeing their favorite projecting nowadays who like to put money up to they’re ear, which basically is saying if you don’t know the lingo that: “Money Talk,” but in these days it could mean anything.

But yea, from what I know thus far that is why we are seeing so many thoughts and talk right now when it comes to why you have some who are now deciding to come to the aid of Jay-Z in defense to why he is now being looked at as such the hero and savior for the people in the hood, and the state of Hip Hop.

Boosie “Bad A**” is saying that, what Jay-Z talking about when it comes to the money holding to ones ear he feels is cool, and it’s southern culture and that statement in Jay-Z’s bars don’t apply to him or the south saying that: “Jay not gone stop our culture in Louisiana, and his word ain’t bond.” Now, after I watched the video of Boosie “Bad A**,” I found a reason to be able to agree to disagree with his reason to why he ain’t buying what Jay-Z said in one of his bars, but I also stand to disagree as well.


There’s some picture’s that, I saw that also come to the aid of Jay-Z on why he said what he said in his bars. And there’s a reason for me, to also agree to disagree with him as well. The point is….. is that, no matter what I may think and or have to say as well as what others have to say in the end, it all draws back to you the listener, and how one allows what Rap and Hip Hop recording artist’s say to affect their decisions on whose right, and whose wrong. And to be honest from my point of view in this case both are right just as well as there are some things that, I disagree with and have my reasons to why I choose to do so.

Does my opinion count or matter? To me, and some who choose to support my thoughts in music yes, it does and I give a perfect reason to why, but to others who enjoy their egos stroked, and told what they want to hear; they may beg to differ. But here’s what I totally am against. I’m against people “Listeners” of both Rap and Hip Hop nowadays who pop off at their thoughts of trying to sugarcoat the situation as if other rap recording artist, whether they be on a mainstream status and platform or underground, it’s really deceptive and shows a sign of one being brainwashed as well as one being seen as someone who is easily fooled to believe that, Jay-Z is now doing something that the people have been in dire need of when it comes to Rap and Hip Hop. Rap Artist Speaks On Saving the The Culture of Rap

Please, that’s what you call someone who can easily be swayed, and tricked. Here’s another part of the problem. Some of you just are too busy supporting those who are putting out crap Rap and horrible Hip Hop, but would try and say that both are dead, and that all the music now sounds the same. Wrong!!!!!!

There are Rap and Hip Hop artist who are, and have been putting out music filled with KNOWLEDGE in hopes that you, the music listeners would take the time to pay a bit more attention and know that, we are hard at work, and doing it without a major record label who would be in support of our creative workings.

Y’all wanna blame somebody blame yourselves, because y’all are the listeners and consumers that these artist’s depend on to help give them free promotion and expo that helps them reach others, and that is part of business and marketing. Nothing wrong with that, except the fact that, y’all tend to support some of the wrong ones, and that is your choice, but don’t try and act like there are naught other artist’s who are kicking real knowledge in their lyrics and music In These Days Of Tyme that’s just as raw if naught rawer.

Some of you show favoritism, and involving money as a way of downplaying other artist’s work who are struggling. But you know what? Artist like me just allow my work to speak, and y’all can pretend all you want like there isn’t Rap and Hip hop artist who are breathing life back into both. We are the ones who are in everyday life struggling just like you, the one who puts more energy into supporting those who basically are already set, got money and could really care less about you or me.

Now don’t get it twisted, I still listen to some of Jay-Z’s music, and just had a song playing of Lil Boosie “Bad a**” playing called: “I need You” Is this my way of showing to take sides? ask yourself.

I’m naught only a recording artist, but I’m also a listener too, and what I’m feeling, I will play, and what I’m naught, I won’t be listening to nor supporting. I’m just a real conscious artist who knows the difference. Do I agree with the one whose words I’m quoting? sure I do, but my problem with them is naught about all of what they said, but how they chose to deliver truth mixed with lies, I agree to disagree with some of what both spoke on.

My problem isn’t with Jay-Z or Lil Boosie “Bad A**,” it’s with those who try to pretend and make it as if there isn’t other artist’s who are spitting knowledge on and off the mic, so how can you twist ya thoughts in saying that the people have been in dire need of what Jay-z has put in his new album 4:44? Trying to make it like somebody hating on him, and all that mess; na….what it is is that, some of y’all just programmed.

Anyway, I’ll leave y’all with this last quote and then y’all decide, I’m out. And I’ll leave y’all with the last of what was said, and then you decide.

When A Chief Speaks

“Why don’t you want people to stop supporting the things that keep them in an ignorant place….is it because you are the person doing it and you make money off of people’s ignorance and misfortune ? …. I’m looking at all these celebrities now who want to put money up to they ear in protest of his album….mind you he’s the billionaire not them….so I think I’ll take my financial advice from the billionaire ….sounds a whole lot better than a million.”

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How I Was Played On Father’s Day

So, this is a post touching on how I was treated on father’s Day. Boy oh boy let me tell you how mafas played me, on the day that, was supposed to be in the honoring of fathers/dads. I was treated as if I didn’t even f****** exist! And this is in regards to these fake a** black women who want to be acknowledged on their day set for them, but can’t appreciate a man on his day who clearly shows to try his hardest, and projects real worth and value, and I ain’t talking about Us-currency either. The only women who took the time to say anything was my mother, and my little girl and her mother, but even her shhh…. was shaky as far as I’m concerned and don’t think it was sincere. But my mother, and youngest child; those are the ones who show to be in my corner anyway.

I’m talking about these fake, snake hooka’z (Black women) who actually know me, and they know who they are. They see me, and who, I do communicate with here and there from time to time. These dry minded tired h**s; especially one in particular who I won’t say her name yet, but it’s coming, and I’m a make the b**** famous real soon when I drop the song about her, and some of these other pretenders that, I know and how horrible minded these mangy thot bots really are. I mean damn, that’s for us? I couldn’t get a simple Happy Father’s Day from none of these black women who I actually know, and have been there for, and acknowledged them and even try to esteem them to let them know that, there are men who show to try to keep the faith in them? “Your horrible ways are naught impressive.”

1 Timothy 2:11-15 

“Let a woman learn quietly with all submissiveness. I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet. For Adam was formed first, then Eve; and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor. Yet she will be saved through childbearing—if they continue in faith and love and holiness, with self-control.”

 Maybe these women who I look to, to be for me than against me, are mad because of some of my post that expose some of they’re pretending, and wicked ways. Or maybe they just feel that, I don’t deserve to be acknowledged. Or maybe my trying to communicate with them, and how I deliver the truth just hurts so bad that, they can’t find it in self to admit their own flaws and when they might be at fault? Whatever the case, and no matter how they punk a** feel, I do have children, and I show to try and be there, and though, I may be seen in they’re eye’s naught worth the time, I clearly show to be here in living color, and show what some men don’t, and what their own children’s daddies don’t show. I have made myself available in ones time of need, and this the thanks I get? “These hooka’z got me f***ed up!”

Oon Rilla, I’ve showed to be there even when some of these hooka’z own children’s pappies wasn’t and didn’t even make time for their own seeds. Maybe I’m the sucka huh? Yea, well that’s what real katt’s like me do when you give a damn and over care for a ungrateful a** woman, which means that, I also care about her children. Why? Because, I know how it is, but this is one of the main reasons why, I am single, and naught married, because these black women ain’t right in mind, heart nor spirit “What happened to real women?” When asked could I go up to the school for a certain woman’s children did I say: “Naught my child nor my responsibility?” Well ask that b****. And show you how even them little mafas are cut too; they didn’t even take the time out to call and say shhh… neither. Smfh Relationships between men and women are fictitious #InTheseDayzOfTyme.


And it don’t stop there. It gets deeper. Even my so-called children ain’t have shhh…. to say either on my day. Really? So basically, I don’t even exist for whatever they’re UN excusable excuses may be, but here’s the thing; no matter how they may feel about me, them little mafas wouldn’t even exist in this life time, nor their children either without me, gong half on them, so I’m oon they a** too oon Rilla. None of this is cool as far as I’m concerned nor does it make any sense to me. And to be honest, I’m really just venting right now, because as a man/father/dad, and artist my expression is way of trying to get some type of balance in situations like this, because I’m hurt, I’m disappointed, I feel dishonored, disrespected, turned on and betrayed by the very ones who supposed to love and appreciate me no matter my faults, and this tends to weigh heavily on ones mental.

One thing we do know if you know me, or of me is that, I know how to admit my faults when and or if I’m wrong in any way. These are the ones who should try and work towards better bonding and connecting with me, to support me, rather than bump heads and make dumb a** excuses to distant themselves from me, due to having these f***ed up attitudes with no ability to settle differences with a man who tries to reason when it comes to situations, and if anybody should have an attitude, it should clearly be me.

It just shows how horrible minded some of these black women have become, and how they are teaching their children to be just as worse #InTheseDayzOfTyme. They low minded, and disrespectful, and would rather show honor, love and respect for some of these scumbag punk a** so-called real dudes who clearly just use they ass up for what they show to be, and that’s just a “Carrier.” They go to bat for all the wrong ones, and try to make mockery of men who struggle to make them look like fools, because they are choosing to take better paths in life, but that’s too much like right The shhh… I see, but yet, I still try and give these buzzards the benefit of the doubt meanwhile all they do is try to come with that snake mind state, and pamper these suckas while paying them to be slaves so that they bend to their voodoo will, and obey their every command, and if I have to subject myself to that, then I’m straight, and you can stay your musty made up Mannequin face a**es as far away as you can from me, because I’ll do you dirty, real dirty for playing with me.

I mean how could these mafas do this to me? Oh, I think I know what it is…. Their on that “Take the man of God’s kindness for a weakness” tip. And while I’m on that, even the scriptures speak on some thing that say’s honor thy mother, and thy father right? It also says how a disobedient child will naught make it far right? But yet, some of these same “HALLELUJAH, AND THANK YOU JESUS HOOKA’Z” who talk that “I put my pastor and church first before you” type of b****** but in the same breath are the same ones who basically using God and Jesus’s name as a front.

They have really struck a nerve, and I feel violated in every way without naught even an apology. These are the same BITTER a** black women who are some of the same ones who actually see men like me, struggling to be and do right who shows to make time to be around, and active in my child’s life who act like what a katt do ain’t shhh…. Is it jealousy? Jealous of the fact that, I show some of what they wish their BABY DADDIES could project? Nope nothing special, I just try to make corrections to my own errors, and continue to work harder, and I thank the creator (God) for that, and that in itself is the difference.

And as far as my so-called children are concerned they don’t f*** with me, because I’m too zero tolerant for them, I guess. But, is that a justifiable excuse? Never have I denied them and or made myself naught available in case they just may want to take about some real life shhh…, but I just don’t have the mind time for the fake world shhhh…… I leave that for them to deal with if they so choose, but I show some of what others choose naught to show, and this the thanks I get? Never should they have crossed the line with me, and show such disrespect, and dishonor, but as the saying goes: “The creator (God) don’t like ugly” so, I just gotta “Pray 4 Those”

Exodus 20:12

“Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you.”

I mean how could any women, and or her children naught appreciate a man like me, who struggles and tries to be and do right. I’ve lived the life that, some of these bust down b****** look at to be real in these dudes acts, and they’re so quick to cling to, and have their backs while katts like me, continue to be played as if ones change doesn’t matter. I know that, I’m naught perfect by far, and naught trying to be. And I may naught have that IDEA man with the fantasy look that some of these dames be trying to have a katt switch to. Try to dress a n**** up to be a show piece like he one of them funky a** mutts that they be having, and that’s probably why you see many of them with those little mafas, to replace a man who don’t play games. I know that, I am naught the only one who has experienced this, and that’s why I’m doing this post.

To express myself, the heartache and pain of man instead of going into a rage and choke the life out of one of these disrespectful a** black women, because if you wrong, you wrong, and if you wrong then be woman enough to express it. Why play me like that? I guess that’s just the world that we are living in now. So anyway, thanks for reading and feel free to hit the like, and drop a comment below with your thoughts on this topic. Am I wrong for feeling this way? I mean seriously who does this to men of God who struggle to be and do right? Make sure to press play, and listen to the song above, and leave some feedback, I’m out. Peace and many blessings to the eye’s, and minds that seek.

When A Chief Speaks


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