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Why Are There So Many More Acts Of Violence And Murder Popping Up In Kalamazoo?

So one would really have to question whether some people really even care what is going on around them. Yes, there are just as well as there are those who don’t, but have you even asked self why are there so many more acts of violence and murder popping up right now in Kalamazoo in certain areas? Got any idea or answers to that? I’ll wait……. Tic-tic na, better naught wait too long, because it would be like the saying: “Don’t hold your breath.” Anyway, can someone please tell me why? that’s what I said as the chorus on MC My D’s song called: “I Feel Like” just last year around about this time. But that’s naught what I want to address, I’m talking about the many issues popping up, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH KZOO WAKE UP!
Since 2009 I’ve been touching on what is now becoming a reality. And that reality is and should be very clear to the one who is able to see, it’s the #BattleOftheMind. So much I am seeing nowadays is why, I am learning to be even more aware, focused and appreciative to and for why I went through what I went through at the time that I did. And though, I feel like there are some people who are close who try to make me feel as if I am crazy, and I’m lost, have changed and don’t know what I’m talking about, I have come to realize that, even that can tend to be a distraction if you let it. I used to look at it saying to self: “Damn, maybe they are right, maybe I should go back to the old me, maybe I should lighten up a bit, and be more tolerable to much of what is accepted.” But then the creator tends to remind me, to remember and keep striving to stay on track and on course.
“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”
And then as years have went by, and I’ve watched a lot of what I knew many years prior to come to manifest right before my eye’s, they wonder why I am the way I am, naught surprised at what we are seeing In These Day’z Of Tyme, and try to be the straight opposite.
Example? Look at the murders, and violence being demonstrated naught just all around the world, but right now, I’m more concerned about where I am, which is the united States (supposed to be for northern America). Right here in one of the greatest historical States Michigan, and Kalamazoo in itself also carries it’s good, bad and ugly as well. But now there has really been a lot of major issues going on than ever before that many are just looking at to be just some ordinary acts of stupidity going on in Kalamazoo. The Truth is is that, we are faced with truth that is also mixed with a bunch of bullshhhh…. lies, as well as possibly things that have a darker root and to make it much worse you have those who are naught making it any better by doing some of the shhh… that they are doing by the praising and promoting of nonsense but yet wonder why?
So when I look at all of this, it really tends to take a heavy tote by the weighing on of ones mind, spirit and soul. But lately what I have come to see is this: “No matter what and or how I may see things, and no matter how much I may show by my actions to truly care, and no matter how bad I may want those who are close to me, to see, realize and recognize how important it is to know what we are dealing with and up against, I CAN NAUGHT, SHOULD NAUGHT AND WILL NAUGHT force what and how I may see things to be on someone else.”
Why? Because that is part of that FREEDOM AND FREEWILL that many are talking about right now that is being attacked. We are in a time and age where the forcing of something that should already be on one’s heart to do should naught have to take place, and that’s on Rilla. And I knew this, but I’ve found self to be a bit more OVER CARING about other people always have, and what they might be going through, and me being me, I know how it is to really go through shhh… especially mentally. So, I tend to go out of my way to help those who in the end have a helluva way of showing their appreciation and gratitude, but I also know that, where there are those who show to be ungrateful and unappreciative there are those who do and this is why, and where my time and art through my creative workings in my music comes to play. The investing of ones time used as wisely as possible is what my main focus should be, because time wasted on something and or some people who don’t feel the need to change for better, who mean you no good nor want to see you prosper, grow and or elevate tends to be really nothing more than just something that one needs to come to reckoning with instead of being one naught being able to see how important purpose is, and start paying more attention when it comes to this life.
“To everything there is a season, and with season comes time, and in time also waits a purpose under the heavens.”
Is this true? Maybe, maybe naught, but what matters is is whether one is able to see and get something out of what is being said, sent and or delivered. So with my music, videos and thoughts alone. Whether it be through a post sent threw y’all favorite social spots like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube etc. It is part of the battle in itself, and this is what I am now able to see even more clearer now, and why I now have to work even harder to naught allow and accept certain things. What I offer is what I offer, and deliver to those who are seeking, because anything else is a possible distraction. Throughout the years, I have and still am showing to do what was asked of us all, but I am only responsible for my part in doing so, and rather than just talk about it, I have to keep the fire lit, and burning like the torch carried in a marathon and let my talk, creative music, video work and actions show.



I may look to some as if what I choose to do means nothing, and has no effect, but it does as far as the whole music game and what and how I choose to bring it naught be fit in they’re eye’s and mind, but that is their opinion and depends on the receiver. How others want me to look, act and or even do things may naught be the way they want, but that again is their opinion. But one thing we do know is that, I bring whatever I do like no other. I refuse to be labeled as just another black a** nigga, rapper, who is good for nothing, can’t think, non educated, just another carbon copy THUG, HOODLUM, watered down , clown, fake, snake and can be and bring nothing more than who and what SOCIETY and any other race identifies and sees me to be, which is what many show to project, and make those who try to label you as such be seen to be right in their way of seeing our people, and I’m good on that shhh… y’all can have it.
Trying to get me to feel as if I have no other means of being no more than what they put out for me to promote self as, which is a drug dealing, killer and deadbeat shuck and jive a** punk who glorifies and can’t find a way to reach beyond what they put out for us on these streets, yea the streets that clearly shows to give a damn less about you or me, hoping it too shall continue to keep one forever blind, lost and in the end guess who paying the biggest price? Na, I’m good on all that, y’all want it you can have it.
As a man who is on a mission and has a vision, and won’t be denied, and knows that this is way bigger, deeper and darker. I just gotta do what I feel and know is best, and naught really saying f*** the rest, but just staying on top of my own business, because people are going to either recognize, and see and want to be for you or against you, but in the end this is choice, because they can see, and know and want to see you grow. ask self: “Why does it seem as if all of the darker, ugly horrible minded demonic twisted things projected are being pushed the most and by who?
Black on Black crime is a major problem in many communities, and our people are seen to be the BIGGEST PROMOTERS of the many things that are showing to be a part of our destruction, and being used to program and destroy one another. Is this true? Ask yourself, and figure it out, because even when you show the possible truth people gone choose to see what they wanna see anyway, and that’s real.

Mistake my walk and thoughts naught, because no one can tell me, I don’t understand or know how it is, because I think that the one who goes through what they have already went through is and can be seen as the living truth right? And if this is true then you think that as a recording artist representing for Kalamazoo, Michigan, I won’t stand on truth in this music shhh…?
I don’t do what I do for fun, and everything isn’t funny nor a joke, but some tend to show and think that it is until tragedy strikes, and now people want to know, yea be nosy just so they can say that they know for gossiping purposes, but that’s the world the we are living in like it or naught, but you do naught have to accept it, Am I lying?
Anyways, I’m done with this one, I just wanted to express that, and promote the video above in hopes that it will get your attention, and get your mind warned up and ready for the CD, which I am finishing up. There is another one that was supposed to come before the battle Of the Mind CD, which is called: “Certified,” but I think it’s a need to get this Battle Of the Mind out first. So reader what are your thoughts on what I just typed? If you’re from Kalamazoo, in Kalamazoo and or are in Michigan I welcome you to engage with me, and comment below, like and share this with others especially family and see what they think.
And though you might naught agree and don’t like what I have to say doesn’t mean that they might naught see and agree, so please don’t keep what I have to say and offer from them especially the children. And let me make this clear, this is naught about me, this is about me just placing the possible in you face, and challenge you to say otherwise, but in the end hopefully we will be able to have a meeting of the minds and even learn from one another and start seeing how important it is to be more for those who are really showing to do the creator (God’s) work.
“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.”
Hmmmm…. very interesting words right there. The showing of ones workings just may well present self as approved and worthy by naught being ashamed, and being diligent while handling of the word of truth correctly? Maybe, maybe naught. I’m just placing it #RightBe4UrEye’z in hopes to spark the mind. May you the reader find relevance in these thoughts for elevating you, Peace and blessings.
When A Chief Speaks

Please Say It Ain’t So-80 Year Old Woman Caught With 100 Kilos Of Cocaine?

I’m a try and be as quick and swift with what I have to say about this as fast as I can.

First off, I accidentally came across the information after realizing that something else that I was trying to post didn’t post. Instead it was a post consisting of this.

Now, I’m a be very honest, my first thought was that she was a black woman/meleanated, and after doing some research well I be damn yep, it was.

And even though this story may or may naught be true, it just goes to show how our people of cultural race are continuing to fall to the wayside, and allow ones life and image be damaged, and possibly lost forever, which to me, clearly shows the new form of slavery, and self-destruction.

Am I wrong for feeling this way? And get this; naught only that, but I came across other similar stories that, were also black women/meleanated who done got popped off. Coincidence?

I really think naught, but vibe with me on this, try and keep up, PAY ATTENTION and then make a reasonable decision. This is nuts, and horrible when it comes to our people.

So allow me to touch on these women who they saying done got caught up in these acts of dealing major drugs, and strapped up with heavy artillery.

0I just can’t set my mind on accepting how many of you are acting like this shit is really normal. Why? So let’s take a look at this first demo. alleged black woman elder who is said to go by “TRAP QUEEN” done got trapped up, and other women are looking at this to be the way of life, following suit, and think that it’s alright to have these titles projecting this lifestyle unto the minds of other women until one is placed in a situation that you can’t ignore when dealing with them other people (Authorities) (Law Enforcement).

This is what our people are now, and have been subjected to when it comes to much of the labeling when it comes to trying to find our way, and have something and or even feel like we are getting somewhere when in reality we are going in reverse, and guess whose to blame?

“Is it Abel or Kane? Adam or Eve? the streets? or the curse from birth passed on to the seed?” “Trap Queen,” is facing charges of 18 felony counts each of possession with the intent to manufacture, sell & supply a controlled substance (Cocaine), Pills as well as maintaining a vehicle or dwelling for its production. If found guilty, she faces a prison sentence of up to 24 years.

Why? From what they’re saying her reply is is that; “she had wanted to send her grandchildren to college.”

Now, here’s another woman who I found and read about who they saying that, they done popped off whose title is????

You might of guessed it, “TRAP QUEEN” but this one says’ that she’s the REAL ONE. Now, she’s said to be 24 years old, popped off with 1.5 million worth of work, assault rifles and they took almost $100,000 from her, and this was in Chicago in 2015.

So…… all that working, and trapping to gain have it taken, and loose everything? Where’s the living, life liberty, prosperity while in pursuit to happiness in this? Y’all mean to tell me, that y’all can’t see the madness in this? Smh

And here’s one more for ya. Here’s a story of a 60- year- old , who was busted with 100 Kilos of Cocaine and 50,000 oxi-codone pain pills.  they’re saying that, she was arrested and charged with 14 felony counts of being popped off with the intent to manufacture, sell & deliver, and maintaining a vehicle or dwelling for a controlled substance. Then when asked why she never stopped selling crack and she said “Every Ghetto has a candy lady and that was me for years but I just graduated to that other candy, but I didn’t do it for me I have 17 grand kids and I wanted to send them all to college, so they won’t have to sell drugs.”

Did you catch it? If you really paid attention you notice something. See, this is why it is important for US to be up and on our mental game for-real when it comes to what we’re taking in, seeing and dealing with In These Dayz Of Tyme and allow self to run with, and realize that there is truth mixed with lies, and while mafas are at it, we are allowing our own images to continually be tarnished, because we want to do what we want to do in order to feel accepted, and seen so our people who choosing to do this are being put in a very awkward position of sacrifice, which allows these people to place a labeling on you and me, and if you’re naught trying to get beyond this foolery that’s just what it will end up being. 

So to you black meleanated women who settling for this nonsense, I hope that those of you who find this post,and read it will see where I’m coming from and going with this. Many of you don’t and can’t even see what the hell is going on, because your too busy either being doped up, being a drunk, loud, uppity and all into yourself and reckless minded without a care in the world until tragedy strikes Why is this?

And then you have those who think they’re too damn smart, and acting a ass too, and so disrespectful.

Y’all want to be in charge, bosses, queens, bad b****es, savage and feel as you do naught have to answer to a man’s thought’s for better order when it comes to a relationship husband and or significant other/ better 1/2, y’all threatened by the authority of your man,  but are turning right around and having to eventually bend another man’s will (Law Enforcement Authority Figure) who see your titles to mean nothing to them.

What good is all the loud talking, belittling of a man, disrespect and that you don’t need a man, but turn around and ask why are black men naught protecting they’re women, which then leads to calling him everything, but a child of God? Smh

Y’all harbor, ride for, stick up for, protect, defend and support these so-called rydah dudes out here who misguide you, astray you, betray you, abandon you and or pay yo ass off just to have they’re way with you. Y’all have all the feelings, love and compassion in the world for them, but run a katt off who shows how to lay the law down, why?

And I’ll be touching on this in another post, but naught only that but you show even more disrespect and dishonor, in the corner and quicker to listen and follow the words of your pastors, but naught the man in your household.

And I’m talking about the ones who clearly show by his walk and talk in thoughts of his mind state and struggle to do the creator (God’s) work? Anyone of you mind telling me, why is that?

Anyway, I’m done for now. Feel free to engage, and leave your thoughts on how, and whether this is a relevant issue that one should really gives some thought to, because in the end can it naught be seen as the blind leading the blind? Continuing to cling on to weak excuses will help nothing.

So how serious do you take this? Hopefully sooner than later. Here are three source links to the stories for you to check out. Peace and many blessings, and stay elevating.

When a Chief Speaks.


Source Story From Thugify About 80 Year Old Woman

Source Story From Celebtricity About 60 Year Old Woman

Source Story From DnsInfo About Woman Caught With Assault Rifles And Drugs




Death Of 4 Year Old In Kalamazoo, Michigan Was Due To Discipline?

Some Of These So Called Mothers Are Out Of Control, Order And Law, But Why? It’s For A Reason.


So here’s the question: Are these Black Women/mothers of children who did not ask to come into this world out of control, order and law?

I think they truly are, but that’s just me, what about you, how do see this situation?

And though this happened in Kalamazoo, Michigan, this type of issue is not just going on here, a woman in Detroit, Michigan committed even worse acts on her children.

She put hers in a freezer, and some more horrible acts to go along with that.Check out the video below.

Now, let’s get to my side of Michigan, Kalamazoo. As I was rotating this morning, I was listing to the radio, and the host gave the results of the statement made by the woman whose 4-year-old little girl was found dead on her birthday a day before Easter.

He said that she admitted to everything that was done to the child, that eventually lead up to being the cause to her death.

All I could do is shake my head. It’s one thing for someone to die of natural causes, and another when it is caused by intent.

But, was it really the mothers intent to destroy what she went half on creating as a co-creator?

What drives a woman to a point of rage that leads her to commit the horrible acts that were did?

I mean when I think about it, it’s like: “man, what pushed her to that point where she felt she had to discipline her child by beating, and scolding her child with hot water?” 

The normal reaction for people when they hear about something like this is to instantly be fueled with anger and hate and unforgiving feelings by thought, because in one’s mind you say: “Who does that to their child?”

I myself used to be one of those type of people, but as I start really start paying more attention to the things that are going on in life, I say to self that, a lot of what we see is familiar isn’t it?

Has the acts that we bear witness to not been done before? I would say so, but many of us don’t think about that, because we’re to caught up in the moment of what has happened now.

What she did, has it not been done before? Better know it, meaning she’s not the first nor the last.

But, some may still ask why? That child nor any child should have to go through what this child experienced right? Why?

Well, from an artist who thinketh’s point of view, it’s always deeper than what it is seen to be.

I don’t allow my self to be swallowed, and caught up in my feelings and emotions when it comes to situations like this, because it doesn’t help, it only does more damage than what has already been caused.

If anything, I would want to try to have a better standing to why she did what she did. there’s no excuse that she could possibly give that would give reasonable justification to her choosing to do what she did to her child.

So, what pushes a woman to these points of rage? Bitterness maybe, scorn-fullness?

Ever heard the sating: “Hell hath no wrath like a woman scorned?” Hate? Hurt, lonely? Lost? Confused? Hopeless? Helpless? Tired? Evil? revengeful?

And those are just some of the many questions to why. but why would she experience any of those?

Because whether you know it or not a lot of women do, you just don’t or can’t see it unless you are able to.

Think about it, one of the first things that you see in situations like this is that, the woman (especially a black woman) have and are placed in a position that would possibly drive her nuts if she doesn’t have some type of constructive drive that would help her to gain a bit of ambition to carry the weight alone.

Where’s the dad? Where’s the one who she went half with on co-creating this child? When I watched the news on when this first happened, they never showed nor mentioned anything from what I can remember of the father.

Then there’s the situation where she was in the county jail on multiple warrants for arrest, so when I look at this situation as a whole for me, I see things a way beyond what the average is seeing, and it ain’t good.

Do you now see where some of the possible why’s come into play? Let me give you a much clearer example.

It’s the babies birthday, daddy ain’t around, she frustrated, because she has no many to do a party for the baby, she blaming him, the baby possibly even looks a bit like her daddy, she sees this in the baby, the baby probably did something minor, she already has misplaced unbalanced thoughts going on, and can’t vent it in no other direction except in the direction of who is in the presence of her now, and it sure isn’t him, and guess who got everything placed on them that she might have felt? The little girl.

Now, I’m not saying that anything that I just spoke on is the truth, I’m just saying that, there are all possibilities in all that I said because, because the Creator (God) and the Universe allows me to have the abilities to see more to things than what they may appear.

For every action, there is always a possible reaction based off of the situation whether it be good or bad. When I look at some of these women In Theses Day’z Of Tyme, I see some things in them that one has already been warned about, and to be aware of, but us men not only are able to see, but see, and allows self to be persuaded to willfully accept what one sees, and knows is not right about the acts of some of these women, but yet expecting these women to produce the goodness that is divine.

Romans 7:15
For I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate.”

So, did this young woman with a lost and very misguided heart, and soul do the very thing that she hated, which was to take the life of the image of her because of the possible feeling of that the worldly walls of pressure were closing in on her?

Maybe, and that’s why I touch on how important it is for one to be able to see the signs of the times, because nowadays you either focused or you flat-line, “it’s hard times in the city of Kalamazoo where my own kind refuse to show love and no pity.”  In These Day’z Of Tyme (Think About It).


How I Feel About Some Of The Things Going On In The World

Has The World Went Crazy, Or is It The People In It?

When we think about all that is going on in the world today, the first thing one might find self saying is: “The world done went mad or crazy,” but if you really think about it, has it really? Or is it those of the world who have? Ain’t it something how the world catches all the heat, because of the people who are in it? But yet, we still continue to blame the world for all that is going on in it. 

If you think about it, a lot that is going on is nothing new, it’s all been done before, and we tend to just repeat the cycle, whether it be good or bad, but that is just my thoughts on that measure.So, which is it, is it the world or some of the people in the world who have gone crazy? I say that it’s some of the people in the world why? Well I think if you really want the answer all you have to do is man and woman up and take that reality pill that awaits you.

I touch on things like this, because I know how important for one to think about such rather than easily dismiss it. People are quick to point the finger at the world without a second thought, because who wants to accept the responsibility for the acts they commit when they have a scapegoat? They have a way out, just blame the world for it right? To me, that is the lamest cop-out.

People want so much yet, no not how to even work with what they have now, why is that? I think it’s because some people think that the world and or the world owes them more, so they complain, and remain bitter, mad, pissed off, upset and vengeful towards others so they do things that they don’t want to be done to them, but it’s okay to do it to someone else, because some people; no A LOT OF PEOPLE are control nut cases who adopt other control nut cases ways.

All of this bickering in politics, and the petty war stuff going on. the water crisis in flint that was clearly intentional. The propaganda, the lies, deception, embellishment, theft from the people, greed and lets not forget the planned agenda to place women in control, and enslave and or even extinct man. And this is just some of the things that are going on, and it’s all done by doctored up by man.

So where does the world place it’s bid in on being a part of all this madness? Well, it is said that this world is Satan’s, and from the looks of it; it’s showing to be exactly just thought.

But like a coin there’s a flip-side to everything in life. The good, and the evil, the ying and yang, life and death, positive and negative, and that alone is truth in itself. that is something that we all can not only identify with, but also relate to by experiences that we all face in life.

It’s not really about whether I am right or not about the thoughts that I am sharing with you. What matters most is that, I am by my own freewill and choice thinking on a more constructive and balanced level to even kick what I’m kicking to you, because it’s not just me, nor has it ever been just me.

I just think about a lot of different things, and ways of doing things in order to better prosper as well as connect with people no matter the race, color or creed in hopes to not only be able to teach someone something, and even allow them to have an in-depth, and personal experience on my side rather than go throughout like assuming, and living out someone else s perceptions and ways of seeing and doing things in life.

You wanna knowing something? When I see self, and how I operate when it comes to thinking, and the things that I touch on, I actually find myself asking me of the most basic, but very hard to answer questions.

And I also think that, people find me to be Unreasonable, and may even think that I intentionally try to give off this projection that, I’m better than them, and or smarter than them because I choose to be on the level that the Creator (God), and the Universe wants and needs me to be on, but I assure you the reader that, that is not the case.

I do and say whatever needs to be said, because it is on my heart to do so, and me personally I feel as if I am like a vessel navigating throughout these unpredictable sees in this world. And in these seas like the seas that we know of from a good movie that we might have watched their also will be pirates plotting and waiting to invade you, board your ship, seize and take control, and hold you as a hostage on your own ship, and may even make you walk the plank.

And that is how I see this world we live in today, and that’s why I choose to use what once upon a time one was not able to do. This is why I exercise my freedoms, liberties, and rights. I don’t abuse and misuse what has been given, because that’s easy, it’s easy to do wrong, and hard as hell to do whats right and just. Doing so, keeps me humble and grateful for what I am able to do by the grace upon me.

There has nothing easy about the life I lead no matter my spiritual path, it’s always been a struggle, and throughout my struggle, I learned and I faced many obstacles, and gained much though my walk, which helped me gain the leverage in my mind state that clearly shows my ranking in knowledge, so why wouldn’t I be proud of that achievement?

“For wisdom will come into your heart, and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul; discretion will watch over you, understanding will guard you.” Proverbs 2:10-11

So, just that quote alone speaks a power in itself that only who has experienced such could see, feel, comprehend, and see this as truth for the only truth is through you, but that’s my philosophy. I see, and learn in a way that is quite different from the average, and apparently by design and chemistry this was meant to be for a bigger, and deeper reason than just me.

Being Divine is an honor in itself for me, knowing that I was possibly chosen for fulfill the task placed before me in life alone is something that I choose not to sleep on.

There is so much more to things in this life, and many of us are not able to see, and it’s for a reason. Some people have not worked hard enough on thinking beyond a base conscious level, nor have they paid much attention to the basic instructions laid.

Instead they choose to ignore, they choose to overlook, they choose to be hard hearted, they choose to repeat bad histories, they choose to be everything that is actually a test placed in one’s life in order for you to either choose to be and go one way or the other. It is up to oneself to find a way to bring balance in oneself s life, and that in itself is like walking though hell, barefooted on hot coals, now that’s hot!

But by our own freewill we choose to do so, but it is the experience that helps as a tool to mold you, everyday that you awake it is your choice to whether you will be molded for better or worse. you wanna know what I realized about some of what I see in the world today when it comes to people? They don’t want to feel as if they’re being forced to do something, but there are also those who want and or need to be told what to do can you see where I’m coming from? Some people can’t stand to be corrected yet, they want to try to correct.

There’s something else that I noticed to though. A lot that’s going on whether you and I want it to or not must go on in order for there to be balance in all of this; things had to happen in order for us to know so that we can learn and hopefully re shift, and or realign within ourselves not only dealing with personal things with self, but also be able to allow the works to be seen through self in order for other people can see the questioned truths that are clearly Divine.

I know that, I tend to lose people sometime with my way of breaking the logic’s down to what I speak on, but I look at like this; if it’s meant for you to know, and or for me to give you the answer to something you will receive it, but that right there is part of what I’m talking about, some people have been conditioned to wanting things to come easy especially knowledge and standing.

People nowadays are showing to be over sensitive, you even seeing it in the whole political presidential race, and debates the nominees have. look how Donald Trump, Mark Rubio, and Ted Cruz are acting. Trump and Cruz are acting like High school children talking about each others wives, I thought public was public and private was private? but the thing about it, even High school and college student don’t even do what those two been doing.

Now ask your self, when has that ever happened in history with other presidents who were serious, and in the best interest of showing why they should hold the responsibility and powerful position and title as PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES FOR AMERICA? See, some are scared to death to touch on the political issues, but always want to talk about whats not being done right.

I use to fall for that crap and brainwashing that I should not pay attention to politics. No! Not anymore, I wanna know whats popping, because it’s not just about me, it’s about giving a damn, paying attention to, and hopefully being able to figure out what and how you can have a say so, why? Because you live here, and you have children and family here so why wouldn’t you?

“My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” John F. Kennedy

Anyway, I’m about to end this post, but I hope that, you as the reader whomever you may be shall find what I’m touching on interesting, and even learn something. I also touch on a lot more through my musical artwork so if or when you have time check out some of my songs, and listen.

Songs like: In These Dayz of Tyme I paint the picture for you to be able to think about what I am saying, and even though I’m speaking on some of the whats going on in Kalamazoo, Michigan, it really doesn’t matter where you are if can relate, you can relate just that simple.

So, on that note feel free to enter-act with me by discussion, and or commenting on this post and any other one of my post and or articles. No, I’m this blog pro, but I’m learning because I know the power of this great tool.

No, I may not have to best looking website, but it’s mine, and it shows my will, ambition and determination to reach-out beyond in hopes to connect with others, learn from others, and at the same time people can know that, there are artist’s such as self who are offering more than just an opportunity for you to listen and hopefully buy my work.

But here’s the thing with that, I would prefer it as you supporting my work by Donation to my cause, so if you choose to support me  and my work if you like what I produce then that is truly love, and I would really appreciate it, because this is my time that I am spending and utilizing wisely rather than be out begging, doing drugs, stealing, robbing, dealing drugs and possibly even hurting someone for my own selfish benefit.

I know that, there are many out here who are running these  lies, and sneaky SCAMS, but not I. How can you not want to support, and be a part of an artist’s working that are Divine? I can bag up any and all that I do, and what I do, I do in the hopes of getting the right people to connect with me, chop it up with me, see and help me with my vision, and start backing up artist’s like me, cause we do need help, I NEED HELP, but I need the right help.

Are you who are reading this right now one in a position to do some good for others through me, and my work? Reach out and contact me, and let’s discuss it. You may have some ideas that will accommodate an artist like me. You already see the potentials right?

Do you want and need some of the same change that I strive to show and help these misguided children out here in the world to want and need to see? We want our children to act and do right, but yet they are fighting a fight with the wrong way of fighting.

These children are truly lost in a very thick sauce, and if they are not taught and given some type of hope that they can come  to afloat, then they will hit the bottom and mentally drown to a by exile to self. Alright gotta go, some of the good things that I strive for awaits. Make sure to comment, and subscribe to my list to stay updated and SHARE!!!!. Peace and many blessings.

When A Chief Speaks


Kalamazoo Rap Artist’s Music Elevates Minds

Why This Kalamazoo Rapper’s Music Is The Next Closest Thing To Listing To 2 pac’s   Music

So What’s the Big Deal About This Rap Artist From Kalamazoo?


One might ask, what is so special about this artist’s music, and why should the people take time out to listen to what he has to say? And what gives him the advantage over other rappers/artist who are coming out?

These are some very basic, but good questions that should be answered. Not just for the artist to know what and how people feel about the music he makes, but to also give people a better understanding to why this artist not only shows the ability to be competitive when it comes to the music industry, but to also place the power of fair decision-making back into the listeners, and music fans hands.

Let’s be honest, music is for as long as the Creator (God) and the Universe allows this planet to continue to exist. Whether you are religious or not, and see things different when it comes to the stories told about how this planet (Earth) was created, and how it was possibly destroyed by water, and then went under construction by the creator in order to bring order back is something that you would have to do your own thinking about and research on.

My point is, is that music plays a very important part in many things that we engage and or implement into our everyday lives. Music, and sound is far more than what you see it to be. It’s way bigger than being used for entertainment purposes. Just as it can be used to heal, it is also being used to hurt. How? Ask yourself what is sound and music and where does the information go? You guessed it, the brain, and the mind. Sound-waves travel to our brains, and rhythms and the art travels to our mind as information do you agree?

So, in that case if this is true, then it can also be agreed that both have a direct effect and significant impact on us by what is being delivered to our brain and mind and how we take it in and use it for our best interest all boils down to two main things that affect us all and that is our emotions and feelings. Everything is a mood, you can be in a good one or bad one, which draws back to dealing in ones emotions and feelings towards whatever the situation may be. Do you kinda see where I’m going with this?

Music alone plays a big part in the molding, and shaping of our thoughts, whether it be good ones or bad ones music affects us like a drug, and affects us by the feelings that we have towards something, and that’s where mental health comes into play. Yep, Mental Health is a big problem, a definite Battle of the Mind, and it’s something that I know very well.

Some people may not even be aware of the fact that they have a mental illness, and then all it takes is the effect of something like music, and drugs that are the tools that work on your mind, and all it takes is the two to be combined because of a certain situation that one may be going through in their life, and next thing you know, you have an even bigger situation, possible suicide, and or violent behaviors that lead one to their final resting place or an D.O.C (Department of Corrections Institution).

And for those of you who aren’t familiar with the acronym, and if you don’t know, the prison system is a big business that makes  plenty of money off of those who are getting caught up within it, because of lack of knowledge and or just feeling like there is no other way to make it in life, and that’s what they want you to think by your own freewill, all they need to do is like the Joker said: “All that was needed was a little push!”

There is so much to cover when it comes to the whole mental illness situation, but I’ll save that for another time. I’m trying to get you to see how music is being used as a tool to corrupt, disrupt, program, and play a part in your actions towards leading you to your own self-destruction.

Let me ask you the question that I ask many: “Who is the biggest musician in the world?” Some have said Michael Jackson and other artist, but there is an even bigger musician than your favorite. He was given this position as Chief Musician. No, not me, the one and only SATAN. He or it is the Chief Musician of the world are things getting a little clearer for you now?

Hard pill to swallow I know, but now you can take what I am typing and you are reading and you can think about it, because that’s all I really need to do and trust me, it takes time out of my life just to be typing these thoughts. Prove it you say? I know you just didn’t say that did you, I don’t have to prove what is actually being projected and played out right before your eyes.

Some of the music that is being pushed throughout the music industry, Television and especially the Mainstream Media. Click the Picture of Eminem and be redirected to a source that I found that gives some very important information that reveals some shocking mental health figures in the entertainment industry.


It’s business, but it’s also a little more than that. Could it be that some of these rappers are being paid to get you to enslave yourself by falling for the stories they tell through the music they’re putting out? Just look think about it, and then start paying more attention and then see if things start adding up. I could easily start going off naming plenty of names, but I’m not about to get into all of that.

It’s easy to point the finger at someone when they doing some things that they shouldn’t, but don’t we all? But to be honest, that’s a cop-out and I’m not gone let that slide. If your wrong then your wrong, and it would be right and just to work towards making things right, but that alone is a very hard task and easy to say when you live in a world that is flooded with everything opposite of what is good.

If it’s of good, (Divine) then they need you to see, and think it to be bad, and if it’s bad (Evil) then you should praise it and look at it to be of good. Now, do you see the power of Deception and trickery in that? Do you not see what has been done and why our children are acting out the way they are?

So now that I’ve given you some thoughts (Knowledge) to think about, now let me switch lanes and tell you why this recording rap artist’s Chief Adam the Great X is not only an artist who is definitely showing though his music that he fits the description and title as a Chief, but also is going far and beyond to be that artist for the people who delivers to not just those who are still trapped in the street life, but most importantly those who suffer from Mental Illness/ Mental Health issues that so many suffer from In These Dayz of Tyme.

This artist is doing it like no other rapper coming out, and the thing about it, he’s doing it with no help and or assistance from the Music Industry, Press, Mainstream Media, Blogs, Radio Air play, Family Support, so-called friends none except for the Creator, (God) the Universe, and those who are worked through like the few who do help by either sharing his thoughts and music through social media, the purchasing of his music and or donation.

He is able to fund his own projects without going back to doing what he once depended on by merely just doing what is asked of him by the Creator and the universe. I know that you probably are arching one eyebrow right now from what I’m saying, but that is your freewill to do so, I am not here to try to convince, but to elevate and educate.

When listening to Chief Adam the Great X’s Music 4 the Mind he takes his listener on a personal journey within the mind of one who has hands on experience with songs like: Mentally Ill, and really takes you on a mental ride giving you something to think about and look forward to with songs like: It Get’s Deeper. What he brings is basically awareness, narration the good, the bad and the ugly all at the same time, but from different angles somewhere similar to the way 2 pac voiced his message on the mic, but in a more drill SGT. type of way.

So with all that being said, my only intent is to shed some light on an artist who is well worth taking a listen to, and commenting on his work good or bad. It’s something how people are being deceived, manipulated into getting them to support promote rappers music that, if you pay more attention is not the art of Rap and Hip Hop that we once knew, and loved because the messages sent held more meaning, and more uplifting than damaging to the mind. But who’s fault is that, the rapper who needs you?

Or is it you, the one who they don’t even really have to convince all they have to do is say something in their music that you think is slick, and it is, because they slicked you right into their Rap Trap, and for them it’s all just business.

So, I say to you reader of this post, will you continue to aid and abed those who are corrupting the minds of our children that haven’t even began to develop yet with subliminal messages that tell them that it’s okay to Rape, Kill, Pop Molly/ Ecstasy Pills? “Click the Picture” below, and it will redirect you to a source I found that is very interesting and this is what your children are being introduced to. All…. look aren’t they cute? Nice way to promote something that alters the mind.ecstasyfeature

So, is Chief Adam the Great X’s music the next closest thing to listening to 2 pac’s music in these days of time? Is his work able to win the hearts of some of the listeners of your favorite mainstream rappers? Is his music even worth taking the time to listen to?

Well, the artist/ rapper has made it possible for you to find and take a listen to his creations, and has proven how serious he is with his business by not only having a very appealing website to visit, but also a blog to go a long with it giving his platform a DUAL FLOW. Fell free to leave a comment and even build a discussion below, and support this artist who shows to definitely be #TheArtist4thePeople.

When a Chief Speaks


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