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Are There Really Zombies Walking Around?

Paying Attention To Your Surroundings Helps

I seen something that made me think even harder about how important it is 2 be working on self, and why I work so hard at what I do. Some of our people (Black folks) (African Americans) are out here doing and looking really bad. It’s a real ugly picture, and seeing this young bruthah scurrying around from one person to another asking for money talking about he trying 2 come up oon $20 to get him through the week, then tried 2 hit me with the God script, nose draining pants falling down wit a tat on his cheek gave me a visual 2 how and why Caucasians label you.

I see this picture that I paint 4 you everyday. It hurts to see some of these katts out here the way dude was, but I also am Aquimini Minded and know when some of these jokers have these ADDICTIONS (Molly Meth Monsters) controlled by what you have no idea about. Got our younger generation out here loose as a goose wit no feathers.

So what did I do when he finally gained up courage 2 ask me? My voice alone made it clear of my no time for the scripts, he wasn’t getting no damn twenky that’s 4 sure, I did give him a dollar though. not because I felt bad, because his standing is because he’s choosing 2 go the easy route out. I told him that he has his eyesight and able to move around and 2 try to get self together, because when these people call them “ROMAN SAINTS” 2 come get you, that 2 was also a choice. There’s more to this, but I’m not going any further on that.

My point 2 this post? Though I cringe at seeing what I see, and have a soft spot 4 my peoples condition I also tell my self that, sometimes that condition is what they choosing. I don’t judge, but know when 2 go ZERO 2 the NONSENSE. These type are why MY RACE OF PEOPLE are looked at as a danger, and animals, DARK, WORTHLESS, BOTTOM FEEDERS, LAZY all the NEGATIVE, and who’s 2 blame?

So I say 2 you, that the projections are a choice. How do you want and need people 2 see u? So 2 kill those projections, I realized that it all started with self. I got tired, and reached 4 help, and though I it was hard, I did it, but I got tired, and I hope many of my other people get tired and reach without allowing self 2 be looked at as nothing more than one who is trying 2 find their way Yes, dude needs help, but he also must take that first step. watch 4 these type, because their out here, ZOMBIES and Demons in disguise IN REAL TIME.


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