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Why Subscribe 2 Chief Adam the Great X’s Mail List?

Do You Think It Benefits You 2 Subscribe 2 My Feed And Newsletter?

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So your probably wondering: “Why should I join Your list Chief Adam the Great X? Well for one, because I am #TheArtist4thePeople, whether you are aware of it or not, being connected with REAL people is very crucial, and beneficial on each end. Being able to have that source that is reliable and on point brings a since of relief and at the same time you will be plenty to learn, and think about for the one who seeks. My reason for making a list is to be able to have a better balance, and control of the flow of information that I send out. let’s be very up front and clear. Though knowledge and certain information should be available to all, it has proven time and time again how some of the people who we place our trust in tends to let us down, and down hard. Give you an example? Look at the whole religion thing, it is not one’s religious beliefs that do the most damage, because religion itself is no more than just a tool, and spiritual way of educating oneself that helps you to find discipline, focus, and standing.

But instead, you have some nut jobs, wackos, Gurus, awakened, enlightened so called truthers who are on a mission not just out, but especially inside the WWW (World Wide Web). You have those type who use knowledge as a tool in order to control you and deceive you. There’s a saying: “Man Makes Nation, Nation doesn’t Make A Man,” but I find that in itself to be like a double edged sword why? Because some of the teachings that you may learn in a nation will have some type of impact in molding you. Anyway, not to get off track, but having a list basically helps me to help my subscribers by being able to better build with them and the ability to get to better know those who look to me for reasonable answers, and it is also a way of showing me who’s who.

I can’t stress how important it is to reach those who are interested in what I have to offer, whether it be though business; my creative art work, music, consultation, networking or what I have to say. I am am now finally finding out that, who I take the time out to cater to, and who am I really connected with, whose engaging, and interacting helps me to do the work that I enjoy doing, and that’s helping someone out mentally if I can, and this is why I am putting my list together. A list is a great way of being better organized, and it helps me to reach those who are looking for solutions to certain issues they may be having. It’s not just about me trying to get you to listen to my music, and or even buy my music, but to see that I’m bigger than the thought itself if it ever popped up in your head that I’m just another rapper who trying to get on and or be seen or get famous.

Just by reading this post, you can see that I am living up to my slogan as #TheArtist4thePeople. As a rap artist in my own unique way, I paint the picture for you, so that you can think about what I am saying and then either take action, or just act as if I’m just the crazy man, rapper, attention seeker, or just bored out my mind soul who just talking to be heard, and need the social networks to do so. Is that who you see me to be? I hope not, but some do, so I have to do something about that. It is not up to me, to force change unto you, but equalize your mind in hopes that you will be able to gain something from what I will be sending to those who have taken the time to subscribe to my Newsletter.

You will receive updates and special offers, FREE STUFF you know how people just love free, music downloads and opportunities to be able to obtain vital information that may help you in time. No scare tactic stuff coming from me, just to get your email spammy scam stuff, I’m one of the as real as it gets, and it is not an agenda to get you reeled in like the rest, I’m just trying to do what is right and just in the eye’s of the creator and the universe, just trying to give back just as I was given.

So with that being said; here is your opportunity to get connected with me, because soon, I will not be dealing with everyone especially on these social network site, because you have a lot of folks out here who just loosing their damn minds why? Because In These Dayz of Tyme there is so much going on and so much information that has truth mixed with lies that it can be really frustrating and stressful on you when your trying to learn, trust me I know. Which then causes one to make some very critical errors, and put yourself in a position to be mislead and deceived. So, are you ready to subscribe? Click the picture above, and you will be directed to my sign up form, you will get a email, which then all you need to do is follow the detailed very simple instructions, and your in. So what are you waiting for? Get connect wit #TheArtist4thePeople who has #Gods4lo. I look forward to helping you out if I can, but you must first look towards helping your self when your SELF is in dire distress of being elevated, God bless.



Rap Artist For Kalamazoo Says: “He Is The Savior Of Rap?”

The very Powerful Question Continues 2 Surface About Rap And Hip Hop Being Dead

Is Rap really Dead?

We all know that Rap and Hip Hop hasn’t been the same since the old day’s of your favorites of the 80’s and 90’s. The two cultures were used as ways for Rap and Hip Hop artist to not only show that they had skills on or off the mic, but what they deliver to their audience and listeners thoughts that held substance and meaning. So what happened? What happened to the image of Rap and Hip Hop?

Well let’s just say, it took a major make over and was overthrown by those who saw it as a way to push their poison by injection of the drug dealers mentality. Yes, they found a way in, and made Rap and Hip Hop they’re new playground, and by doing so, they convinced us to believe that, their way is the only way, and without money, cars, clothes and some hookers on the side you ain’t talking about nothing. Wow!!!! Is that how mainstream artists really feel about those who support they’re music business? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking the hustle of no one, the grind or how one eats.

What I’m saying is that, when the shift came, and these people who run the music industry got together they had big ideas, and hardcore plans on how they were going to mentally enslave and brainwash people especially our children.

“They’re actually The Target,” using the two cultures as tools in hopes that it would get the job done, and while they make big money off of you and I they also can be entertained by the great fall of these two cultures all at the same time. You think I’m nuts don’t you? Just the thought of it is disturbing and mind-blowing isn’t it? some of these new rappers are killing the game alright; key word “KILLING” and has really gave Rap a bad rap haven’t they? And triple H.H.H (Homosexual Hip Hop) has a death certificate.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is no homo phobic feelings coming from this way, but I don’t and won’t never EVER agree with that behavior, but I respect ones choice, and I let it be, but I make my self very clear on that situation alone, because it is an agenda waging war against Blacks, African-Americans whatever you wanna call it, but I’ll save those thoughts for another time.

So where was I? Oh, how these bastards are killing the game. Yep, that they are, and guess what, when you support these type of mainstream Rappers and Hip Hop artist you are looked at as an accessory, condone, supporter and endorser of the seeds that are being planted in the minds of the new generation. Just by the glorifying of the things acts of some of these rappers is basically saying that, the new dope they’re pushing is cool to use right? Wrong!!!!!! These rappers have a job to do, it’s just business, and part of they’re business is to actually corrupt the minds of not only grown folks who like to party, which is no problem there, and idolize the false lifestyle that some of these clowns sell you.

They’re like vampires who search for innocent minds to manipulate and work of your emotions, and feelings by illusions and deception and then sink their fangs deep into your children’s mind jugglers, reminds ya of Ole Count Dracula huh? All you here from these “W”rappers, and horrible Hip Hoppers is the promoting of everything opposite of growth, and development. Money this, and money that when in the end it’s nothing but illusions that they’re selling in order for you, and your children to be reeled into supporting what is actually one of the reasons why things are so bad out here in these streets. Don’t think so?

Think about what’s promoted the most throughout the music and by some of your favorite rappers; drugs, guns, drill music, sex, kill yo ass, trapping, thugging, I’m a boss, it’s cool to be a fool, and wuss up with all the clown looks? I’ll save it for the next thoughts. And think about how hard they’re pushing Homosexuality and I can go on, but I won’t, I’m just giving you something to think about. So no we come to the blame game. So, who are you blaming for all this chaos in Rap and Hip Hop music? Some are pointing the finger straight at the Music Industry for all the watered down nonsense Trap crap Rap and horrible Hip hop that’s coming out.

But it’s not, I think if anyone is more at fault it’s some of the mainstream Rappers who came up off their deals, and just basically turned their backs, or you have those who mixed truth with lies, because they were used as agents. And then you have those black Power types who were here, and then, I guess since they weren’t being the puppet that they were supposed to be, they got crushed, because when someone else is finding your work as the money front behind your promotion you either do what you are told, or else.

I’m pretty sure that a few rappers come to mind don’t they? So with that being said, what I came to realize is that, things are and have never been what one has thought all this time. Some of the Rappers who we looked up to were being paid off to keep you entertained, and promote Deception, and phony lifestyles of the fake and heartless. so then, you have the Music Industry that is the money and muscle behind certain rappers who are picked to fill a slot and have a shot at making it big, and being successful and famous. Some of them are potentially good, and mean well, but there are others who have some other things in mind and it ain’t just making you a star neither.

All by design and some of you who know better, but yet you still support those who tell your child it’s okay to do what they’re actually telling their Children to not do. What? yea, you heard me right. Some of these rappers (Agents) are some horrible dudes; how you gone tell my child who looks up to you and likes your music that it’s alright to trap or die, glorify death, and promote it your products and works, but turn yo deceiving ass right around and make sure that you tell yours to go to school?

Poison mine, and save yours? Who the does that? But then you have to think about who supports them? Y’all do, and don’t act like you don’t. Anyway, it is now deemed that Hip Hop is dead, and Rap is nothing but crap and there is no hope for either, because all of the great ones have made their money and now they’ve moved on leaving the cultures for the next vultures to feast on, because in the end it’s just business right? But what about the children who are coming up in the new Generation?

And as you can see, it is all going as planned for those who sit behind the scenes at they’re the desk watching the sparks fly, because whether you know it or not, there was an agenda from the start by those who saw a way of using the cultures to not only make big money, but also a way of having control over listeners, fans etc. And that ain’t even the half, but I won’t get into that right now. What I do want to get into is the fact that, though you have these (Corrupt Music Pushing Agents) out here, there is still hope.

There are rappers who are coming to the forefront who are against the agenda to poison and corrupt the minds of me, you and our children. There are still real rappers coming out, and not for selling out. The thing about it, they are struggling because some of y’all are so caught up in the illusion that you just overlook these real Rappers work, and guess what; there are those who really don’t want you to know that there is artist who are coming out who are for the good, right and just of the people.

The type of artist who work day and night trying to put projects together for listeners such as your self, but you must also remember this; it is you the people whose thoughts, and time that count too. do you not know how important it is for you to search, find and engage with artist who are giving you food for thought? His mission is to take back what was stolen. Take it for example Michigan is well-known for talent to surface from it. Big names like Derrick Jetter, T.J.Duckett and Greg Jennings are some well-known famous names who are successful athletes who got they’re big break coming straight outta a familiar city called: Kalamazoo.

Well, this city not only has talent in the athlete field, but there’s also very unique and inspiring Rappers making their intro strong, powerful and ambitious. A storm coming. What is this storm? A lyrical Hardcore Gospel Rapper who comes from the streets of Kalamazoo who goes by the name Chief Adam the Great X is on the rise.

But this artist/rapper is not just your average Gospel Rapper coming out, this artist/rapper is really stirring up a storm of controversy when it comes to his music, and thoughts. This rapper is saying that “He is the savior of Rap,” he really didn’t comment on Hip Hop, but did say that, “As a versatile artist with #Gods4lo, I am able to represent for both cultures, no one is doing it like me, nor can I be mistaken as a clone of your favorite Rapper.”

His main focus is on taking back Rap by doing the work of God by being the salt and the light that is truly needed right now. This artist is proving to live up to his name/title by being great at what he does, and his new video called:Man of Steel (God’s 4lo) is really an eyeful, ear and attention catcher.


Chief Adam the Great aka ZOORILLA

The Title alone says enough to make you wonder what he is bringing to the table. In this video he is not holding back nothing, and going all the way in showing his skills as a real rapper and straight lyrical madman with his genius and insane type flow. He also drops some big names who are mainstream, and others who are rappers from Kalamazoo as well. In a bar he says: “I’m a spiritual lyrical madman from K-zoo, I’m a badman, but good at heart and can be coldblooded like Triple Darkness?” Hmmm…. What or who is Triple Darkness? And then he goes in really giving his listeners straight #Gods4lo when he says: “So take heed whack rappers, black face menstrual tappers/ I got three words, you a sellout, manipulated by the hands of the wicked?” Whoa! I’m a leave it right there.

Well, if you didn’t know about this Rapper, you do now. He also has a hit single that’s elevating minds called: “In These Day’z of tyme” (Think About It that is from his Ep. from 2011. A lot of people are talking about this song alone, and it is said that he is also working on his album project called: ‘The battle of the Mind.” All I can say is, if God has anything to do with this Rapper, we are indeed in for a hardcore awakening.

Make sure to check out Chief Adam the Great’s Music 4 the Mind, and pay attention to how he breaks down the scriptures for you. Don’t forget to subscribe to me #Gods4lo list, I’m out peace and many blessings.

When a Chief Speaks


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