23 Year Old Shot While Inside Vehicle In Kalamazoo

Shots Fired!
Another shooting in Kzoo 23-year-old Kalamazoo resident was shot last night Sunday, Dec. 20, 2020 while inside a vehicle. (adamthegreatx | chiefadamthegreat.com) Aquimini Productions

Seen them disco lights flashing down on South Howard and Westnedge Street. I decided to spend a bend to see what was popping, and that’s when I seen the yellow tape surrounding this what appears to be a grayish silver truck.

The Mission

I wanted to see if I could grab some quick shots, and so I did. And while doing so, that’s when I seen the officer tagging the multiple casings on the scene. #CanUImagine? Yep, looks like a shooting scene from First 48 don’t it?

23 year-old victim found in vehicle shot
Scene where a 23 year-old was found in vehicle shot. (adamthegreatx | chiefadamthegreat.com) Aquimini Productions

To read more here’s a news link on it Victim, 23, shot while inside vehicle in Kalamazoo

Issues In The City

So why am I posting this? Well, as an artist, and a bit of a writer/journalist, I do it for awareness purposes. Awareness is fairness right? And I’m pretty sure that, if you in Kalamazoo and if this was somebody you might know; a friend or family member you might want to know right? I really just be catching these moments when I’m out taking care of business and running errands, and when I see something like this I might touch on it, and I might naught. I do it if possible and when able.

Shot of Forensic Lab For Sunday night Shooting
Forensic Lab shows up on scene for shooting. (adamthegreatx | chiefadamthegreat.com) Aquimini Productions

What I try to do; naught only as a music artist, but also a producer of naught just music, but also photography and video content. That helps me to stay engaged, creative as well as show how some of the many thoughts/lyrics I put down clearly shows to be relevant to the times that we all are facing #InTheseDayzofTyme from community to community, “It’s getting bad.” Yes, but naught as bad as it could be.

As I been touching on, it’s the battle of the mind, and when you think about all of the substances that folks out here using, especially the drugs, alcohol and all these different types of energy vibes of music being absorbed what can one expect?

I think we all can agree especially if you’re in Kzoo that, though something like this is nothing new (Shootings) when it comes to how it goes down in the Zoo. And what you can do is… start paying more attention, stay more alert and aware.

Why You Should Do

Be more open-minded, considerate and less reckless minded. Read some of my other blog post, listen to some of my song content. Stop being acceptable to the unacceptable when it comes to the acts, ways and behaviors projected by these children nowadays. And share some of my work content with them.

What Can They Do

These children must take some major first steps towards recovering from their own addictions and one of them is called: “The Streets.”

Paths, Choices, Experience, Learning and Purpose, maybe.

Anyway, I just wanted to touch on this; the 21st is tomorrow, which also comes with a big shift. Spiritual Awakening is taking place. What does that have to do with this? Energies my friend, energies, time, purpose, making changes and alignment.

When A Chief Speaks

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