3 Killed In Collision With Amtrak Train

I woke up to this morning only to realize how even more important it is to show my thankfulness and appreciation to the most high almighty God for just being able, and the little, because even when feeling like I’m going through it, I’m reminded by such tragic events like the one below that, I have stay focused and so I wanted to breath on ya about it.

I can only imagine how this played out, and ended just by knowing how slick the roads were yesterday. It was so icy that, while rolling, I could feel my own tires spinning while in motion and even telling my daughter about it. And then to wake up and hear about this; and know exactly where this collision happened, I can only paint the picture in my mind to the possible of what, how and maybe why this happened.

It was possible that, the driver heard the train and tried to beat it. And while in the process of doing so, what if the tires were spinning as the driver tried to gain speed to beat the train just to get pass? #canuimagine? Can you imagine being in the seat, and looking through the eyes of anyone of the three who were in the car and see through their eyes at that very moment to know that they are in a situation where they are no longer in control, a “OMG” and wish that they could turn back the hands of time?

Sometimes All It Take Is One To Choose To Change The Frequency

Yes, changing the frequency is very important right now, because a negative one shall make nothing any better. Here we have yet, another horrible and tragic death of young people in Kalamazoo being claimed while under the wheel. But we see people out here reckless running all the time. I just shake my head. Some of these people who are behind the wheel of these automobiles show to think they are in total control, and at the same time showing to naught have any control or respect for mother nature’s process.

But all this comes from choice. The choice to strive to be more cautious and move naught only in the best interest of self, but also in the best interest of others when you are aware or should be consciously aware just by your experience alone, and that experience is knowing of the possibilities when it comes to this type of weather and slick roads one is driving on.

So who’s to blame for yet another horrible and very tragic situation to add to the already collection of them, and the suffering and pain of prior families who have already taken L’s of family who were victims to automobile collisions, and crashes?

I can even recall texting someone last night telling her to be safe, and cautious while driving because it’s super slick on the roads. And guess what? Would it matter if I told you that, that same person who I texted, it was one of their family members of the three in the car? 😯

What was the chances? Spooky huh? Scary? Call it what you want, I call just doing what any caring cautious man would and should do, and that’s make time to bring awareness to manifest by just saying to those who you say you care about: “Roll safe and with caution, because it’s slick out.” Instead, it’s just the opposite. Do people show to naught care only until tragedy strikes? I would say so. Why? Because that is what is shown when people show to only care when they feel the need to, and say something when they feel the need to and no one can tell me that is naught the case.

They are naught releasing any information on who, and the age, but I can almost guess that they were young, but there are those of you who do. So with that all being said;

“I send my condolences out to the family and friends of these three people who lost they’re life in such a horrible way.”

When will the percentage decrease in-car crash tragedies like the one’s we clearly see jumping off in Kalamazoo? Maybe when the attitudes of people (Especially the young) and mindset change when behind the wheel and in traffic. Are the hands that you’re in good?

It’s going to take more than just praying, it’s going to take more. But the question would be what? Warnings always come before possible destruction In These Dayz Of Tyme does it naught?

When A Chief Speaks

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