4 found dead in murder-suicide in Massachusetts | Relatives?

So, here we go with another one from the artist 4 the people. I was checking on something else and happened to run across this article right here. One that looks very familiar, and if you’re being paying attention to my post, you would see that, it should be familiar to you too. Well, according to the article I am reading from the NyPost, it seems that, a similar situation that I just posted about earlier (Triple Suicide Murder) that just went down last night in Portage, Michigan. And these 4 relatives found dead in apparent murder-suicide allows you see why I’m saying what I’m saying. Almost identical are they not?

I would say so, but I’ll leave that up to you, the possible subscriber, viewer and reader to decide whether it is or not. Coincidence? Hell, I don’t know I’m just sharing my seriously enlightening thoughts on what I read, and possibly see. 

So, let’s get to it. According to the article read, three men and a woman died in a apparent murder-suicide that was spread across different scenes in a spot called: “Lynn, Massachusetts” last week on Tuesday, officials said.

Relatives Found Dead

It’s also said that all four people knew each other, according to the Essex County Attorney’s Office. Officers from the Lynn Police Department said they responded to a report of shots fired, which led up to two men ages 34 and 66, dead from apparent gunshot wounds. The neighbor reported hearing 20 shots at the scene. 

Then, a little bit after about an hour or so, and this is in the evening between 3 and after 4pm. It’s said that cops found a woman dead inside her car in a Stop and Shop parking lot about a mile away. Now get this, Officials determined that, she went out from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Then comes the fourth person discovered dead and, in his car, too 1/2 a mile from the Stop and Shop, and said to have been popped off (Killed) by the same suspect, which is who? The female according to what the police told WHDH Now remember what was said earlier above: “They’re all relatives.”

What Race of People Were They

One thing I’ve noticed also in these two tragic situations I’m touching on is what race were the people in either situation. Well, I actually have a good idea to both, but I’ll not say on either. Is it important to know? Yes, I would say so, but for now that’s just something that I don’t want to focus on, I’ll leave that for the comment section. But what I will say is that it’s almost second nature to think that when situations like this jump off who comes to mind first? Be honest don’t lie to yourself. I’ll touch on that more in another post.

To read more on this kit the link below.

Thoughts From the Artist 4 the People

Now, I think you can see why I decided to do a quick post on this, and why it appears to be similar, and definitely relates to what was just posted this morning and afternoon Apparent murder-suicide | Parents and child who was 6 So, let me ask the question now, can you see what I see? Can you see the ongoing struggle, invisible enemy and simmering war being waged upon man, woman and child? Again, have I not been speaking on how it’s the Battle of the Mind for years now?

Does this act clearly show to be yet another example to it? You really have to stop and make some time to ask self not just to know, and why. But also make time to think about the impact that these types of situations are really having on people be it directly or in directly. How Mental Illness, Suicide, and how people of my tone and other races too, but I’m speaking on mine right now. To how horribly violent endings be for our people only for it to be looked at by some as the norm? Na, I think not and that’s why it’s very important to remember. Remember what you might ask. #canuimagine

When A Chief Speaks


Article Source: TheNyPost

4 relatives found dead in apparent murder-suicide in Massachusetts

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