92 Year Old Veteran Stands His Ground By Bearing Arms

The Right To Bear Arms Protects Home And Life

I don’t watch the news much, but when I did this morning, it actually was worth the watch for a change. The title alone speaks for itself to why the story caught my attention. To me, these are the type of stories that should really go viral, but they don’t because in these days of time some peoples attention is magnate d more towards the misuse of guns. They even have a story called: “Taking Aim” The Gun Right Controversy when it comes to the right to bare arms.

One good reason why gun rights are so important

There is a lot of talk about how the President Barack Obama is trying to strip us of that right to bear arms and there are some politicians who also feel the same.

But here is a real story that shows and tells why this right should NOT be tampered with, altered or infringe on. Here it is, you a “92” year old Veteran, and home owner who’s home was broken into, and could have been a different story had the man not been able to defend his self from this unwelcome intruder by having his gun for protection.

“I could have shot him between the eyes, but I didn’t” is what the veteran stated as he showed the bullet holes in the wall to the reporter the size of a nickel. The older man was swift too, as he gave an example of his skillful handling of his favorite pearl handled .44-45 as he cocked it, and Placed it in his holster.

“It wasn’t a shock to me, more of a “Right on”because this is big. No one can predict the future to what could happen, and law enforcement, police officers, local Sheriff nor federal agents can be in all places at one time.”
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So how can anyone; even the President or any politician possibly think that, the stripping of or changing the constitutional amendment of ones unalienable God-given right to bare arms for warding off by warning shots or even shoot those who infringe upon ones life, liberty and happiness would make our children safer or even the elderly SAFER? I think not.

What if this man turned out being one of those who believe and were in support of that idea for everyone to just turn in their guns because of some agenda, and so he too decide to go along with that plan, and then this happened.

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Do you really think he could forgive himself or even survive to be able to live to tell his story? And remember; this is a 92-year-old American man who fought for the same LIBERTIES and FREEDOMS that are at risk at any given moment in life, and the story that I seen this morning is that proof.

There was no one there to help this man, and in a situation like this, who would be able to call for help from law enforcement?

I can’t express how much I appreciate brave, and courageous people like this, reminds me of my mom, because she is the same way, and growing up in the city and environment that she did having a gun has even saved her life plenty of times.

So when I think about this, and I think about all that is going on with the whole GUN GRABBING idea to disarm the real people in The United States and several States for America.

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I don’t like to accuse or assume, and nor am I into all of the anti-government stuff, because to be honest, its hard tell what’s real and what’s not, but it is possible to see the difference, and when you have a government that hates the people who voted/elected and entrusted them in hopes that they would not just say things, but also do the things that they promised to do in favor of the people of this nation of all people of races and nationalities.

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Why would they want us to give consent and or try to violate the rights that one has to live, by trying take another right that helps one to be able to do so with the right to protect ones life, and property?

This right here just goes to show how important it is to not just have a right to bare arms for self-defense and security purposes, but to also understand that, with great power also comes a great social responsibility govern your actions by not abusing that power and right.

yes, I agree, there are some people out here who are just being plain reckless with the use, and handling of fire arms, but remember; a fire arm doesn’t have a mind of its own so it is not guns that kill people, it’s the handlers of the fire arms and that’s common sense.

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And clearly this elder man showed that everyone is not abusive, and reckless minded when it comes to owning fire arms, and one would think that, a man at his age would not be thinking as clear in order to make certain decisions such as he did to choose not to kill this intruder, and had he done so, he would have been all the way in the right, because he was in his own home and was intruded upon, so the law would have been in his favor, but his actions clearly sent a very powerful message.

I just hope that people especially the President Barack Obama, and others who are against people who have a unalienable right to bear arms for protection, and security purposes can also see the message in the story of a man who stood his ground, and had the choice to take a life, but didn’t. Two lives were saved, and only the Creator (God) could play the part in one’s mind state to be as clear-headed and focused as this man was to spare the intruder WITH AN AX’S life.

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People have a right to protect themselves, and their families and even friends out here in this cold, wicked world of unpredictable events. we’re out damn near naked, and not protected by body guards, secret service and bulletproof glass; there are predators out here thirsty with fangs searching for prey everyday, and where will law enforcement, and government be when in someone like this mans time of need?  Does owning fire arms do more good than bad?

Leave your thoughts on this below, would love to see what others thoughts are on this.

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