Rap Artist Beat Maker creates a simple sound melody

Rap artist Beat Maker who give it to em raw and like no other.

Rap artist Beat maker universal sound production is what I’m into. This allows me, to be able to also project my own light as a producer. Interestingly I have been able to work with some other music producers, but ya guy Chief Adam the Great X gets down too! In the video above,  I give a little demo and input on how I bring life to tracks. For me, its more to it than just being considered a rapper, which is something I don’t consider self as. I’m more of a rap recording artist, and like 50cent said: “I get it in.”

What do I mean by the statement made of being a universal artist? I think my actions and work alone are self explanaitory so, I’ll just let you think about it. Anyway, this is just a little beat and video made as I creatively bring to life sound, melody along with a custom beat. Also, make sure to leave a comment below. Like and share this; leave me some tips on what I can do to better serve you as the artist for the people. Peace and many blessings to you all.

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