About The New Total Lunar Eclipse

Did You Know About The New Total Lunar Eclipse?

Fullmoon after the new Lunar Eclipse

Okay, okay okay. So I’m late making this post about the new Lunar Eclipse (Super Moon) (Blood Moon) that took place on the 26th. But I didn’t take the time to do what I am now doing now. However, I did take my own shots of it as you can see right above, which was on the 27th; not even knowing that it probably was happening right then. Only to realize that it was the night after. Below is a video live by Griffith Observatory that shows the Lunar taking place.


But prior to, I had got wind of it when I seen an alert that a really cool and cosmic woman who motivates, inspires, and tells it like it is… and who goes by the name of Bodhi was live, so ya guy plugged in, and I’m glad I did. She touched on the fact that this Lunar Eclipse was about to pop. What she spoke on was some really enlightening and vibrant thoughts about what one should expect when it comes to the accommodating energy of this new Total Lunar Eclipse that will come out of it, and how it may apply to you, and your life.

Aquarius and the Lunar Eclipse

Aquarius and the Lunar Eclipse

So in her video, she’s going to share some of what she said that I feel like pertained to me. Why and how? Because I can relate to some of if not most of what Mz…. Bodhi was speaking on, and the fact that, well you know, I’m am an Aquarius Ryda for those of you who don’t know, now ya know.

So with that all being said, look, listen, read and learn. You can also check out the source to more about the Lunar Eclipse by reading the breakdown Science Alert did.

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