Angry Black Man Walking In The Street In Kalamazoo Pt 2

Angry Brother Man Walking In Street Traffic The One Of Many Issues In Kalamazoo

Pt 2

Alright y’all, as promised, here’s part 2 video of what I seen Sunday evening, and my thoughts on it, and other things that should be addressed among-st our people, which just may well play a major role into why you’re seeing what you will see in the video. Now are you asking why I’m choosing to invest my time in doing this post, and video?
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Because you better know that I know how it is to be adult-knapped, violated and hauled off with no trace or anyone to help and or say anything when it comes to my life mattering. Does anyone know if he’s okay? how he’s being treated behind closed doors of the Kalamazoo County Jail?
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Or, is it that only certain people’s lives matter who are more connected, which is merely that PRIVILEGE shhh…. that black folk oh so love to talk about when it comes to these Caucasians using it, but yet I think that many black folk are using it among-st those who are packed with are certain group. What am I talking about? #CanUImagine?
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