West Main automobile crash in Kzoo

West Main automobile crash Can U Imagine?

Another West Main Crash

So, I try to touch on the importance of being just a little more aware. Especially when it comes to situations like this one right here. You’ll find that, I have prior post when it comes to situations like this one. Short Video of Strange Vehicle Crash In KzooI was working on another post, and while looking for something else, I ran across this article. You can hit the link to see and read more on it below.

To read more on the story Click Here —>  A two vehicle crash that led to the closing of West Main and Nelson Street. It happened earlier according to the article on News Channel 3 around 2:20 p.m. Around that same time, I was taking another route a few blocks away to get her to work on time. I felt something in the air though.

Guess that’s why I was moving with as much patience within mind, and Spirit as possible. It seemed to be a lot of traffic just right there alone.

West Main automobile crash

Yep, this is yet another one to go along with the other west main automobile crashes that I’ve seen. My question to self right now though is this: “Did some of the situations that happened in traffic that, I did post on happen close to around this time?” Am I tripping? Reaching? Coincidence?

Maybe, or maybe not, but either way the point is this. Hell, I even seen another one on North and Douglas Street. Possibly why? Because there’s more road work being done, and some people are either not paying closer attention. And or, are showing to do what I see a lot and that’s unnecessary rushing.

Final thoughts of The artist 4 the People

I’m really just bringing awareness to it, and to me certain areas like this one on West Main are hot-spots. I feel more and more that, it’s Spiritual. And that’s why the importance of having the most high with and as your copilot is super important. And if you don’t think so then by all means you feel free to prove and show otherwise, because at the end of these thoughts I’m typing.

It’s not just me, talk typing. My experience alone can be looked at as no less than one who’s credit is good, and not just by saying it. may something said help throughout time. #Can U Imagine

When A Chief Speaks

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Short Video of Strange Vehicle Crash In Kzoo


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