ASAP Rocky’s Alleged Shooting Victim ASAP Relli Comes Forward And Plans To Sue

So, I found this article that I ran across very interesting. I find it very interesting because I do recall reading, listening to and watching the last situation that took place some a couple of years ago involving ole Asap Rocky. Wasn’t he the same rapper who got into it with a guy in another country? Yea, the situation where the man who didn’t speak English felt some type of way about Asap Rocky, which led to him (Asap Rocky) slanging the guy to the ground in what appeared to be an alleyway.

Asap Rocky and co. Ended up going to jail, and couldn’t get out. Not only that if I’m remembering correctly, that situation took place during the time former president Donald Trump was in office. There was talk about how he was being treated poorly and inhumane. Which then led to talk about getting help from the US etc.

ASAP Rocky was arrested at LAX in April in connection to a shooting and more information is coming out.

ASAP Rocky’s Alleged Shooting Victim ASAP Relli Comes Forward And Plans To Sue

Now, moving on up but without George and Weezy to this situation that appears to be much more serious than the other. Article is basically an update to Asap Rocky now caught up again. This time it involves someone much closer to him. From some of what I read, he’s accused of shooting his manager Asap Relli.

To read more on it you can hit the link above.

And now, Asap Relli had filed a Civil Suit. So, here are some of the thoughts of The Artist 4 the People when it comes to this situation. It’s bad, but for who? My thing with it is the fact that, all it’s showing is a continuing image and message.

Image and message of? I could say quite a few, but I’m right now, I’ll leave that for y’all to take a crack at looking at and thinking about.

Who Does It Affect?

It has an invisible effect in many more ways than you may be able to see at this time. And that’s a part of why I chose to share my thoughts on it, because when you look at this situation along with the many prior one’s before this one. And ask self: “Is it helping the image?” And what type of an impact may it have in time. #CanUImagine

When A Chief Speaks

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