Black Lies That May Impact And Affect You

♒💨 It’s been a minute putting one of these type of videos together, so I put one together. 🍵😎
The video below is self-explanatory, which means that I really need naught to do too much more typing. And in truth, I am actually working towards easing up on the mass typing, because in all honesty, it takes a lot out of me, especially when it comes to mind and time.
So in order to continue to #giveit2emraw and like no other, I have focus more on getting content done in a way that lessens the overloading of one’s mind, time and thoughts.
Anyway, this actually was a test video and when I was reading something about ole’ Jessie Smollett, I decided to touch on it, because it’s definitely something that truly needs to be addressed especially when it comes to the image that is clearly being projected when it comes to black men in America folk/people, African-Americans, and how it may well possibly have an in direct impact and effect on our race of people.#canuimage ?
May something read, and or touched on help you to see the value and worth in my thoughts, and creativity that will hopefully give ya something more to ponder on as well as see who and what is possibly more at stake.
When A Chief Speaks
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