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So What Does Knowledge Mean 2 You?

The Artist Who Thinketh

Pretty sure that one knows how important knowledge is, for it is key to ones better standing in life, but if misused it could also lead one to a road that their really not trying to venture down. For me, knowledge is a very, very powerful tool, and if used properly one would be able to see why it was said to “Get knowledge for a better understanding.” But there is much to try to understand in this life in order to obtain a what I call: “A Better Standing,” why? because if you are able to see further by thinking beyond to know that, it’s important for ones growth and development alone, then you could then better appreciate why when you are able to experience it hands on by one own journey throughout this life.

Did you know that, Knowledge is one of the major keys to personal development? if you don’t then you do now. oh, I bet your probably saying to self: “Why, because you said?” Well, to answer that humbly for you no, not because I said, but because it was written way before you or me. I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard the strong slogan: “Knowledge is power rite?” It is, and by exercising ones mind in order to have this really pays off in the end. But then “with great power comes great responsibility” right? can you see it? Can you feel where I’m going with what I’m saying to you the reader whomever you may be? It’s a Battle of the Mind a tug of war to try to do what’s right when your surrounded by so many distractions, and obstacles in this game of life.

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Which then leads to mental stress, depression and confusion. just when you thought you had it all figured out, and then next thing you know, life serves up that test and when it comes it’s all on you to be ready and prepared to face off with certain situations that you just can’t ignore. And these type of situations alone are what and why you see the things that you see In These Day’z of Tyme. Knowledge is what helps one to reconstruct ones thoughts, and thinking towards life itself, trust me, I know. I come from the street life of many obstacles, and distractions. growing up thinking that, this is the way when really it’s not. Peer pressure, just wanting to fit in some how, so you make certain choices regardless the consequences because what child is thinking about that at the time? Then comes other experiences such as: getting involved with the so-called hip things to do that makes you look and feel like you fitting right on in with the crowd; drugs, gang banging, sex and action “Criminal behavior.” now, do you see what I am able to do right now?

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I am able to walk you thew like a tour guide of some of the things that are everyday life for some, and I use to be one of them. What I am able to do at this very moment is hit you with some jewels “Knowledge” by my own experiences that you now have that you can by your own choice and freewill think about. Some use knowledge they find to manipulate people, and or use it as a way to control someone, and you see it all the time, you just not as aware and on point. example? just think about some of the music that you hear nowadays, but here’s the thing, it has always been here, and it never left.

Let me ask you, if you grew up listening to someone all your life, and you believed them, because what they were saying sounded right, they made you feel as if they really knew what they were talking about, and then all of a sudden down the road you found out that what some of what they were say was the truth, but at the same time they also had an agenda to deceive you just to keep you cuffed for their own benefit. “Like some of the music you listen to,” but the difference is that you choose to rite? But if you knew that your favorite rapper and or recording artist never really gave a damn they were just saying it so that you would be reeled by what they’re kicking because it sounds good how would you feel?

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How would you feel as a listener and or fan of your favorite rapper to be mentally used? Wouldn’t feel good would it? are you asking your self right now “Is he serious?” Let’s just say that if I proved to be right, you would know right at that very moment how it feels to be hit with a “Knowledge Brick” upside your head. Would shake you up wouldn’t it? I bet it would, and that’s my point to this knowledge post, to hit you with some thoughts to think about without mental force. I shouldn’t have to make you want or need to think, you have to want and need to do that your self you feel me? That is why I am in this field of business “Music,” it’s a very strong magnet; for other rappers it’s a very good bait to reel your mind in with.

I can go on and on when it comes to this subject, topic whatever you want to call it.  My aim is to help one to bring balance to self by the equalizing of ones mind state in order to obtain the tools that could be very useful while starting to first rebuild what has been broken, and that is the connection to the One. My aim is to help one to bring balance to self by the equalizing of ones mind state in order to obtain the tools that could be very useful while starting to first rebuild what has been broken, and that is the connection to the One. This is not all about me, it’s about what is right and just for the well-being of the people, especially those who don’t have a clue. It is up to artist like me, to want the need to be the voice, the leader, and example that is needed right now when it come to what is being catered to you as a listener, and or fan of good music.

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They keep saying that Hip Hop is dead, and rap is nothing more than a just a lot of noise. but let me say to you, that you the listeners and fans are at fault for the mask that the two genres wear today, but if you all knew how important you were to artist like me, then you would have a better standing with where I am coming from. So with that being said, this is why I have this blog, and site up and running so that those of you who are tired and fed up with the bull crap rap and hip hop that’s coming out that’s coming out. you have a decision to make, we all have choice to make.

This is bigger than just being entertained, this is about taking back what was stolen, this is about bringing back real rap by supporting artist who are out here and care about the culture. Here at Chief Adam the Great.Com, you are welcomed into the mind of a man who is familiar with some of the things in life that could be quite confusing to one who has either experienced and doesn’t know why, or one who has not and doesn’t have a clue. My aim is to help one to bring balance to my visitors by the equalizing of ones mind state in order to obtain the tools that could be very useful while starting to first rebuild what has been broken, and that is the connection to the One. The first source of all sources, the author of all authors.

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This is the first step to gaining what is needed to get the job done. Realigning and rebuilding ones house. So, are you ready to start building? Take the blue pill and start your journey. Looking for the return of real rap? Check out the lyrical scriptures of the Chief. Click Here—>Getcha Red Pill Now!

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