Can you be a productive creative?

So I came across this post that is very interesting. It’s interesting because as I took the time to read while in somewhat creative mode earlier this morning. After reading from beginning to end, I found what was written very helpful.

And I found it helpful because hell…. In the beginning it was like the author was actually me! Especially the whole procrastinating and hard to stay on track and focused and that feeling of something possibly being wrong with me!?

I have a complicated relationship with “productivity.” I learned as a kid that I am not very good at productivity in the traditional sense. I struggled to keep up with homework. I procrastinated and ignored household chores. Even as a surly teen, I thought there must be something wrong with me. I tried to implement […]

Can you be a productive creative?

Anyway, feel free to read the thoughts above, and who knows…. You just might be able get some seriously enlightening thoughts that were helpful. So can you be a productive creative? #canuimagine

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