Death Of 4 Year Old In Kalamazoo, Michigan Was Due To Discipline?

Some Of These So Called Mothers Are Out Of Control, Order And Law, But Why? It’s For A Reason.


So here’s the question: Are these Black Women/mothers of children who did not ask to come into this world out of control, order and law?

I think they truly are, but that’s just me, what about you, how do see this situation?

And though this happened in Kalamazoo, Michigan, this type of issue is not just going on here, a woman in Detroit, Michigan committed even worse acts on her children.

She put hers in a freezer, and some more horrible acts to go along with that.Check out the video below.

Now, let’s get to my side of Michigan, Kalamazoo. As I was rotating this morning, I was listing to the radio, and the host gave the results of the statement made by the woman whose 4-year-old little girl was found dead on her birthday a day before Easter.

He said that she admitted to everything that was done to the child, that eventually lead up to being the cause to her death.

All I could do is shake my head. It’s one thing for someone to die of natural causes, and another when it is caused by intent.

But, was it really the mothers intent to destroy what she went half on creating as a co-creator?

What drives a woman to a point of rage that leads her to commit the horrible acts that were did?

I mean when I think about it, it’s like: “man, what pushed her to that point where she felt she had to discipline her child by beating, and scolding her child with hot water?” 

The normal reaction for people when they hear about something like this is to instantly be fueled with anger and hate and unforgiving feelings by thought, because in one’s mind you say: “Who does that to their child?”

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I myself used to be one of those type of people, but as I start really start paying more attention to the things that are going on in life, I say to self that, a lot of what we see is familiar isn’t it?

Has the acts that we bear witness to not been done before? I would say so, but many of us don’t think about that, because we’re to caught up in the moment of what has happened now.

What she did, has it not been done before? Better know it, meaning she’s not the first nor the last.

But, some may still ask why? That child nor any child should have to go through what this child experienced right? Why?

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Well, from an artist who thinketh’s point of view, it’s always deeper than what it is seen to be.

I don’t allow my self to be swallowed, and caught up in my feelings and emotions when it comes to situations like this, because it doesn’t help, it only does more damage than what has already been caused.

If anything, I would want to try to have a better standing to why she did what she did. there’s no excuse that she could possibly give that would give reasonable justification to her choosing to do what she did to her child.

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So, what pushes a woman to these points of rage? Bitterness maybe, scorn-fullness?

Ever heard the sating: “Hell hath no wrath like a woman scorned?” Hate? Hurt, lonely? Lost? Confused? Hopeless? Helpless? Tired? Evil? revengeful?

And those are just some of the many questions to why. but why would she experience any of those?

Because whether you know it or not a lot of women do, you just don’t or can’t see it unless you are able to.

Think about it, one of the first things that you see in situations like this is that, the woman (especially a black woman) have and are placed in a position that would possibly drive her nuts if she doesn’t have some type of constructive drive that would help her to gain a bit of ambition to carry the weight alone.

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Where’s the dad? Where’s the one who she went half with on co-creating this child? When I watched the news on when this first happened, they never showed nor mentioned anything from what I can remember of the father.

Then there’s the situation where she was in the county jail on multiple warrants for arrest, so when I look at this situation as a whole for me, I see things a way beyond what the average is seeing, and it ain’t good.

Do you now see where some of the possible why’s come into play? Let me give you a much clearer example.

It’s the babies birthday, daddy ain’t around, she frustrated, because she has no many to do a party for the baby, she blaming him, the baby possibly even looks a bit like her daddy, she sees this in the baby, the baby probably did something minor, she already has misplaced unbalanced thoughts going on, and can’t vent it in no other direction except in the direction of who is in the presence of her now, and it sure isn’t him, and guess who got everything placed on them that she might have felt? The little girl.

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Now, I’m not saying that anything that I just spoke on is the truth, I’m just saying that, there are all possibilities in all that I said because, because the Creator (God) and the Universe allows me to have the abilities to see more to things than what they may appear.

For every action, there is always a possible reaction based off of the situation whether it be good or bad. When I look at some of these women In Theses Day’z Of Tyme, I see some things in them that one has already been warned about, and to be aware of, but us men not only are able to see, but see, and allows self to be persuaded to willfully accept what one sees, and knows is not right about the acts of some of these women, but yet expecting these women to produce the goodness that is divine.

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Romans 7:15
For I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate.”

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So, did this young woman with a lost and very misguided heart, and soul do the very thing that she hated, which was to take the life of the image of her because of the possible feeling of that the worldly walls of pressure were closing in on her?

Maybe, and that’s why I touch on how important it is for one to be able to see the signs of the times, because nowadays you either focused or you flat-line, “it’s hard times in the city of Kalamazoo where my own kind refuse to show love and no pity.”  In These Day’z Of Tyme (Think About It).

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