Erica gets ousted for use of word Monkey

Erica gets ousted and is now out the door

Erica gets ousted for the use of a word considered as a racial slur towards black people.

In case you haven’t seen what’s trending right now. This is what happened recently. What is looked at to a racial slur when it comes to black people, and was used by Erica Mena, a known video model/actress. And as a result, she won’t be appearing on the scene for next season’s Love and Hip Hop airing.

Why? Because she got fired over what she chose to say to a castmate who goes by the name Spice. This situation went down in the final three episodes of the season according to what I’ve read. So you might be asking: “What type of racial slur was used for her to get ousted?” In the video clip CLEARLY you can hear Erica Mena not only calling the Spice chic: “A Monkey” but added the color blue to it.

Yikes! I can see now where that came from, and why she hit her with the “Blue Monkey” because the Spice chic is wearing a super blue wig during the the time.

What Led Up to This Intense Point

I think we all know that there’s always some extra to celebrity madness mess like this. But I’m a focus on where it ended up to where the chic Spice either brought Erica’s ex-husband. Was it due to her child was mentioned in the conversation? Or maybe it was the combination of the two?

What Erica Mena said to castmate in Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta

Eitherway, ole’ Mz. Mena ended up loosing her cool, and her choice of words placed her in bad light. You can hear Ole’ Mz. Mena screaming: “Your son hates you B****!” It’s also said that, these two cast members show to have some hsitory with one another of back and forth beef. From that very moment, it was on and that’s when the back and forth of personal things came out.

It got personal and very sensitive things came out between the two. Which Erica eventually showed to not be able to take it, but dished it out. Served it but didn’t want it served back. The ongoing verbal battling throughout the series, and finally reached it’s boiling point and boiled over.

Mz. Mena’s 16 year old SON “King” hating his mother, but then it was said it was due to bringing up her ex-husband. So allow me to also make known that: “Based off the information, it’s a little confussing.”  There’s also a moment in time where you can hear ole Mz. Mena saying: “Don’t bring up my son!” Nonetheless, that’s when the Spice chic accused her of playing victim, and ole’ Erica then flipped the table?

Erica Gets Ousted and How Fans Took This

How did fans feel about this? Well, you know how they do, they took it straight to social media and blasted Mz. Mena for the slur.

Fired and Won’t Be Returning Next Season

From what’s being said, and read: “Effective immediately, she will not appear in the next season of Love and Hip Hop : Atlanta.” This is the outcome, and fate of now former cast member Erica Mena who they fired for calling the Spice chic a blue monkey. Me persoally though, I feel like it’s not happening just because. The battle of the mind continues. What you women whatever your race, skin tone and nationality is are choosing to get and learn from this is what matters most, stay aware.

When A Chief Spaeaks 

Source Video and Site: MSN Erica Mena faces Backlash for calling Love and Hip Hop castmate a Blue Monkey



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