Face App Owns Access To Millions Of Users Faces And Names

So I been seeing how people were making post themselves looking old. Hell, it got so good to people you even had some celebrities/entertainers getting in on the fun.

But then, I seen someone had shared a post article about the “Make You Look Old Face App” from Forbes site, so I decided to go and take a peek at what was being said.

And from what I think is being said is that; those of you 150 million people who used this “make you look old” face app may end up naught being the only one to have fun with, but in a different way.

The article on Forbes site basically stated that your facial, and name could end up in another country somewhere like Moscow? Wow… Say it ain’t so.

Naught only that, but AI is also involved and may use your name and facial for training purposes. #canuimagine how many, many of y’all may be in a HEEP of trouble? Talk about harmless old look fun. Y’all be careful out in these online social streets.

When A Chief Speaks #KnowledgeAndMusic

Source Link: Forbes More About The Make You Look Old Face App

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