Find Out Why This Police Officer Said That Some People Are Going Too Far & Need To Be Locked Up

So, I found a video that was naught only interesting, but kinda funny too. Police Officer down south in speaks on two incidents that gives him good reason to feel how he feels to why people out here during this Corona Virus pandemic are going too far. First situation was when a guy told him that he (Got Dialysis) and couldn’t be out in the (Canova) Virus. And the second situation was a woman who said she’s home schooling her children and messed around and said: “The (Carnival) Virus isn’t no joke out here.”

So, you already know I had to put this one out there for y’all, because like he said; “She’s naught the only one.” He said it’s getting bad out here and naught just because of the Corona Virus either. Now, whether it’s true, which I think it is…. or naught. I can see both incidents taking place. Awareness is fairness, right? And I think this is where one has to ask self: “Does Education Matter?” There are issues with Mental Illness taking place naught just in this situation but going on in other neck of the woods, which then leaves room for one to see the importance of the advocating of Mental Health Awareness. This also leaves room for one to also see how the Battle of the Mind also fits right on into the equation does it naught? And why songs like: “I Was Sent” tends to be relevant to why I touch on what I touch on when it comes to the conditioning that our people are allowing self to continue to be subject to, and why we possibly go through what we go through.
To finish this post, I’ll also leave my final thoughts on the fact that; even though you have so much serious shhh… going on in the world today when it comes to Law Enforcement (Police Officers) and how the title itself due to the actions of some of these power tripping abuse of authority showing police officers throughout the United States of America is tarnished. No matter how bad it looks and seems, you still have officers like this one who God and the universe may well be working through to show hope, and humility as well as the fact that there are good Spirited Police Officers who choose to naught be how they could, but what may be needed. Can U Imagine how we need more of this on both sides?
When A Chief Speaks Knowledge and Music


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