Flint Michigan Sting Caught 22 People That Targeted Children

The War On Children And Human Life Is Real In Michigan

I found this story by Fox 17 to be very interesting being flint already has a major situation on they’re hands when it comes to the water crisis, and now they also have human trafficking issues as well. Guess the draining of the swamp is real, because I’ve never seen the exposing and focus of finding and putting a cease on this type of mess by cracking down on child predators. Michigan has been the light when it comes to Human Trafficking.

People keep talking about how f*** up President Donald Trump is, but yet you have children out here being solicited and sexually assaulted as well as taken against their will or sold off.  So let’s come clean with the possible truth of, and fact of the matter that since he’s been in office, you’ve seen more good results (Raids) than naught when it comes to the shedding of necessary light on how good this mess has been hidden in the dark, and how bad of a problem it really is when it comes to the attack on innocent lives of children in our State, country and nation as a whole now let that sink in. So let me ask; Is the assaulting of 2 year old’s something that, I or even you, the reader should see as something that should naught be payed attention to, and addressed?

The #battleofthemind is real, and so is the war of children #canuimagine ? #waronchildrencrisis

When A Chief Speaks

Source Link via 22 caught in Michigan sting targeting child sex solicitation — Fox17

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