For My Weed Smokers In Michigan

Weed Smokers In Michigan 

Weed Smokers Awareness

Weed smokers in Michigan. I have something for y’all to think about. So lemme get straight into it. I ran across a article, which you’ll find below. Unsafe, molded, contaminated Marijuana in Michigan. A judge decided to lift the recall that the Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) put out. Viridis Labs are accused of giving unreliable or inaccurate test results of the very large amounts of Marijuana. Basically many of y’all gone be smoking on not just LOUD PACKS but molded contaminated packs. If it ain’t one thing, it’s another. These legal Marijuana dispensaries have now opened up shop in hopes to operate a business. When buying Your Favorite Lung Candy, I am encouraging y’all to be more careful as well as aware while buying it. Dec 14, an unknown quantity was ok’d to sale. How serious of a situation this is?

Could this be a possible crucial and very crippling blow to the marijuana dispensary business game in Michigan. It could also create health problems? Was the whole legalizing of Marijuana a good idea? I kinda knew down the road there would be some problems like this that was gone popup.

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