Do I Have 1 Real Reason to? – Helping angry women who Black – Part 1 & 2

Angry Women Who Black Do They Make It Harder for Other Black Women?

Angry Black Women Don't Need Help

So, I found myself in a situation a couple of Thursdays ago. I decided to not only do a live about it, but also put a new video together for y’all on what happened. What I decided to do at first, and what I ended up doing when I see a Black Woman (Sistah). One who I felt could’ve been one of those angry women that I tend to see all the time.

I find it very interesting to how some of these ungrateful, unappreciative type end up find themselves in situations. One’s where no matter what they say. And get they’re ego up to talk that: “I don’t need a man” s*** they end up showing otherwise. Yep, things happen leading up to them being in need whether they like it or not.

Yeah, you know, the new world black women who show to have these very slick and nasty at the mouth, mean evil, slithering tonged and unbearable attitudes just because. And though there are those angry women of my tone who may have more valid reasons to be I will admit. It doesn’t stop me from talking about the ones who pretend to.

The one’s that be cutting the hell up just because they feel that they can. Not realizing that, their acts and ways are really just showing how real, and strong the programming is. Yep, I said it programming. Yep, that’s what I said and you wanna know what’s worse? The fact that you have some of these angry black women out here that’s doing it with no regret.
Not even a care in the world that they’re not only making themselves look super bad. But also making it even more bad for other black women who are not. And those are the ones who truly may deserve. So, in this situation, I ran across someone in traffic at a stoplight only to realize that it wasn’t just the brake lights that were lit up, it was whomever it was hazards that were blinking. So, I moved around so I could turn off to get to where I was trying to get to, which was right across the street. As I pulled to the side, that’s when I noticed that it was a black woman. I thought about it, and then made my decision to just keep it moving.
As I pulled to the side, that’s when I noticed that it was a black woman. I thought about it, and then made my decision to just keep it moving.
I know, I know super petty right? Was I wrong? Was I wrong for feeling the way I felt after the fact? Dig though, actually my first thought was to help, and then; something crossed my mind, and I turned off and kept it moving because I was trying to get to where and what I was trying to get to #CanUImagine what though? None of it was expected, it just happened. But then, something else happened. And that’s why I needed to do a live video about my story, and experience to the possible. Checkout both part 1 and 2 and leave a few thoughts on what you might have gotten out of this and or if you got anything at all from the creative work, and thoughts of #theartist4thepeople.
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