Honor Respect Loyalty And Integrity Why They Still Matter

I’m pretty sure that you see what the title says, and if these four are still important. Then why is it so hard to see the energy of either administered through those who you feel it should come from? Does it Matter? And do they still matter? First off, one has to ask self some serious questions like: “Do you really know how each work, and how each accommodate helping the other?” Each are very important as far as I’m concerned, and I think quite a few other people who know would also agree with me. So lemme break it down for ya, Integrity. Integrity leads up to Honor. And to be honored leads up to Respect, which then give one a good reason to even want to extend Loyalty would you naught agree?

Which now brings me to something else, I would like to now bring awareness to how you have those who are being looked up to, and loyalty being shown to; are receiving this type of love from those who are from the generation Y and new Z generational level, which I feel is a part of the reasons to why we are now seeing what we see when it comes to much of what we are seeing and experiencing #InTheseDayzofTyme

So why am I bring this up you may ask. Well, because it’s something that I truly feel deeply about, and find each word important to how one uses them in life. So lemme be clear, it’s a lot bullshhh…. going on out here, and people are naught only playing with these words, but also causing them to loose their potency due to them; like everything else it seems slowly being watered down and diluted. don’t think so? Take a look at what’s going on within the music, and entertainment industry for a very good example to start with. I’m naught gone get too deep into that right now, but think about what you have seen just in a year or two alone. Ask yourself: “Are some of your favorites showing the importance of either of the words above?” How about in the streets? Family? Friends? I can start naming off quite a few situations where each of the words have been ignored and violated. Why? For one, the accepting of the un-acceptable.

Yes, this is how I feel because clearly this is what I am seeing taking place. And this is why I feel so strongly about making it clear to my status and position be it as an artist who writes, records and produces. Or, simply administering what was ask of naught just me, but those who are chosen to project the work and words of light. A light worker, that I say is what I strive to be while the promoting of darkness and unrighteousness is what is showing to be successful in the magnetizing of our people, now am I lying? This is why I can’t stress enough the whole (Click The Hashtag) 👉 #BattleoftheMind situation. when you look at everything that is taking place right now especially the main one right now, and that is the #Covid19 #CoronaVirus world pandemic. Is it naught showing to be just that? Just something for you to think about. Can U Imagine.

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