How they abused the System British Somali man Executed

British Somali man Executed

What up y’all. The artist 4 the people here with another seriously enlightening post on an article I just happened to run across a little earlier, and thought that, it just might peak y’all interest and worth bringing a little awareness to. So, what am I talking about? I’m talking about this article did by The Peninsula where it touches on how it took 70 years for the UK police to apologize for wrongfully executing a British Somali man So, according to what I’ve read, in London. The family of the British Somali man executed in a British prison has now received a police apology for the “terrible suffering” the miscarriage of justice has caused. 

Who Was Mahmood Mattan

They’re saying that media reports that Mahmood Mattan was a father of three who was hanged at the age of 28 in September 1952 after convicted of killing Lily Volpert in her Cardiff Clothing store. And though he protested his innocence to the end, he was still found guilty even after the tirelessly campaigning did by his apparently loving, and caring family. It also says that this was the first criminal case review commission referral to be quashed at the court of appeal.

South Wales Police Chief Speaks

Then there’s a public statement made by the chief constable of South Wales saying: “This is a case very much of it’s time – racism, bias and prejudice would have been prevalent throughout society, including the criminal justice system.” Also saying that: “Mahmood Mattan was in no doubt the victim of miscarriage of justice as a result of a flawed prosecution, of which policing was clearly a part of.”  

Why Was Mahmood Mattan Executed 

They’re saying that detectives from Cardiff city police, which are now a part of South Wales police investigated the killing of Volpert, 41, whose throat had been slit in the docks area in March 1952. And after convicted, his family; wife and three sons campaigned for 46 years for his name to be cleared but all have since died.

Fair Trial for Mahmood Mattan?

He was a former seaman from British Somali-land and was arrested hours after the murder according to what I’ve read. And if you call charged and convicted by an ALL-WHITE JURY IN A THREE-DAY TRIAL in Swansea a fair and unbiased one. Then, I guess he did even-though commonsense should have been kicked in for you to see and know that clearly that wasn’t the case. No forensic evidence and Mattan even having an alibi backed up by witnesses, and yet, these mafas they still went on and did what the f*** they wanted to do.

It also says that Mattan spoke very little English, and during the trial in his own defense barrister called him a “semi-civilized savage.” Really? Called the man this and come to find out not only did he not even do the murder, but what he was called; he didn’t even deserve to be labeled as. Hmmm… also Interesting to me, is a keyword in that phrase that we see many black people have become so blindly accustomed to and comfortable with seeing themselves as is this not true? And in 2001 the Mattan family is said to have received compensation from the Home Office, but never an official apology from the departments police until 70 years later.

Privileged Race of People Who Abuse the System

And for me, that’s exactly what they showed to had done. And not only that, but color I feel like may have been involved too. This man’s skin-tone may have shown to be close enough to fit the image script of a black man in all of their hate filled, prejudice aid and abetting eyes. Yep, that’s how I see and feel about this, and it’s very upsetting, disturbing and disappointing no-matter how long ago it’s been, was and happened. They hung this 28-year-old family man by using and abusing of power, authority and system.

You can read more by clicking on the article links below.

Final Thoughts from The Artist 4 the People

Alright, so there you have it y’all… A very straightforward example to how the non-colorblind racial hatred, racism continued to linger among-st and within the minds of those who were placed in positions of power to basically get away with they’re seeking of a thrill, and for entertainment purposes acts and ways of going about such a situation especially such a beyond tragic one like this. There’s so much that, I could say in regard to, and response to this. I mean what were they thinking even-though we can imagine the possible truths to what they were thinking. It just goes to show you that, they didn’t care, and if they did it was only to find someone to pin the murder on as long as it wasn’t someone of their race and skin-tone?

70 years after the fact not only uncovers the hidden wrongdoings and injustices committed by a society, and community of a failed race of people who have no problem giving it out, but yet don’t want any parts in the receiving of the same energy. But also, a very clear reminder, and awareness to one of the many history lessons that we may not be aware of, but when you know. It tends to be very familiar. One of my questions would be: “What did, and do you get from this, and how can this be something to learn from in order to put an end to anybody for that matter being wrongfully targeted, accused, judged and life taken over what the privileged race of people would use as an excuse, but clearly an UN-acceptable excuse, which would be “Mistake.” But you know the worse part in this whole situation?

The man, and his family were failed, and though there was finally an apology 70 years later. My question would be: “how does it help the ones who tirelessly campaigned for 46 years?” It doesn’t and can’t, and if so, it would only be through the means of ones Soul’s looking down and saying: “Look at this s***.” And on an endnote, I say to those who are placed in positions of power and authority especially when it comes to police officers and government officials; this is why it’s very hard to trust you. No one wants to have to go through this! Can U Imagine.               

When A Chief Speaks

Source Article:

The Peninsula: It Took 70 years After 4 UK Police 2 Apologize?

BBC: Killed by Injustice


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