Is Makeup Sorcery Real?

I found a post that, I clearly want 2 touch on. Is Makeup Sorcery Real?

What I saw on rilla, it hurt to see, and for any woman to try to hide or be ashamed of the problems they may have so they look to quick fixes. Example?

Click the link here—> Wear Makeup. Women (especially Black) try to make a guilty excuse for hiding they’re true self, and beauty I’ve noticed.

But if you understand for a better standing; this is all part of a process to corrupt your mind woman, to BELIEVE that you need this bull shit in order to look and or feel pretty and or be accepted.

And the one behind it all is a deeper, darker source to the problem. The demonic spirits that are surfing the earth, who needs agents in order to get the dirty work done.

Yea, I’m pretty sure that I may catch heat for this, and I ain’t gone say that I don’t care because I do or, I wouldn’t even waste my time in even addressing it, but the truth is the truth and especially for you (black women).

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Some of y’all are completely at LOST of your identity, and it’s getting worse. I challenge any woman to debate this, PROVE ME WRONG, and I’ll gladly apologize if I’m in total error, because I go super DEEP.

Not to degrade, not to tear you down, though in order for something to be rebuilt, one must start a demolition process, but to break you down, and in high hopes of helping you rebuild, to help you better identify with who you really are, and not the regurgitated, cloned copy and shameful image of what some, and my self would see as an image we all know well, and that is the image of a sad ass clown.

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Truth hurt huh? Stings don’t it, probably naught if your one who is hard-hearted, and want to run around and act out the ways that are projected by some of your favorite actors, rappers and entertainers am I lying?

Is that naught what we see projected daily by women today? I know that goblin is mad as hell right about now, but you know what?

Everything is possible, and I have faith that, you can make the transition, but you can’t do it alone. I am here, and the creator (God) is working through me, and others speaking to you.

So, if you’re a woman, you’re reading this right now? Don’t be mad at the messenger for your choice in the matter, and you may call me all types of names,but I really don’t care, I am naught subject to accepting the unacceptable easily.

And look at the example your setting for other young ladies coming up. Because when you truly look at by choice and freewill you lose as hell, and you know it, or do you?

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You are allowing self to be fooled what is that? Please stop doing this to your self. Seek the creator (God), and ask for guidance, ask questions to self, and don’t deny self-help, and the creator will send it like he just did for I am just a messenger.

Feel free to leave your thoughts, and even correct me, if I’m in error in any way for needing woman to return from exile. Here’s a link to this madness of photos that I found of

WOMEN WHO USE THESE CORPORATIONS MAD SCIENTIST PRODUCTS <—-click here. We really need to talk about this.

When A Chief Speaks.

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