Is The Las Vegas Nevada Shooting An Extra Reason To Justifying the Destroying of the 2nd Amendment?

So here we go again with yet another one of these shake and bake it into ones mind how there needs to be Gun Control, because of what happened in Las Vegas Nevada, which is now being called: “Las Vegas Shooting Massacre.” For those who don’t know or haven’t really caught much wind about it, which I doubt, because they’re at it again blasting it all over the news, online etc, but yea the Las Vegas Shooting

But you wanna know my first questioning to this whole shooting? How it was said to had went down on Sunday, but didn’t broadcast “full programming ahead” until Monday how come? 🤨 Did you catch what I said? It was supposed to had went down Sunday, but wasn’t fully covered by the mainstream news until Monday morning. Why? Didn’t think about that did ya. 😏

Were there naught news reporters on the scene for the concert itself? 🤔 Or better yet, here’s a good thought that you might want to think about. ANYTHING AS HORRIFIC AND TRAGIC AS THIS SHOOTING YOU WOULD THINK, THAT THEY WOULD DO ONE OF THOSE “BREAKING NEWS FLASHES” REMEMBER THOSE? 🤔 Yea, you would think that this would be pushed through the reporters news outlet right? Why?

Well, because the news is a competitor field if you didn’t know, and one (Reporter) would be trying to beat the other to the punch for the first story right? Some may say: “They didn’t have time to cover it, because of the 5-10 minutes of repetitive shot popping from the old man Stephen Paddock?” And all this went down at a country music concert.😕

So here’s my take, and how I feel about all of this; “If you could only see my look right now, but here’s some examples. 🤔🤨😕😑

To me, I feel like I normally feel when it comes to some of the prior horrific and very questionable mass shootings that done went down like: Sandy Hook The Movie Theater Shooting in Colorado, The Arizona Shooter, South Carolina Shooting, San Bernardino Shooting, Tennessee Shooting,” “Orlando Florida Shooting, and now this Las Vegas Mass Shooting. And none of them are no different from the other except in either age, state and or race. And what I’ve noticed is that, they’re stuck on that the whole gun control thing pushing it more, and more to instill panic upon Citizens/Nationals residents and basically the people who are the ones who help the several States/5o plus states have what is needed in order for them to thrive with life.

And not only that, but they now are stuck on a new thing that they are calling: “Bump Stock” , which allows the ability to shoot more rounds faster. They’re also saying that the Obama Administration approved of the sale of them? 😕 Hmmm… something strange about that too. Then they’re talking about the old man had ten suit cases with 12 —> assault riffles “long guns” stories changing, but this is what the reporter for ABC said.

Why they gotta make sound and look so horrible? because that’s how they do. Just those I mentioned above alone are enough to make it seem as if there is a really big problem on the handling of guns in some of the states in the United States. But there’s one bigger problem.

The fact that, it’s more to it, it’s one thing to have people committing such horrible acts just on some straight lunatic shhh…, and it’s another when there’s possibly more to in regards to all this mess being created for a repealing, and possibly destroying of the 2a Second Amendment, and that’s the very big issue I have with all of it.

But, this is the type of world that we are living in. All the mind games being played on us just for a thirst for major power and control over the mass population of humanity. “Make it seem sinister enough and they’ll go for it.” So, is this another act towards working their way up to a Gun Grab (The Disarming) of those of their unalienable rights that allow one to defend themselves from possible invaders (foreign and domestic) for ones right to life, and liberty to naught be infringed upon?

Is this about certain people on the political power tip trying to destroy the Second Amendment that guarantees the protection of this right on the federal and state level? I’m naught going to call this a staged event yet, because, I haven’t looked at anything about it yet, but i will. I heard about it outside of the news and mainstream media, and so now, I’m just touching on how I feel about it, because regardless what they say, and how many times they keep pushing out they’re mouths the need for a repeal for Gun Control, which is something that Obama had been working on prior to. Point being; if they weren’t somehow playing a part in the mess they wouldn’t have to scream it so loud now would they? Just continuing to chisel away for stripping purposes? possibly.   

Reality shows that, they really just want to take guns so that they will be the only ones with them, and then they can…. well I think you already might know where I’m coming from, and let ‘s be clear; Guns do naught automatically shoot and kill, it is people who misuse them to do so. Do I think something needs to be done? Of-course, but just naught in the tyrannic way that some whom choose to want to do so.

These same people who are in positions to make more statutory laws, call shots that suppress, control and lean hard on others rights of the people, and liberties aren’t experiencing what real people are and have to go through on the daily basis just to try to survive without having to worry about being preyed upon by others (The Wicked) who also live throughout society. What do these same people go through while living safe and snug while people like you, and I go through our walks in life paranoid where they at? 

Anyway, more to come on this, but it would be cool to hear others point of view on this, because whether you’ve realized and figured it out or naught, but directly or indirectly, it affects naught only you, but us and also the future of our children, grandchildren and generations after that. 

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