Is this is how they did it? |The Game Song: “How We Do It” Feat 50 Cent

The Game and 50 Cent

Alright y’all, I’m back with yet another great post from yours truly, the artist 4 the people. So, I happen to run across this article, which I think many of those rap and hip-hop heads especially from my time, and era can and will not only be able to relate to, but also remember certain songs from rap and hip-hop artist whether already listening to, and or getting their break, and now coming out.

The Game Caught His Break

Let’s take The Game and 50 Cent for instance. 50 Cent who we clearly know came out first and then, The Game was an upcoming. We knew about 50 Cent, and how he did, but when it comes to new up and coming rap artist who finally get their break, and get their shot. These are artist that we know nothing about nor heard of, and then out of nowhere we do.

See, us as the people especially those who either heavily out off into the street life, and the hood tend to be the more hardcore listeners and true supporters of who and what we can relate to in sense due to, I guess just the plain ole undying love for the two biggest music culture genres Rap and Hip-Hop. We tend to find ourselves out of the blue taking a risk in itself by seeing what these artists song(s), EP. LP. or album talking about.

We don’t know all the in’s and and outs nor do we know how it roughly came together, the only thing we know is what we know, and this fact: “New artist, new music from who? Lemme see what he or she is talking about.”

So, lemme get to this talk about The Game and 50 Cent collaboration. The Game who touches on one of his catchy joints that I do recall, remember and actually listened to off his Documentary Album “How We Do.” Yep, I remember buying it and everything.

The Famous Game and 50 Cent Collaboration

So, this is why I’m doing a re share post on something I ran across that I can actually relate to.

Basically, in the article below, The Game according to the article gives a breakdown to how 50 Cent Ended Up On ‘How We Do: ’50 Knew What The F*ck It Was When He Heard It.’

So, did you know? If not, now you know. There’s also a lot of talk going on about it being the hit single of the Documentary album, what do you think? Was it, and did the unexpected feat from 50 Cent help it to be considered as such. Was it due to Dr. Dre? Or maybe, just maybe it was just the chem itself, catch me, on the next one #canuimagine

When A Chief Speaks

Article Source: UPROXX

The Game Explains How 50 Cent Ended Up On ‘How We Do’: ’50 Knew What The F*ck It Was When He Heard It’

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