It’s went down earlier today | Police surround Kalamazoo home

How It Goes Down in K-zoo

So, as the artist 4 the people who continues to strive to delivery not just my creative music work, but also thoughts and awareness. Awareness to some of many episodes that take place in different parts and sides of town when it comes to communities throughout Kalamazoo.

Why I Haven’t Been Sharing Lately When It Comes to K-zoo

I haven’t been posting much due to making a lot of changes with my site and doing a lot of thinking on how I want the content produced to flow.

Some of What Goes Down in Kalamazoo Matters

So anyway, if you from and or have friends and family in #Kalamazoo #Kzoo I thought you would be interested in this story I found on MSN: You can click the link below and read more about it. #CanUImagine —> Police surround Kalamazoo home, standoff underway –

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