Knowing The Difference Is The Difference

You’re going to have those who will try to shelf you. But even old books, and records in the milk crates are kept and in time are remembered, reached for and dusted off when it’s time for lesson to be learned.
I am that type, and I refuse to allow people who have no type of more meaningful history or walk in life to take away, blemish, undermine, belittle, dismiss and or try to pretend like anything I might have to say be it in the music realm or naught; doesn’t mean nothing nor account and see me any other way.
If your only value, worth and relevancy is online, and through a timeline post and news feed like Facebook that doesn’t belong to you but to the idea and creation of another man. Then, that means that your only recognition and connection is through a man’s idea, and vision, and naught your own authentic and real walk and connection in life.
See, there are those who just talk, and there are those who talk, and let their actions show. Don’t think so? Click Here and Listen to —> “Tryin’ 2 Maintain” There is no match up, nor comparing of the most known Unknown’s of the real, image, artist and writers in this game of life remember that. No catch up, No Pretend life, just #Rilla in one’s time. Stray striving and elevating when you know that you are doing all you can do to be seen upright no matter how much pretending, faking and favoritism is going on.   😉
When a Chief Speaks

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