Knowledge and Rap – Only As Good As One’s Actions

Adam the Great X Kicks Knowledge Through Rap with Awareness

So, do I?
Have you taken the time to just take a really good listen to some of my music work? If so, may I ask what it sounds like to you? What was your experience, and did you find anything that was said creative and helpful? Did you receive your dose of awareness today? Did you think about it? Think about what? Anything said that just might have given you a good reason to see the possible, knowledge in my rap.

So, when it comes to the 2 super powerful 2 words that we all tend to see, hear and know of. And those 2 are “Knowledge” and “Rap” and yes, they are just that, powerful.

As you go about your day, and life no matter what, these 2 are somehow either popping up, being spoke on, and always around. And though this (Post) was not a part of today’s plan. I myself even found self-thinking about these 2, and now here I am, back at y’all with yet another seriously enlightening new post from yours truly.

So, where do I begin? First, Lemme start with the whole “knowledge” thing; knowledge has been around and has been spoken on since the beginning of life itself. I’m not going to get into the whole history, but just know that the word alone has always, and will always be. It’s the one that many want to be acknowledged as having, which makes one “knowledgeable.” I mean who doesn’t want to show to be that right?

Knowledge Is Important

Better know it! So important that, the importance of getting it has been stressed not only throughout time. But even in the beginning where the story is told about how the highest almighty supreme being, and Divine Father G-d was getting his creation on. And when you look at it, that in itself would have taken having not only great, but an even GREATER knowledge so far and beyond would it not?

Truly I would say so, and just thinking about that alone should show you why knowledge is so important.

“The heart of the prudent getteth knowledge; and the ear of the wise seeketh knowledge.”
Proverbs 18:15

The Dark Side of Knowledge

So now that I’ve touched on the good side of it, you know I have to come with the dark side of such a powerful word. Oh yes, if you’re one of those type of people who roam around this life thinking that all is good (Positive) without any bad (Negative) you have been misinformed. But also misled along with the wrong guidance. We see a whole of that taking place do we not?

At least I do, and that’s part of my reason to taking the time to do this quick post and why I gave it the title above: “Knowledge and Rap – Only as good as one’s actions.”

“Now concerning things offered to idols: We know that we all have knowledge. Knowledge puffs up, but love edifies.”

1Cor 8:1

And what do I mean by that? Is that the question that’s popping into your mind right now? What I mean is… exactly what I said, and my reason? Because it’s the truth, it’s only as good as one’s actions show. We can all say something, speak on something as well as tell the story about something. And doing so, allows knowledge to somehow be seen in you, which makes you knowledgeable in a sense right?

Basically, you can have knowledge of, and still, there’s always room for more, but it also depends on the knowledge you are seeking too. Now, the thing about it, I can go as far as I want to go on this topic, but my point is this. You can show to have ALL of the knowledge in the world you want, but what good is just having it without actions to follow? But let’s just say that there are actions to follow then what?

And then I would ask: “What does them actions show?” Because whether you will acknowledge it, or not. There are those who have certain knowledge, and then also show to be abusers of it. You can have all the Bible knowledge, street knowledge, book knowledge, music industry knowledge, hip hop knowledge, religious knowledge, organization, health and wealth knowledge, computer knowledge etc. If the purpose and intent is not of any type of good, then what do you think I’m saying?

Rap and Knowledge

Now, let me get to the other powerful word that we all tend to see, hear about and know of, and that word is Rap.
Yes, rap this, rap that. Rap music, and yes even rap snacks! You have different genre’s when it comes to this rap. Rap is connected to many things now, and when it comes to the good and bad, positive negative is it not also found connected to those as well? I’m not gone speak much on it, but rap at least from my point of perception and view, it’s way more.

When it comes to both rap and knowledge, knowledge and rap, and knowledge rap, the 2 seem to go together quite well don’t they? Take me, for instance. I can rap and I’m an artist at it, so that would make me a rap artist, correct? I can do hip hop too, but I chose the rap lane, and yes for a much different reason. And that’s why I chose to create a knowledge and rap music blog for myself, which makes me what? A knowledge rap artist.

In These Dayz of Tyme Song


I also possess a bit of knowledge on different levels, and when it comes to certain things; subjects, topics, areas, information and life do I show not to? To become knowledgeable in Spirit is to eventually have wisdom. And as you can clearly see just above, you have a little something from the artist 4 the people that not only can you see. But also listen to me, express self about life and what not only is going on around my way “Kzoo,” but from city to city, state to state In These Dayz of Tyme.

Final Thoughts of the Artist 4 the People

So yes, I rap, and yes, I can also see as well as consider self as a knowledge rap artist. For me, it’s also bigger than just rapping, and it’s also easy to SAY I am, but am I really? Does it even matter? At the end of the day, you see self as, who and whatever you want. But what good is any of if it’s just because verses the more meant and needed intent, which is… #CanUImagine

When A Chief Speaks

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