Look What I Just Found And Watched Interview With China Mac

The China Mac Interview on The Benzino Racial Slur Rant Towards and Asian Police Officer

So I ran across this video interview that Vlad TV did with an artist named China Mac who clearly expressed his thoughts in regard to the video of another artist that I’m pretty sure that some of you know who goes by Benzino.

The problem? In the video you hear somebody clearly going off with back-to-back racial slurs to an who they’re saying is an Asian police officer for being arrested. So, what does this have to do with China Mac? Well from what I got from the interview, China Mac (Being Asian) I would take it, basically is saying that the checking of self is very important. And I must say that he actually nailed, and told it like it needed to be told, and what and how he expressed what he had to say, I can truly appreciate that because for me, what’s real thought is real thought.


And these are the type of situations especially when it comes to racism that is running rapidly throughout the United States of America that need to be addressed and addressed in a more Spiritual and humbling way rather than with mental conflict where there’s no room left for escaping the fact, and truth of the matter regardless of who it is, and why. Race Hate no matter who you are, titled status or position of power and money one has, it should naught be excused. But like I been touching on there’s levels in everything. What I get from listening to what he had to say, someone else is going to choose to get something different, but the important thing is…. are you being real with self by reason.

But what else I’ve come to notice is how the whole racist race hate boil over I can and been slowly seeing to pour over into the music game. All of this unnecessary anger, tension and lower energy acts that are popping up and being demonstrated even more by those who are in better positions of power like some of these major recording Rap and Hip Hop Artist. And to be clear on this, I feel like that it has to happen now ask me why? This situation had to happen, but why?

This artist China Mac addressed this issue by expressing his thoughts on it regardless of if it involved the police or naught, he didn’t make an excuse to naught look for what it was. Looked at it for what was shown, and the things said. He also touched on how he had to speak on this type of issue when it came to some artist who goes by Lil Pump who I guess also chose to say some race hate remarks. But I’m looking at it from a different level, and if you know how I do, and have been paying attention to my thoughts through this post, and truly listened to my music.

Then you would know that I’ve actually also been touching on this ongoing issue. I spoke on it in the song #inTheseDayOfTyme song and I spoke on it in the #BattleoftheMind album about the things that are #RightBe4UrEyez. Time don’t lie, people do. And the reason I can see and relate as well as feel where this artist China Mac is coming from is because of his delivery. Naught only that, but for me, it just lets me know that the time and work first and foremost on me allows me to receive possible confirmations through others to know that I’m doing my part and what I’m supposed to be doing even when you have some people who will try to throw you off your path, and mission in life. I’m naught responsible for what other people see, receive and get, I’m responsible for what I see, receive and get. and what I get is that many are choosing naught to get by making un-excusable excuse naught to.

I keep trying to get my people to see what might help in time only to be looked at as if I don’t know what I’m talking about. Like it or naught, but it’s all a Spiritual situation, and it’s just time for being up and call things for what they are, and naught what they appear to be. Hmm…. I wonder if the President Donald Trump will get blamed for what was said by Benzino?: roll: It was also noted that Benzino did a video and apologized. All and all, I think that there’s much to be learned from this situation. Was this a sign of hidden race hate that needed to come to the surface? And is it showing that people in better positions of power are loose cannons and use the position in order to slide on saying and doing certain things and acts where if someone else does it, it would be looked at and deemed more worse? Or is it the opportunity for you and I to learn something even from the acts of artists like Benzino’s

Refrain from anger and forsake wrath!  Fret not yourself; it tends only to evil.

#CanUimagine that it’s really the #BattleOfthemind ? Shout out to China Mac and Vlad TV for this video. Leave your thoughts on this, and lemme know what you think, because there’s much to learn people, but it all boils down to choose.

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