Meth Drug Bust In Kalamazoo Is no Joke

So where do I begin with this. I was sent a link about another drug bust in Kalamazoo. Nothing new right? In this story on MLive, it gave a description to how kattz been getting they’re serve on in a major way. Again, nothing new right? Well, as I read this story my eyes began to get wider, and wider, and then came the drop of the bomb. Boom! All I could do was shake my head, because of the names that popped up, and how all this looks, and it doesn’t look good naught by far.
Hmmm…. I think now one can see why I chose and continue to choose to strive towards moving in a way that some see to naught be as entertaining and to their liking, but yet I find those same type to be caught up in things that are naught entertaining or to my liking as well.
The type of situation that is one of the major reasons to why I stand in opposition, alone and hold my own while on my mission. I stand for something more, because I know how it is on that side (Street Life) and when you know, you also now possess a choice to how you want to, and need to live your life, and naught on the terms and purpose of others.
A choice to what you chooses to do with whatever you have especially once you get it (Blessings). But what I’ve found to never be surprising is how as soon as our people get blessings, and opportunities, now in good positions to do great things eventually allows what tends to always be tagging along while working our way up. Drugs. yep drugs are and always has played a big part in those who we know have risen and shined and watched their great fall be it past or present.
This has, and is how it always seems to end does it naught? When I look at this situation, and how it all played out. For me, it truly allows me to appreciate self even more, because even though, I feel at times that, I am getting nowhere; the Creator (God) reminds me, to be still, and stay #Focused.
Here’s what William Penn said about being still: “In the rush and noise of life, as you have intervals, step home within yourselves and be still. Wait upon God and feel His good presence; this will carry you evenly through your day’s business.”  William Penn
Reality tends to pop up and let you know that it is mandatory to stay on point, #Focused and continuing to stay aligned and on the path set. To allow self to get caught up in the race to money, power, fame, and material things to boost one’s image and lifestyle, it’s no different than being a dope-fiend in their addict stages steady chasing the illusion.
This is what Satan has always done has he naught? Steal, kill and destroy sound familiar? 
Let me naught be misunderstood; this is the case whether you feel you want to be brave enough to admit it, or naught or like it or naught, but the story read is one that is no mystery to the reality that’s been painted when it comes the drug game in Kalamazoo. I call it repeat history, you call it what you want.
I know the streets, and I know them very well, so there is no swaying or convincing me, to go along with anything unless we are standing in truth, and facts, and one of the facts are that this drug bust should really be something to think about especially those of you who live in Kalamazoo, and Michigan period.
Meth, (Ice) (Molly) (Ecstasy) (MDMA) different name, same monster that has been slowly creeping on it’s come up without Bone thug n Harmony, and this is a drug that has been around for longer than you think. But it’s naught the fact that it’s been here, but how people just choose to make it like this is what, and how it is, and supposed to be when it comes to drugs in the community, and the impact it has had on people’s lives, and how it has played a part in one’s own self-destruction and demise.

Am I lying? If you came up in and or come from this life, then you know exactly where I’m coming from. Nothing, and I mean nothing ever has ended on a good note when it comes to this type of lifestyle. And let’s be clear: “Some of you mafas (Our Race of People) show to be up for being re guinea pigs) who lose more than the temporary gain.”


But you wanna know what’s worse about this situation (Drug Bust) right here? After reading the article, and another one, which I found on WWMT, the video above, you will probably see some very familiar names that they clearly had no problem placing #RightBe4UrEyez to see.

What I read was how the Creator (God) was being used but used for the purpose of doing works that doesn’t mix well with the works of the Creator (God’s) plan, and that right there alone is very dangerous, and no different than you are going against God, which means that, you really just don’t stand a chance. It’s mockery, the article said that an old church was used. Can you see where I’m coming from?

And this is where freewill comes in, and with that freewill comes what I touch on a lot, which is the #BattleoftheMind. make whatever excuses you want, and call it what you want, but either you see it for what it really is or choose to see otherwise that too is one’s own freewill. So, allow me, to ask. Are these some of the ones who you supported? Are these some of the same ones who some of you rooted for, supported and helped build up?
You know who you are, and you did it because? Maybe because you wanted to see them grow and be successful in their passion whatever that passion is, and in this case one of the passions are music. So, I think you can now see why I feel the need to touch on this. Was it the benefit? Whatever one’s reason is; that is your reason, but #CanUimagine naught knowing that you were investing in something, and attached to it was something like this? Clearly there’s examples in the song above to what I mean by Suspects, and how it’s a must to know who, and what you are dealing with #InTheseDayzofTyme.
Am I judging? I could if I chose, because technically I can, but for me, as it always is, it’s more of a spiritual message type of situation that needed to be set straight, because of how you have those who continue to make it like this type of life is the life. How? Because you feel you’re getting money? But what are these people showing you? Or maybe it’s the addiction of trying to live the image and fill the lifestyle shoes of one’s favorite rappers? Your favorite rappers are naught going to do the time with you, and neither are those who you thought were really in your corner, it will all boil down to a seldom few, and that is the reality that hits harder. Maybe I’m right, maybe naught, but the facts, which are truth don’t lie. Look at how the business of music was also pulled into this. Some are even going to make excuses to justify just to cover what one needs to see. You have to ask yourself whether this is something that is acceptable or naught.
Ask yourself what type of message does any of this send out, naught only from a music business aspect, but to the city, community, State, and most importantly the Creator (God)? Your children? They are the community too are they naught? Being acceptable to making these Un acceptable Un excusable excuses to condone and turn a blind eye to clearly what you know is wrong, and naught good but for the sake of something being in it for you, you have a reason to overlook what’s #RightBe4UrEyez. But yet you wonder why your children are getting caught up, you wonder why these children are coming up in single parent home settings bitter, hurt and rebellious and let down. You wonder why so much has been popping off in Kalamazoo, you wonder why?
Did You Know?
Here’s a video for those of you to watch, and hopefully you’ll educate your child and or children by awareness of this video. 
This is nothing new so no need to act surprised, it’s a warning and lesson to be learned in hopes that, one will see and know that it is bigger than you and I, and in the end the money, fame and material things have naught shown to be the solutions to the change one speaks on so fluently of.
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