My Reasons Why I’m Almost Done With Being A Good Friend

Reasons Why the Real Friend Thing Isn’t Working

Reasons Why the Real Friend Thing Isn't Working

Uh oh, Adam the Great X is back at it again

So, my reasons to why I’m almost to that point. That point? Yes, that point, the point to where I’m slowly losing interest in what I see to be truly needed, and that’s good friends. The one’s who show that you can lean on, count on, depend on and really trust; especially In These Day’z of TymeAnd though it truly shows to be a big shortage on such high demand for Real Friendship, Partnership. Companionship, Fellowship. and those who just plain ole’ know how to project their own unique genuine them without the mask wearing and filters. I really don’t hate to say it, but it’s getting to that point to where for your own good, safety and protection purposes, to where some people nowadays through their acts and ways provide you a good reason to.

And the thing about it, I personally have plenty of good reasons to just say: “F*** People who play you through you just trying to be kind.” Yep, that’s exactly what you’re reading if you found this post. “Did I read right to what is right before my eyes of what I think he typed?” Is what you, the reader may be saying in your head right now. And you know what?

You damn right, I typed it, and I mean it too. But why? Why would say such when I claim to be the artist 4 the people? Because I think we all can agree that we come to that point in time to where you feel like: “I’m tired, tired of people trying to mentally play me, trying to undermine, and basically take you to be the fool” am I right? And underestimate you by looking at you’re being a kindhearted Spirit that cares, as a joke. I go through a lot of this all the time, and this is why I share my thoughts about subjects such as this.

Reasons Touched on the Real Friend Thing Years Ago

Don’t think so? Well, here’s a little recap on a post I did some years ago asking the question: Have People Traded In Real Friends and Connection With Real People for the Fake. And here’s the thing, I know damn well that, I’m not the only one who can see and feel what I’m touching on. And as an artist who creatively finds the time, and a way to express my thoughts on this. Do not forget that, before the artist is a man, a man who sees a lot, and goes through his own obstacles be it with those who can see the truth in the awareness I deliver.

So anyway, to wrap this up, and bring my thoughts on this subject to an endpoint. I’m basically just tired of being letdown by people who I show my undying love to. I feel as if I’m investing in, and care about people who don’t feel the same. Can it be because they’re showing theirs to those who they see to be the apple of their eyes? Does it seem like Are You Allowing Facebook 2 Help You In Killing the Faith?

To me, it seems like there are those people who choose to be programmed to love, care and appreciate the illusion and what’s fake, and overlook those who try their hardest to show their worthiness, honor, integrity, loyalty and realism. I’m tired of people who I either get close to or allow to get close to me, only to show the same ole two-step signs of what’s familiar to me. But does this have to happen in order for one to see, and know? Well, thought flash!!! I know my worth, I know who I am, and the energy that I put out.

I don’t care who mafas think they are, but I read very well and can see when a mafa may not want me to, I’m being who the most-high Almighty G-d Allah wants and needs me to be like and dig me, or not. Pushing my thoughts on this through blogging is my way of getting away from negative mind vibes. You know, the ones of those type of people close to you who throw curve ball talk at you. Shoot things out their mouth, but yet can’t take it when fired back on with no warning. And guess what, there’s some mafas out there who don’t want you to be who you need to be either, and that’s why what I might have said is for you to see and know.

You know, it’s something how mafas want you to be quick to accept them, their flaws and all, but show signs that the feeling isn’t neutral #canuimagine. Anyway, I’m a just keep striving to do what I know is right, stay out of others life. Their problems and sensitive situations no matter what the case may be. Putting self on the frontline is what I always tend to do because I care just that much. I expect the same to be showed to and for me, be a real. Show to be a real ryder like I show to be, supportive, and communicative especially communicative, but you shouldn’t have to force that. But some people In These Day’z of Tyme

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