Ohio Man Charged With CSC In Kalamazoo

Greetings to all who are able to see. Well, what do we have here. Well, here we have a young katt who is 22 years old who MLive is reporting on that is from Ohio who is facing naught 1, 2, 3, but 4 possible life sentences? Whew!!!! #CanUImagine? So these the one’s women in Kalamazoo are choosing huh? He said that, he’s on his way to the National Guards. But my question is…… What would push him to this point to risk it all like this?

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Do you see now how important it is for people to truly be paying attention? Yes people of good ole Kalamazoo, you have shhhh…. like this going on, but yet people show to act like this shhh… is naught going on. Do you think possibly listening to all the whacked out, putchu in the mood to act wild perv thoughts in music that he might be listening to may have played a part in this? Maybe, maybe naught, but I have two words for y’all: “Getcha Children” or they’ll be obliged to gett’em for you.

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This is why it’s so important for people in Kalamazoo as well as anywhere else, but right now, I’m talking about Kalamazoo, to wake they a** up and act like they give a damn about where they stay. This is why for me, entertainment is naught of my interest when you have katt’s out here who are potentials of committing these type of acts against women, which don’t necessarily have to be your kin, it can be anyone’s.

Better start asking yourself; how important it is to be very AWARE to the fact that you have people out roaming throughout where you stay who are committing these type of acts. Naught only that, but they just may be someone who you chose to hook up with, and are close to you like this situation. And for him to say he has a ***girlfriend*** who he’s staying with, which may well be right in Kalamazoo, but yet is caught up in something such as this.

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That alone tells me, how women nowadays are truly lacking in their ability to better discern who they hook up with. I don’t give a damn if he just a friend as one would say, or yawl got some type of relationship going on. How important is something like this to you? Can you imagine what, and how this woman feeling right now? This isn’t about judging; this is about the fact that there is a problem, A BIG PROBLEM that is at hand when it comes to very serious matters such as this.

Am I deeming him already guilty? N….ope! Naught by far. But clear reality shows that, he is just one of the possible many more and that is fact, because the mess is naught the first, nor the last. Just my thoughts on this, because I am one who really cares about the bullshhhh…. that is slowly bubble-lating up within the Kalamazoo’s city, and communities. The forceful freaky shhh…. has got to stop, the acceptance must come to an end, and the assault on women must cease, but the question is…… when?

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I don’t hate to say it, but people have become accustom to caring about the wrong shhh…. but then have the nerve to b****, complain and now want to twist their mouth’s to say: “We need more police to protect the community? When in reality there are those who show to naught even care enough about the mess going on in their own communities? Now who ready to explain this shhh… right here to me? I keep telling y’all, the #BattleoftheMind #InTheseDayzofTyme has begun. So tell me, are you sleeping with, and supporting the potential enemy?

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