People Act Ugly Then Complain About Life

If you took the time to watch the video above: “Black People Make Excuses to Betray One Another” and really thought about what is being said, asked and how it could even be relevant and relate to all that I have to say today in reference to this post made. Hopefully, you the reader will be able to see, and gain something found while reading. That is, if you choose to take the time to read all the way to the end.

So, why do you have people who tend to show they’re unnatural a**es by acting ugly, but then tend to complain when shhh… doesn’t seem to go right in their life? Are we living in a world and among-st the many people who are being groomed to act in a way that shows to clearly be seen as selfish through ones ways of being ugly? Especially when it comes to the using of social media networks allowing never heard of people the opportunity to now have a voice? But only to “Becoming Thoughtless Political Extremist?” Or is it a case where there are those who show to act ugly tend to do it, because of what they may have experienced in their life through ones external environment?

Maybe, maybe naught, but it’s all possible, very real and very interesting to see how it’s always those who have the most (Downing, Horrible and Ugly minded) shhh… to say about other people all day long especially in the online arena (Facebook). Don’t think so or agree? Well, while doing this post, I also found a possible reason and could be used as a sourse reference that will back up what I am saying. An article that you may naught even have know about, but giving you something to definitely think about when it comes to Facebook. Here’s the link to the article source—> “Social Media Is Turning Us Into Thoughtless Political Extremist.”

But this is what people do for entertainment, a laugh, giggle etc, but at what and who’s cost and expense? And if naught done then; life would seem to have no spark, enjoyment and would be boring right? No funniness, no humor and no feeling of being the life of the online party, because they know in reality outside of online socializing that shhh… is a no go. #Rilla #Fact

No one wants to be around the type who doesn’t know how to fit in right? Well here’s my thoughts and take on it. I think, that there’s some ugly duckling lonely shhh… going on with some of the many butt, and mind hurt over emotional, and over sensitive people #InTheseDayzofTyme. You have those who find it, and make it their business to cast and project some of the most horrible thoughts, and energy out onto others no matter what just for self-gratification purposes.

“These are (((murmurers))), complainers, walking after their own lusts; and their mouth speaketh great swelling words, having men’s persons in admiration because of advantage.”
Jude 1:16

Wait a minute, did a Bible scriptures just speak on??? Think about the type of people who be the same one’s who in time end up getting a dose of medicine called: “Reality Check” by going through whatever the bad situation may be. Ends up showing to complain when the same appears to come right back their way boomerang style, and when it does; now it’s a problem. You have those who feel like they can say and do all, and anything with no consequence in return. And when you think about it, it’s mainly these children coming up, and the grown ones tend to want to follow suite so they won’t feel naught accepted, naught fitting in, cool, down, hip and wit the shhhh…?

These are the same ones that you probably know who be bitter minded on and offline all the damn time, and they’re only know how to hold any type of real conversation is to get attention that they feel they are naught getting from????? That will hopefully be obtained through their online social identity presence and following.

Now am I lying? The using of these social tools is being used as a way to lash out, and find any and as many flaws that one can find in somebody else s life and form is their way of gaining respect? Am I exaggerating? If I am then by all means prove that this is naught what we are seeing in reality. Prove to me that, there isn’t a real problem going on right now as we speak when it comes to this subject touched on. Prove to me that, this does naught appear to be some type of conditioning for acceptance to something that we clearly should know that is wrong and unacceptable.

In the video above, I ask the question when it comes to a place I know very well, and share the experiences of the hardcore and real good, bad and ugly when it comes to life in Kalamazoo: “Are People Really That Acceptable to the Unacceptable?

But, at the flip of the coin there is a reason for it, but the question is…. what? From my point of view from a reality angle, those who tend to act ugly be it on and offline probably do so, and feel this way due to the painful suffering of knowing that; this is how they feel about self, and or this is the only way they know how to put they’re mind at ease, get that lack of attention that one seeks and run from the fact that, they themselves have many, many problems, and have yet to figure out how to come to reckoning with the dealing and facing off with of the many faces of ugliness that they don’t know how to battle. But if you read this article about —> Facebook memo outlines ‘ugly truth’ behind its mission, it may help you see how serious this shhh… really is.

Do people feel like people in their life time have scarred, and done them so dirty and so wrong that the same mentality has been adopted, and now feel a sense of revenge should be demonstrated in order for others to feel the same pain? I think that, all the tearing down talk and entertainment is basically no different from the sad a** clown who hates life and self, joins the circus, wears the mask with a smile or frown in hopes to make others laugh and if they can do that, then it allows one to feel some type of acceptance, satisfaction and now fitting in, but in reality the only thing this is doing is suppressing and hiding the real ugliness deep down inside that one has yet to face off and deal with. Now ask self is that what you see in today’s society?


And if you can see where I’m coming from by the showing to you how vengeful in mind, heart and spirit some people can actually show that they can be, then you would agree with me that there is a bigger problem than one could see and ever imagine that we all face no matter your nationality, color, creed, race and or religion. #Rilla #Fact

“MFKAS done hurt me, I’m a share the same intense pain, and be just as worse as those who have done it to me, by doing the same to others.”

Sounds familiar huh. Y….ep! I think you would agree that, this is the type of mentality of the many misguided, misinformed, misgoverned and misled-ed minds, and souls of those who we just might see and know who mentally, and physically are running ramp-id and reckless minded #RightBe4UrEyez. These are the type you catch in your online feed especially on #Facebook #Instagram and #Twitter. Bored out their minds, and showing to feel like there’s nothing else to do. So what do Miserable in, and bored out their mind’s, heart and spirit type of people do?

They do exactly what I’m saying that you, the reader are possibly reading which is exactly what we actually are seeing, and there’s no getting around that fact. So, the next question would be: “Have they been given a way to deal with that?” I think they have, we all have, but there’s numerous ways, and choice as well as freewill plays a big part in which way we choose to go. I also think this why ones taking of the time to learn, build, work on and (reconnect) what has been severely severed, which is the relationship with the Creator (God) and self by the checking of thyself is so important.  


I don’t ask why, I just challenge it, and those who are okay with this type of madness clearly playing a part in why we are seeing so much going on in the United States, causing a major separation in family households, distrustful friendships, lacking strength within intimate relationships, building of internal hidden hate, panic, paranoia, racial tension, divide and this you tell me, is naught affecting Peoples lively hoods, dealings, communication and desire to want to see things like change for better; especially in the minds of children daily? Remember:

“A tool is just a tool, and can hurt no one without help, in doing so the goal is achieved by ones true intent to use it.”

Adam the Great X

So the pointing out of what I see, and have been seeing is just basically naught just an opinion, but saying that:: Even hurt cats and dogs eventually stop howling and meowing from inflicted pain, and just lick their wounds knowing in time those wounds may heal whether someone chooses to see, and reaches out to help them or naught. They choose to naught stop themselves from trying to heal.” Is this naught supposed to be the same frame of mind when it comes to us as a people?

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