Person found unresponsive in Kalamazoo

Found unresponsive in Kalamazoo on South Side

Found unresponsive In Kalamazoo

So did you know? Friday night kalamazoo Public Safety officers were responded to an unresponsive person found injured. The person was found around 9 p.m. over there around Camron Street and Stockbridge. It’s also said in article through news 3. That “KPS” officers had performed lifesaving tactics, but were unsucessful and the person didn’t make it.

Person found unresponsive in Kalamazoo

Therer’s not much more said about it, but it is being treated as a homicide. And for them to not say whether it was a man, woman or child, just a person doesn’t set well with me. But, I guess they have they’re reasons for doing so, does it make a difference? I would say yes but that’s just me.

However, I’m doing this quick post to bring awareness to yet another one to add to Kalamazoo community issues. Issues that are continuing to run rapid, which is not a good look for Kzoo. This is why I strive to deliver what I deliver, and do what I do. Trying hard to continue to project hope, faith and the importance of change. Not change to worse, but for better.

Anyway, when more comes to light, I’ll work towards putting some light on it. But until then, #CanUImagine

When A Chief Speaks



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