Pistol Packing While Following The X-Train In Kalamazoo

Well, it looks like people’s children are at it again. The X-Train is slowly making its way back on the scenes doing they’re reckless thing as they have the time of their life thinking that what they’re doing is right, but in real life is the wrong lane. Getting arrested for Pistol packing while rolling with the X-Train. But this is nothing new, is it? I’ve touched on this before and broke it down for my readers and visitors of the #knowledgeandmusic site/blog about when and how it started. And how it (X-Train) really is something that is being reintroduced, but in a more upgraded modern way. So how am I able to touch on this so well and what makes me a professional when it comes to speaking on this you might ask?

Well, because I am no stranger to it, and know it very well. I consider self as a professional speaker and (#Certified) to do so because I’m from the hood and represented in and on the streets that your children are now growing up in and now are trying to do the same. I touch on it because I give a damn enough to in hopes that something said may help those who don’t get it, get it. For one, it is an attachment of a lifestyle in Kalamazoo that was way before those (Your Children) who are merely just picking up and carrying on something that was done way before their time, but just with a different name.

But, it’s naught as the same as people may think, because it’s a different age and time. Different drugs being taken, different alcohols being consumed. A different upbringing and different mindset. The is fact of the matter, and those who know, know. And lemme clarify something. This is naught really about right or wrong, wrong or right, but just telling it like it is. This isn’t about judging; this is about seeing, knowing and having a better understanding to have a better standing with what’s really going on and possibly why.

This is about setting the record straight and then work towards making corrections to the problem, which is???????? I’ll let you ponder on that, but in the meantime think about what I am typing because regardless to how bad you see it to be, and how much you will complain about it; truth is… you can’t follow through with any solutions when you can’t relate to something, naught trying to see and know better, and just may be a part of the aiding of the problem.

There’s nothing wrong with partying and having a good time, but there is when you’re showing to make it naught safe while doing so within your community. Why would you want to continue to think that it’s okay to be programmed and conditioned to be a part of and or contribute to the projecting of a negative light from your own city and community? And then when you have these people (Police) (Government) (Law Enforcement) putting pressure on us by enforcing (Statute laws) and (Ordinances) that make you feel like you’re being harassed, and racially profiled every time you get pulled over especially while rolling through the hood (North Side), and then you want to ask why? Yo a** know why, and if you don’t; then there may be some answers for you in some of the songs made like In These Dayz Of Tyme but it’s all on you to take a listen.

How can people show to naught forget about, but basically overlook the deaths of people who I actually know that lost their life while involved in what? Yep, this right here, the good ole X-Train. Do you really think that this is something that should be praised, looked up to and glorified? Do you think that this could be one of those type of possible generational recycled curses that people (Black People) should be working towards breaking and correcting? You decide. If you don’t talk to your children, take back control and stop showing to condone or these people gone do the controlling #CanUImagine how? They Workin Oon It just a little awareness for you, the people from yours truly, #theartist4thepeople.

When A Chief Speaks

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