Police investigating Unsolved murder of Tupac Shakur?

Police and the Unsolved Mystery murder of Tupac Shakur

las vegas police investigate and execute search warrant in tupac case 1

So, I’m online working on my site, making some changes and doing some updating etc. And look what I happened to run across.

Some very interesting information “Breaking News” about how the Las Vegas, Navada police are said to have launched an investigation and executed a search warrant of a house in Henderson, Navada according to what ya guy is reading.

So, it’s been somewhere around almost 30 years now since the big situation, and showdown that took place after the Mike Tyson fight that was held in Vegas. You know, the one that led up to a big brawl that 2pac was said to have been involvedĀ  in. Which then ended with the super successful Hip Hop/rap artist legend’s life coming to a halt due to once again being shot, said that he was alive, but then days later, it was announced that he passed on.

Las Vegas Police Launch Investigation

When I first noticed the article title and his face, it was only hours and no more than a day or so that, the media stories started to run as breaking news.

So, here I am sharing this news with my followers and those who visit my site.

The thing is, I do consider 2pac as one of my favorite recording artists, and even as an actor as well. I’m also a bit familiar with a lot of the talk/stories put out in regard to the life of this man, his work, the conspiracies tied to him and a whole lot more.

So anyway, lemme get back to this what’s going on. Las Vegas Metro Police are said to have started an investigation that involved a house ,and them executing a search warrant on Monday OR Tuesday, I wish these people would not send mixed messages, ya feel me?

Basically saying: “It’s a part of the ongoing Tupac Shakur investigation.” You can watch the new development video from CNN by hitting the link below.

Police serve search warrant in Tupac Shakur murder investigation

Thoughts of the Day on this

Alright, so I really don’t want to spend a whole lot more time on this post than needed. However, I will be touching on it a little more, because it’s much bigger than just moving with the wave with other’s reasons and purpose as well as agenda their why.

I’m taking the time to speak on this because one, I am an artist/recording artist who raps. two, clearly for me, he’s an inspiration and some of what he stood for should NOT be overlooked nor be in vain.

And three? I’m just doing what I do and that’s give it 2 em raw with knowledge and music with a twist of news media and awareness. I guess you can say that; this is a part of my way of showing to do my part when it comes to feeling like you’ve been passed the torch to carry, and keep lit through one’s thoughts and rap music.

Take the song: “Mentally Ill” as an example. The song is from a album did titled “The Battle of the Mind” you can take a listen to the clip, which should now help you to see where I’m coming from and my possible why.

Can U Imagine though, how this may lead up to so much more to the possible why? See, here’s the thing; this really doesn’t surprise me, it doesn’t surprise me because some of the stories that has a lot of dark, but also light energy attached to it that has and is surfacing.

See, what some don’t realize is that, during this time; there’s something that’s way bigger than us that also may play a part in all of this.

What am I talking about you might ask? I’m taking about the energies of time and rotation of the universe.

A time for shakeups, but also; the time for balance. And the only way to reach a level of balance, there must be room for truth, and correction.

The truth hurts, but also sets one free from the tentacles or invisible chains that some people try to place on you without you even realizing it.

And my endnote along with a question on this would be: “Is there a bigger message in all of this?” Because from my perspective, the solving of this big puzzle that’s full of pain, confusion, mystery and deception.

It should be looked at as important, but after the justice comes what next?

Ask self the question that, I tend to ask people all the time when it comes to something like this: “Are you listening or just hearing for a temporary feel good high?”

To be continued…

When a Chief Speaks

Source: MSN

Police serve search warrant in Tupac Shakur murder investigation

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