Portage students do a walk out to protest Gun Violence

Portage Northern High Schoolers Gun Violence Protest Came across this and thought I’d touch on it, because I care enough to do so. How Portage High Northern School students decided to stage a walkout of school yesterday as a protest to gun violence. According to what I’ve read, in Portage Michigan, during the pouring rain and heavy wind blow as well as a Tornado Watch yesterday. The High Schoolers nevermind that, and still went out to get they’re protest on.

This was they’re way of showing to plead for help by the chanting of: “What do we want?” “Gun Control!” “When do we want it?” “Now!” according to M Live. Some 250 Portage students from portage Central also did a walk out as well.

So Why All of A Sudden Now?

So, why all of a sudden now, you may be wondering and asking? Well, from what is also said in the arcle is that the question by students is being asked with posters made: “Am I next?” And saying: “This is a Schoolzone one, Not a Warzone.” The State Sen. Sean McCann D-Kalamazoo, is said to also have attended this demonstration. And about 200 other schools around the US also joined the walkouts in regards to Gun Safety. now, whether there is some truth to that or not, you’ll have to tell me,

This is due to Portage Northern receiving an “Active Shooting” report from Feb 7th, and though discredited within 2 minutes according to what I’ve read, the students still felt some type of way about it. And this is why they felt the need to plead for help.

Thoughts from The Artist 4 the People

So there you have it. If you saw, but really didn’t know and like I did probably thought it could have stemmed from the fatal shooting and killing that took place a day before at the Westchester Woods apartments complex, which that is not the case. And if I’m not mistaken; this (The Shooting) jumped off a day before, which was the 4th.

As far as my thoughts towards this walkout in protest when it comes to Gun Violence, and Gun Safety issues. Clearly, they have every right to feel how they are feeling right now who wouldn’t right? I don’t think anyone wants to have to feel paranoid, and unwanted feelings of stress while in public schools when it comes to situations like these school shootings that have been, and showing to still be taking place.

But, and yes there is a but. I’m also trying to have more balanced feelings as well, when it comes to one’s sensitivty and compassion while thinking and typing. And though I have much to say when it comes to all of this, I’m really just shedding a little light of awareness on it. I also tend to have somewhat mixed emotions too. I mean, it is close to election and voting time right? And what happens during that time? And furthermore, would it even matter if I typed and or said why? What I might have to say should, and does matter, but my only job is to deliver, not make anyone accept you feel me?

However, I do and will commend them for they’re showing of courage to come together and voice how they feel, and what they want. I am all for coming up with reasonable solutions, problem solving and safety for these children who are in school, and those who are within different areas of city, and district communities.

Anyway, would love to see some thoughts on this though, and I’ll be watching and probably will touch more on this. Until then, the Link to read more on this is below.

When A Chief Speaks

Source: M Live ‘We’re pleading for help’: Portage high schoolers stage walkout to protest gun violence

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